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Pinkish Thoorigai neeEnakku (U r my PinkColor1st of 5)5 (KRPKAB)(Ishqbaaz)


Vizhigal Varaiya Thodangumo Enakkaga Simizh ai~Om..So Sorryy Frndzz..My health makes me Unable to Write bcoz of getting so less hrs only for tiz past dayz..Tanqq frndzz for Ur Beloved Support..

Frndzz..Here,presenting A continue of 4th n Enhanced Version of 5th Epi….

Varname Nadiyaai..(Colors Changing to River)…

KaalSuvadugal Avan Kaadhal Noakki..(Om walks Bt his legs r walking towards Luv)

Dad of a Cute Little Child:”Om..”..

Child’s Dad:”Tanq Om..Abheria ku drawing solli tharenu sonnadakku (Tanq Om..For Teaching Ziva How to Draw?)(smile)
Abheria-Raag Mesmeric..

Abheria smiles…Avazh Siripil Vaanavil Udithadu (In her Smile,Rainbow Rise..Ishaana Comes…)…
Malarodu Vandaal..(With Flowers,She come)..

Om Avan Varnathai Thandaan Abheriaku..(Om give chart n crayons to Abheria)..

Om:”Abheri..Unakku pidichada varainju Kaatu”(Abheri..Just draw the All U like)..

Abheri paarthaal Avazh Kulanthai Sirippodu (Abheri sees with her Childish Smile)..
Siru Cuties palarum paarthanar (Many children Sees her drawing)

Her Dad too…
Om Avanul Isaiyai Iyatrinaan Ears il (Om plays The Songs in headset)..n walks..

“Hello”Avazh Kuralil Mudhalaai GrahamBell Kural ketkaada enakku(“Hello”-The First word I hear from her..Feels like hearing Bell’s “Hello” in phone)..

Om thirumba “Ishhh” ena Viralgal Idazhlile..”Idhayam Udaithu Enai Vaazha Solgiraai”Paadalil Vandadaal..(Om turns..His fingers on his lips shows “Ishhh” bcoz of hearing “By Breaking my Heart,U insists me to live”..(Album:IrandamUlagam)…
Ishaana Imaigalum Om ai paarthana.. (Eyes of Ishana meets Om’s eyes)..

Ishaana paarthal Abheria vaiyum (Ishaana sees Abheria)…. . ..

Ishaana Abheria Aruge Sendraal…(She goes near Abheria..n takes Pink Crayons eduthaal Kaigalil..(Taking Pink Crayons on her hands…

Tanqq frndzz..I know IT is two small…Plz forgive me…Write Ur cuteThoughts after readinggg frndzz..
Take care frndzzz
old one:

  1. Yazhu

    Nice one harshan…loved it….and take care of ur health…

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Yazhu..Sure..Now I m fine..

  2. Manya

    Nice one 😊take care 😬

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..Sure..I m fine now..πŸ™‚πŸ˜Š

  3. HarSHaN

    Take Care of Ur health too Yazhu n Ayushi..

  4. Esme

    Dear Harshan…take care n get well soon.
    It feels good whenever I see something written in Tamil.

    ‘I like ur FF.’ Plz translate this in Tamil.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Esme..I m moderately fine now..Take care of Urs n Urself too Esme..Itz “Enakku Unga FF pidichurukku..”Hope U remember Still U didnt tell about the learning time for Tamil..

      1. Esme

        Enakku unga FF pidichurukku.
        No learning time for Tamil bro but plz I want to learn some basic things such as how to say hello, Good morning etc.
        I will keep asking some translations if u don’t mind.

      2. HarSHaN

        VSorry Esme..My mobile’s charger pin was not these long past days..I got the mobile from service centre..just b4..aftr solving the pblm ..Sure..I ‘ll Help U learn..

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