Piya Albela 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pooja thinking if Guru ji added something in kheer. She thinks to go to Naren’s side and warn everyone, but then thinks Dr. Anand’s mum will get upset with her. Supriya serves kheer to widows and blind people and asks them to bless their daughter. Pooja thinks she has to alert Naren. She runs from there asking everyone not to have sweets. She asks Naren to stop everyone from having sweets. Naren asks her to complete her rasams. Pooja says there is something wrong and that’s why she is saying. Naren says he will taste first and is about to eat. Pooja throws the kheer bowl from his hand and says she will taste it as she has made it. She tastes it, feels pain in her throat and falls unconscious. Naren holds her and asks to call the doctor. He is shocked and calls her.


the hospital, Dr. Anand checks Pooja and says you need to rest all day and says he will extend the marriage date. Pooja says she will complete the mehendi rasam and asks him to take her home. He agrees. Pooja asks him to tell Naren that she is fine and asks him to go and complete the rasam with Surbhi. Dr. Anand comes out and tells Kusum to keep the function simple and Naren and Supriya to go and complete mehendi with Surbhi. Naren says he will not go and will be with her. Nurse calls Anuj to meet her. Naren walks inside and says sorry. Pooja says he shall not forget that Surbhi is waiting for him and shall leave me with my husband. Jogiya plays…..Pooja cries. Dr. Anand comes to her and says it is a wonder that you are ready to give life for Naren, and not talking to him. Pooja says it is good that he returns to Surbhi. Dr. Anand says someties he gets jealous, but is sure that she will love her.

Naren comes back home thinking about Pooja. Supriya asks how is Pooja? Naren says Dr. Anand is with her. Supriya asks him to sit for mehendi. Naren sits down and asks them to apply mehendi. Kusum brings Pooja to apply mehendi on her hand. Satish asks her to take Pooja inside after mehendi is done. Dr. Anand’s mum taunts Pooja. Kusum tells her that he will show her jewellery and takes her. Naren and Pooja think about each other. Pooja thinks if Naren is attending functions. Shilpa tells that she will write Surbhi’s name on his hand and writes S. Rahul signs at Neelima. She signs him to relax. Guru ji tells Rakesh that everything is happening as planned and says Mayank is locked in the kothri, and will not gain consciousness till morning. Mayank comes there and hides his face. Kusum shows Pooja’s jewellery to Dr. Anand’s mum. Mayank comes there, sees Pooja applying mehendi.. Kusum asks mehendi girl to write Anand’s name on Pooja’s hand. Mayank throws the jewellery which Kusum kept for Pooja on the floor and says you can’t get ready for anyone. Guru ji sees Mayank.

Dr. Anand’s mum asks Kusum to show jewellery on Pooja and tells that her relatives are coming to marriage. Guru ji asks Mayank to leave else Pooja will not marry him. Mayank goes. Guru ji calls his goons and asks them to kidnap Mayank and keep in captivity. Kusum comes to room and finds jewellery missing. She informs Dr. Anand’s mum. Dr. Anand’s mum taunts her. Kusum says Naren’s family will answer us. She tells everyone that Pooja’s jewellery is missing. Neelima says we were costly clothes than your jewellery’s value. Naren asks them to keep quiet and says he will check every room personally.

Dr. Anand’s mum asks Pooja to give statement against Narenn else she will break the marriage and leave from there. Pooja is shocked and helpless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi ananya srishti and others .,now anand mom. making rapture . After marriage pooja’s position….any body else pls tight slap to anand mom and guru …..shame to tell guru ….first no guru stay at home …..doing mischievous. ..spoil his image one clip is shown then and there . pooja is running .somebody died on the floor . Who is he ? Is he a doctor?

  2. Hello
    I agree Br- what a shame to represent guru Ji like this and I would like to slap some sense in cute Dr. Amanda mom – so mean and cunning like that Rahul -love pooka and naren

  3. Pls don’t kill our Dr.anand.this character is very interesting.kill mayank instead anand.

  4. Sathy u r right… rakesh may be bcz wicked fellow . He is doing all these evil acts with the help of guru. ….
    Guru is equal to god .he shows right path to the people… but here so he is devil ……
    Neelimaand raghul

  5. All the characters r beat around the bush..they r not talking directly ..

  6. Pooja will not talk about against naren.

  7. Hi br mam n other malangas gys wts going on.ye promo kesa hai.

    1. Aanya di, how are you?
      Aap jante ho me aapko kitna miss kiya. Agar aap mujhe apna choti behan mante ho to aap ko Mujhse Ek Wada karna padega ke aap kabhi bhi yahan se matlab iss page se nahi Jay engender, OK.

  8. Hi br,aanya,mama,ooshi&all dear frnds.
    guru ji guru k nam pr kalank h!!!!
    aage kya kahu.?
    dekhte h aage kya hota h.
    mai to sure hu k naren ki sadi puja se hogi bt mere mn me ek question hai ki – kya naren puja ko as a wife accept krega??!!!don’t know. ..

    1. Hi dear. U r right, hey Guru ji Guru Ke Naam Pe Ek kalank Hai.
      And I think ki Jab Naren Pooja ke liye Uske Pyar Ko samajh Jayenge Pooja Ko accept Karenge.

  9. Hiiiiiii shristi, devga, aanya di,ooshi, roumya, br mam n all others.

    How are you all? I miss you all so much.

    Have pity to see mayank, he has become a devdas. I want all misunderstanding to be cleared.
    This marriage between Aanand and Pooja must not happen. When Naren and Pooja ki shadi hogi, Dr Aanand kanha kya hoga.
    Woh Toh Pooja se saccha pyar karte hai na.

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