Pinjra – Tu AASHIQUI Fan Fiction part 3

Mrs. Sharma: Sakubai where is my coffee?
Purva: Good morning Mother
Mrs Sharma: Good morning beta.have you got any conformation from director ?
Purva: no mother They have not called me I think they have rejected me.
Mrs. Sharma: don’t say that. Has pankti woken up or not?
Purva: she has not woken up.i will go and woke her up..
(Pankti’s room…)
Purva: good morning Pankti
Pankti: Good morning Di( in weak voice)
Purva : kya hua Pankti are you all right?
(Purva touches pankti’s forehead)
Purva: pankti you have fever .let me call the doctor
(Mrs Sharma comes..)
Mrs Sharma: Pankti are you alright
Pankti: I have fever mom
(Doctor comes)
Doctor checks the temperature. It is 102
Doctor: I have taken the temperature.these are some mediines.give them to her.i have also prescribed some tests.
Mrs Sharma :Purva you stay with Pankti I will go and see off the doctor.

Purva: what will we do mom now?
Mrs. Sharma :I don’t know I am not able to think.wait a minute… Jd sir had said that I can call him
let me call him he will definetly help us.
(After some time)
Mrs Sharma: Purva get ready.I have talked to Jd sir.he has called you to his house.

Purva: why he has called me at such time
Mrs. Sharma: don’t think too much .now get ready.
At night at Jd house
Purva rings the doorbell.servant opens the door
Servant: who are you madam??
Purva : I am purva Jd Sir . has called me.
(Servant calls intercom and informs Jd)
Servant: Sir has called you n his room
(Purva goes inside)
Jd : come Purva come .sit have a seat.
Purva: Jd sir have you called me. Was there something important
Jd: what’s this sir sir call me Jd .
(Jd offers drink to Purva.)
Purva: I don’t drink sir.
Jd: oh. I m sorry. No problem. By the way I don’t like the girls who drink..(Jd looks at her evily. He puts his hand on her arm and touches her inappropriately)
Purva: (Purva becomes startled)what are you doing Sir(she stands up )
Jd: idon’t get shocked. I have talked to your mother. We have signed a deal I have purchased you
(Purva gets shocked… She slaps Jd and leaves the jd house cryingly)

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  1. Bushrafaheem123

    Amazing part
    Hate jd

  2. Bushrafaheem123

    Hey do u have wattpad id or any pankti Ahan fanpage

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Nice! Continue soon.

  4. Amazing dear….do update soon…eager to read dear.

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