Piya Albela 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren proposes Pooja, she hurts him badly again

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The Episode starts with Naren returning home. Harsha tells him that Pooja will forgive him. Mayank says if I was on her place then I would not forgive you. Naren regrets to misbehave with her and says he will apologize to her. Pooja comes there and says she is here. Harish asks Naren to talk to her. Naren hugs Pooja and tells that even his hatred was fake, but her love was real. He bends on his knees and asks him to marry him again and forgive him. Pooja brushes off his hand. Naren gets up and asks for a chance. He asks her to marry him once again. Surbhi is shocked. Pooja is standing silently. Naren tells Harish that he wants to marry pooja tomorrow itself.

Harsha says she will bring Supriya. Harish says he will call Satish. Mayank tells Naren that it was a good surprise. Rahul comes there

and shows the audio in which Pooja confessed to love Mr. Kapoor and plans children with him. Rahul says today only I got this. Naren breaks the proofs and says your love don’t need any proofs. He hugs Pooja. Rahul signs Pooja. Pooja breaks the hug. Naren asks why you are angry with me, tell something. Pooja says you are really innocent and tells that the recording was true and these talks happened last night.

Harish asks what you are saying and says I will see who will break your and Naren’s relation. Pooja says she wanted this audio to come infront of everyone, so that I can see pain on naren’s face. She says she don’t want like defeat and says she came to deal with him. She made him over confident. She says you have hurt my ego and that’s why I made you believe on my fake truth and that’s why I can return humiliation with interest. Naren is shocked.

Pooja says she is not interested to marry him and says you can’t bear my personal expenses even if mortgaged your property. She says she is leaving, signs some papers and throws on Naren’s face. She says it is divorce papers. Neelima,Surbhi and Rahul smirks. Pooja says our scores are settled now. She says she will go now and tells that she will remember the entertainment for forever. Naren holds her angrily and asks Mayank to move the things which can hurt her. He pushes her. She falls on Mr. Kapoor who has just ruined.

Naren says husband and wife together. Pooja asks Mr. kapoor to let Naren take out his anger. Naren says how can I forget that ladies betray people. Mayank asks Pooja why she is doing tamasha and to protect whom. Naren says it is not yet over. He takes her in his arms and says you was my first wife, even though namesake. He says you have to dance with me in my baraat. Pooja says she will dance in his baraat and can give her small happiness.

Naren asks them to give them guest room and says your Jodi is good and your kids names are beautiful. He looks at her and goes.

Later Pooja is crying. Harish comes to her. Pooja says sorry for hurting naren. He says why you are saying sorry and says I know that you will get big pain, but will not let anything happen to Naren. He asks why did she take such a big step when Naren proposed her for marriage. Pooja tells him that Mr. Kapoor called last night. She shows the video in which women tells that Naren Vyas raped them and one of the woman says she is pregnant with his child. Harish is shocked.

Pooja tells that she will end this lie game. Rahul gives gun to Mr. Kapoor. He comes to Pooja. Naren tries to damage his eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the hell are the doing with this story…. ?

  2. Pass the bottle Naren, i think i’ll gouge out my eyes to.

  3. Is pooja becoming dumbo day by day… First of all she will act too brave n later cry n cry .. Guess writers don’t have any more lines for her.. And I hope she trust Naren..so can show him the video and together they can come up with something to fight back together.. But what to do after all its a serial like all other serial with the same story line where the women has to go through all nonsense which are not needed ..but sorry forgot..they don’t have mouth.. They only have full buckets of tears… Ooopppsss !!!

  4. I am also very disappointed that once again they cannot reveal that Rahul and Surbhi are very evil people.

  5. What the hell? What type of character is naren. Whenever she demands divorce, he never try to find any reason behind. Rather ready with another solution… Surbhi. Even after 4 test, he couldn’t get, how much she loves him. If she is doing something drastic, why he never try to find reason and solve the problem. Is it not his agnipariksha? But it seems writer has nothing new….. repeating same earlier story line and only pooja has to suffer. Even she herself gave him clues regarding fake video, why didn’t he bother to find out truth and expose the culprits.
    However I like harish and pooja bond. I wish mayank help her to expose the culprits and be the best dever as he said.

  6. I hope this track is to expose culprits.

  7. ?? why why why…u always do this to naren….iam feeling bad for him….but poja did one thing correct that she showed that video to harish & let him know about the whole matter… at least there is someone who knows what the truth is…later he can clear all the misunderstandings….hope so poja will manage to reveal the truth and save naren & than they will be reunite and than happy ending….

  8. This story is same as kumkumbhagya wea Pragya left her husband 4 tanu thinking she is expecting Abigyas baby seriously r directors planing 2 repeat de same story as kumkumbagya 4 God sake enough of dz bakwas

  9. Really crazy. First sleep or rape women but when it comes to wife wants a pure and loyal one. What age is the writer in ?

  10. What in the world is going on?? This track is so annoying…. it’s making less and less sense
    One minute Naren hates Pooja and is kinda evil and the next he loves her and is all vulnerable
    Rahul and Surbhi are the cause of every misunderstanding yet Naren never notices??? I don’t understand why writers do this!!! They will have a nice fantastic story and storyline with characters and situations that make sense but they will mess it up by creating new storylines that make no sense and just irritate viewers
    It’s happening in almost every serial on most channels
    The whole point of these serials is to entertain people and allow them to escape their reality for a while as well as bring importance to issues that society faces such as corruption violence abuse of men and women but instead all we get is being more irritated by storylines that make zero sense and hardly show or represent what is actually happening

    Sorry for the rant but after watching most of the zee shows( aisi deewange, piya albela, mehek, kundali, woh apna sa, dil dhoonta, jeet gaye) and the serials from other channels(naamkaran,IB,YRKKH, dil sambal ja Zara, TSMS, Tu Aashiqui, IMMJ,udaan, kasam, ek deewana tha,) I’m just completely annoyed with how the storyline goes and turns from interesting to dumb and nonsensical

  11. What bacchanal is this? This nonsense and lies have been cooked up by Rahul, Surbhi, Neelima, Hardik and Kapoorji to destroy Naren and Pooja lives. Surbhi that shameless evil witch have made plans to marry Naren, take him to USA and have him like a prisoner since she want to hand over the Vyas empire to Rahul and his parents. She is just as disgusting like her dad who humiliated Naren and his parents when he stole their family business. This conspiracy and the conspirators need to be exposed before Naren marries the Tazmanian she devil. Mr. Kapoor is a demented skunk who worked hand in hand with Surbhi and Rahul to destroy Pooja. The video with Surbhi dancing and stripping for Kapoorji should be played at the wedding for Naren to see his real enemies. Talk about pure hate and act normal; am referring to Hardik, Neelima,.Rahul and Surbhi

  12. Cathy you are absolutely right and also give that bottle to me Lollllz

  13. Why can Pooja tell naren about the video so that they can pretend to hate each other and then take revenge on Rahul. Is high time for Naren to wake up from his foolishness and face reality.

    1. How I wish what you’ve said here could happen but it’s only wishful thinking and all the writers of the serial has huge personal problems in real life that’s why they take it out on us on reel life….

  14. THE STORY IS NOW BECOMING VULNERABLE THAN INTERESTING..!!! So much of problems in a married life that to so dumb is now making this serial worst…! Initially I used to love this program but now it is becoming the worst ever…! like seriously so illogical things happen…

  15. The serial is a new story ,but the sound is too high which makes it impossible to hear the dialogues properly.We want you to make the sound a bit lower

  16. i don’t know y writers r repeating the same situation in the same serial

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