Pinkish Thoorigai neeEnakku (U r my PinkColor)4 (KRPKAB)(Ishqbaaz)


“Unai Aalum Yuvathi Naan(I m Ur ZA)”Iniyaal Idhazhin Kural(A voice of an Beloved)…Avazh Vizhi
Sutriyulla PaniMalaigalil..(She tells”I m Ur ZA” by seeing the IceMountains,actually The World)…

Avazh Paadham Paniyil..(Her footprints on path of Ice….)..
Oru Siru Karuppu Nila Avazh netriyil (A Blacked Curved dot b/w her eyebrows)…

Shivaay veetin Mel ulla Malai paathaiyil Avazh (She is in the side way on top of the Shivaay’s house)..

Avazh Kaadhaniyin Asaivum Avazh Kaiyil irunda MaraKoal Shivaay Munne Paniyil Padhindadum Ondraai…(The waves of her earrings n her wooden stick stops Shivaay(by her throwing) on same time..)
Shivaay Avazhai Paarthaan..(Shivaay sees her)…

Loc:Om’s house..

“Un Kirukkal Alaiyaai naan..”Ishaana Idazh Kooriyadai Kettapadi Avazh Pinne nindraan Om (Om stands behind Ishaana..n hears her”I m Urs Luvable Wave”)..

Om:”Cutie!!”(by seeing Dev’s Cuckoo)…

Ishaana thirumbinaal Om Kuralaal..
Om in Kaigalukku Cuckoo Vandadu..(Ishaana turns back by Om’s voice..The Cuckoo comes to Om’s hands by flying..)..

Om Cuckoo vai Ullankaigalil Yendi Kaatinaan..Ishaanavirkku(Om shows Cuckoo to Ishaana by holding it in his hands)..
Ishaana Mozhi Marandavalaai…(Ishaana as a statue)…

Dev in ninaivugal pinne Sendradu..Adai paarkaiyil(Dev’s mind goes back while seeing tat)….
Sona vai Kanda Mudhal nodi…(The 1st Sec with Sona)(Line Borrowed from my old one)…

Loc:A curved road..
Dev nadaiyil Munne vandadu Oru Siru Poonai…(Walking of Dev was interrupted by a small cat)…

Dev (sharply sees)..Poonaiyo silai pola (Bt the cat seems like a staue)..

“Mio”Oru kural Pinne.. (“Mio”A voice on back)..
Adisayamaai Poonaiyum nagarndadhu (Surprisingly Cat moves)..

Dev Aachryamaai(Surprise)…
Thirumbinaan(Turns back)..

WhiteTShirt,PinkishFrock in Kalavaiyil..Oru Pen..(A mixture of WhiteTSh,PinkFrock Girl)(Y,The indication of dress always the same above for Sona in my Stories?!)…

Hope U like tiz frndzz…
Tanqq frndzz for Supporting…
The Story Starts Here.. .
With An Artie’s ?,A Magician’s ?,A hill Climber’s ?!!
Tanqq frndzz for Readingg n write ur thoughts after readingg..
Take Care frndzzz…
A Precise
Precap:1st meet of Ishaana…Childish Moments of DevShi n Om Soon,..n The moments(maybe Unguessing) of Shivika….

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  1. Ovvoru variyum azhagu….loved it a lot…

    1. HarSHaN

      Nandri Yazhu…

  2. I want to say that its a shivikafan based ff so u should more focuson them in todays episodeno shivika movement only one para disappointed

    1. HarSHaN

      Ashi…Itz a Ishkara,DevShi n Shivika based ff..!

  3. Arumai?

    1. HarSHaN

      Nandri Nivedha

    2. HarSHaN

      Nandri Nivetha

  4. Hey nee eludhum ovavaru vaarthaiyum migavum arputham. muthal muraiyaaga inge oru tamizh kaaviyathai paarpathil mikka magizhchi. Neer memmelum uyara emathu vazhthukkal…

    My best wishes for your future undertaking,Keep writing 🙂

    An avid reader from switzerland

    1. HarSHaN

      Nandri chashmish..Tanqq for the blessings!!……

  5. Romba nalla iruku pa

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Nithu..


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sathya..

  7. Bhai your creativity is also shown in your writings i thinks how u presents it in your drawings just continue your creativity i don’t read the whole epi as u know i don’t. open this ff because thanq Sathya reply was posted by HarSHaN

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ooshi..!!Take Care Sissy..

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