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this isn’t my OS its my friend Arohi’s OS you must be knowingshe write destiny works but now days she is busy so I’m posting on her behalf so hope u don’t mind!!

❤️❤️RagLak OS❤️❤️

Hello everyone this is my first ever try so please forgive me this is the story of cleopatra and her lone I don’t know his name so yes..Hope you all like this OS?

Pious Love OS

Ragini – she is the queen of India and is very kind hearted to everyone in her land she is not a ruthless ruler like other people

Laksh – he is a king too and he loves his land and can do anything to expand it.. He goes to India for trading


Pakistan (Laksh City) I didn’t get any route so I chose this

DP – be careful in that land you need to conquer it then we will show that Ramprasad his real identity

Laksh – don’t worry dad I promise that that land will be ours

AP – Laksh have this curd it will always support you in tuff times

Laksh leaves taking blessing from Ap and DP❤️❤️


Other side : India

Ragini – Mini mini please help me to get this out please

Mini – ma’am why are you working in the garden it’s not your job you are in royalties

Ragini – so I love doing all this ok you just tell me how to plant this rose

Mini – ok

Mini teaches Ragini and they enjoy planting and they keep talking and enjoy the day


Next Day

Laksh reaches the palace and enters in but guards stop him

Guard – excuse me who are you?? Whom do you want to meet

Laksh – I am here to meet the queen

Guard 2 – let me ask queen and then tell you ok wait right here

Laksh – ok

Guard goes in and Laksh waits outside

Suddenly Laksh spots out a beauty coming outside its Ragini of course and he gets lost

Ragini – excuse me did you want to meet mr

Laksh – no reply

Ragini – excuse me listen up come on speak up

Laksh comes back and says – beautiful

Ragini blushes and gets him in

Ragini – so why are you here

Laksh – I’m from India I came her to do a deal but after coming her I think I will take my dulhania with me

Ragini blushes

She lend him a room and moves out


Days pass Laksh and Ragini are mad in love and they both marry and have one kid too they didn’t name her yet


One fine day

Laksh – Ragini I have to go for the war

Ragini – ok but please take care of your self

Laksh – yeah

They both hug each other and Laksh leaves saying bye to them and kisses his daughters head


The war was on fire and suddenly a messenger comes

Messenger – sir your wife Ragini is no more I’m sorry the opposite team killed her

This was it for Laksh he took a sword and stabbed himself in the stomach and suddenly a messenger comes and informs

Messenger 2 – hey that Ragini is alive

Laksh is happy and dies remembering Ragini his last words were – I love you out love if pious and we will surely meet soon

Saying this he dies


Pakistan – India

Ragini gets a message and cries really hard and watches her daughter

Ragini then takes a snake and tells mini

Ragini – mini you were my best friend take care of my daughter I am going to my Laksh plzz take care of her I am giving you the responsibility

Saying this she consumes the poisonous snakes poison and dies

Mini – I will name you Tejaswi for this pious heart of queen Ragini you will surely meet your Laksh


AD 1500

Tejaswi daughter of Raglak is getting married to Namish and they lived happily


This story didn’t have a happy ending but this story was pious there love everything inspite of knowing that they had a child they both have up life for love.. Love is something special don’t ever loose it❤️


This was my first OS ever so forgive me if you don’t like it.. Comment for sure…??


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