A piece of silence season 2 { TEASER 1 }


Swara started to feel the breeze swaying her hairs to and fro while driving to airport. She went back to the memories of her honeymoon with her husband! How lucky she was! San Francisco! Her birthplace! She never thought of having her honeymoon there. It was her best gift anyone could give! Their moments, fun, chase, fights, romance, jealousy and what not? She was in her own dream world that she didn’t even recognize that she had landed in Mumbai.

She & her PA, Rohan headed towards ‘Krystal Inn’, the lodge they are going to stay!
She walked towards her room followed by the hotel boy. Stared at the sky through the window. It was pleasant summer night. Remembering her childhood memories was one of the best things she would do any other day but today she kept numb. Her mind went numb thinking about the next days presentation. It was Laksh’s dream project she had put down a lot of efforts! And she didn’t want to fail.

She had made herself prepared but….. She has a fear! If it goes otherwise then?? She had put up a mask for the people in this world but how can she lie to herself? She isn’t a coward? Then?

She was busy in her thoughts when suddenly she looked up for the time. It was 12 AM, midnight.
“Ah! Pretty late!”, she mumbled.

She kept her thoughts aside and removed her top. She unhooked her bra and just then the door knob of the washroom flung open!

There he was standing a handsome guy with a towel on his waist and another on his hand. His deep dark brown eyes, fair complexion can make any girl fall for him. He was gorgeous! Swara was staring him as if she was staring a full pack of ice-cream & eat it up! He seemed quiet busy in his thoughts to look at her.

But suddenly she pulled out her thoughts thinking what she was doing…….


Man (shocked) – What the….??

Guys don’t kill me Pls but I don’t have much time! My mom is a Hitler so…..
Bear this teaser today!!…… ???

Credit to: Jaf

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  1. Hmmm seems interesting dear ….excited waiting for ur next update…

    1. Thnx Renu!…..
      Now guess who’s the person??

  2. Nice…hope it’s sanskar only

    1. Yeah ! Let’s hope for the best!
      *fingers crossed *

  3. interesting

    1. Thnx! Tani! Actually I had put on the starting part! I didn’t have time to write so….. Just the part which I wrote today

  4. When you gonna upload hurdles a way to love next part dear

    1. Don’t know I don’t have tym! But definitely tomorrow!
      Fish! Keep waiting!

  5. awsm JAF yaar….

    1. Thnx! Arohi

  6. Please can u give the links of ur piece of silence season 1 ff…m unable to find it…please it’s a request…

    1. Naina! I’ll give but in the next part! OK!??

  7. Awesome dear

    1. Anu! Thanks yaar!

  8. Eagerly waiting for next update…

    1. Yeah! ✌ ✌ you have to wait!

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