Piya Albela 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja saves Naren’s life

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The Episode starts with Rahul talking to goons and they tell that they are waiting for Naren. Angraj says if Naren don’t reach there, then our plan will fail. Rahul says if Pooja becomes CM then she will trouble them. Surbhi says then Angraj’s dream to get her will never come true. Danish tells Naren if he doesn’t go then it will be impossible for him to win. Naren tells Danish that he has to reach Polling booth and then he can take everything in his favour. Pooja asks the man to continue slogans against Naren. She thinks to find out where is Angraj. Rahul tells Angraj that his wife will ignite Naren’s anger. Shailaja tells Pooja that she will win and gives her sweets. She asks her to interacts with people and win their votes. Pooja feels sorry and thinks she has to defeat him in elections to

save his life from Angraj. She thinks she will do anything to save him. Surbhi comes to Naren and says she knows that he is upset. She says she has a solution. She tells that Pooja shouldn’t have done this, and says you would have sacrifice many chairs for her. Naren asks what is the solution to go out? She gives a hamper. Rahul and Angraj see him. Rahul says once he comes out, he will be dead. Surbhi says goons are waiting for you.

Naren dons old man’s attire and leave from his house. He calls Pooja and tells that her plan failed and he is going to her constituency. He says he will defeat her. Pooja asks him to return home and says your life is in danger. Naren says you made plan to kill me. He ends the call. Pooja sits in car and asks driver to take her to her constituency polling booth. Rahul calls the goons and asks them to kill Naren. They get ready. Rahul tells Surbhi that Naren will die and then he will have a new birth. Naren comes to the constituency and tells Pooja that he got his name votes. Pooja asks him to come from here and says his life is in danger. Naren says he will expose her face and will go to all polling booth. Someone pushes Pooja and she falls on Naren. Mora Piya Albela…..plays…Reporter asks Naren, can you prove that you didn;t give her poison. Naren says it is not difficult. Rahul says it is good that he didn’t your face. Angraj says if he had seen then he would have died. Rahul says he will be killed in few mins. Naren keeps her hand on his head and asks her to swear on his head and say. Pooja takes her hand and go away from there. Naren asks media if something is left now to say. Pooja goes near the car and cries. She thinks she knows the pain which he is going through. Angraj thinks he has become mummy with bandage on his face. Rahul asks Surbhi to call Doctor. Rahul’s men make guards unconscious and wear their clothes. They follow Naren in car and asks Angraj on call to give them order to shoot. They fire at the car. Angraj asks the goons to tell Naren got how many bullets. Goon opens the car door. They see Pooja coming out of car. Rahul asks what happened? Pooja asks goons to shoot at her. She takes the phone from his hand and says Angraj..you wants to kill Naren. She tells that Naren and Pooja are not separate, but they are one. She asks them to leave. They run away.

Angraj scolds Rahul and threatens to kill himself. Rahul stops him. Danish thanks Pooja for saving Naren. Pooja thanks him. She recalls seeing goons making guards unconscious and asks Danish to help her, says his life is in danger. She asks Danish to be with Naren always and protect him. Danish promises her.

Pooja feels bad as she couldn’t go to Asthi visarjan with Satish and Kusum. Naren comes there and tells that she did so much to defeat him and asks where did she go in his car. Pooja refuses to say. Naren says he has kept previctory party in Vyas Mansion and asks her to come. Pooja says if you want then I will come there nicely dressed. Naren says I will wait. Pooja thinks she has to be around.

Naren asks Pooja if she will not see the party. He comes to check the fuse. Rahul hits on his head and tells that he wants Vyas heir to take over.

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