Pinkish Thoorigai neeEnakku (U r my PinkColor) (KRPKAB) (Ishqbaaz)

Pinkish Thoorigai neeEnakku (U r my Pinkish Color)…Tamil+EngSubt

“Pookal pookum tharunam Aaruyire”Paadal Avan kaadile.. (“At the time of flowering,Oh my Luv” on his earphones)….

Oru chinna bird parandu vandadu…(A small bird come to his place)…..

Avan adai kavanikka villai..varaindu kondu irundaan (He didn’t see it..Just drawing)….
Paravai avan arugil vandu avan varaivadai paarthadu ..(The bird comes near him n see the drawing)…
Avan brush il color edukkum podhu paravai thalaiyil sindiyadu color (While he takes the color,a drop falls on Bird’s head)..

Avan thirumbi paarthaan (He turns back n see the bird)..

Avan(He)-LongHair,FrenchBeard,T-shirt, Kalavai Avan Oviyam pole (A mixture like his Colors)….Pinne Sooriyanin RedOrange Light ella pakkamum(On his Back,RedOrange Light of Sun in all sides)..
Sattena color ai thudaithaan..appodudaan kavanithaan..paravai Avan oviyathai paarpadhai…(Speedly He removes the color frm bird head..While doing,he gets the point tat the bird sees his art)..
Sirithapadi”U like it,Cutie” ena kettaan..(He asked the bird with a smile)…

Paravai oviyathai paarthadu..Adan kangalile oru pen oru kannaal thirumbi paarthu sirippadu polavum aval netriyil iragugal viluvadai rasippadu polavum Oviyam therindadu (The bird sees the Art..In its eyes,”An art of a girl who enjoyed the fall of feathers by turning her side n seeing others by her one open eye n with a smile” is seen..)…

The bird nods its head”S” n flies…
Avan kangalil avalai sooriyan udikum podu malarodu nadikkaraiyil paarthadu vandu ponadu (His eyes reminisc his first meet with the flower girl near river)….
“Alai aaga Kirukkinen,Saga” ena Oviyam keel eludinaan “Om” endra avan peyariyum pink il serthu (“Drawing U as a wave”-he writes at the bottom of the Art with his name “Om” in pink..)..

Ade neram Anda pen nadikaraiyil crayons il varaindu kondu irundaal (At the same time,The real girl of Om’s painting (near the same river Om first meets her) draws by using crayons….
Hope U like this frndzz.. I don’t know Tiz is ?promo..Kindly read tiz..With Ur support,I’ll give DevShi&Ishkara stories..Yesterday promo of the story didn’t make a drop of My frndzz..Tatsy making promos..only..Waitingg so long time to make stories really touches ur heart…Tiz maybe too fails..Tatsy I made it original as like as my thoughts’ original language..for a change..Sorry for that..Tanqq for reading n write ur thoughts after readingg.. .

Don’t missss the Dev’s searching in his home for Sona…:


    • HarSHaN


      Sure Zaisha..Before I wrote in English..Somewhat my English seems like riddle type …Hope U forgive me for not using more English..Bt I ‘ll add more n more English Subtitles…I Hope U enjoy the nxt epis..

  1. Uthra

    Hello Harshan.Even I am in tamil nadu.
    It’s nice to read a tamil ff.By the way episode is very nice😃😃😊

    • HarSHaN


      Hi Uthra..Happyy to hear…Tanqq…Tiz epi got 2 days for review..Aftr 2 days wait,Comng..Aftr seeing our frndzz reviews,So happy…😊☺

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