A piece of silence season 2 {‘STRANGE MEET after 8 long years }

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Swara just arrived from Delhi to her new city Mumbai. Though she was told that it was only for 2days or so but she very well knew that it would probably take months or even a year. Because she had to complete the task as well. There was no one left in the company to solve the issues. Swara was never weak ’cause she was a Gadodia. But now she had to be more stronger because now she is a Maheshwari! The thought ? killed her alive. These things brought up the memories of Laksh whom she can’t forget for sure. Her behavior, her body language, her attitude was there only because of this man. Anyways she has dragged her luggage to her room by the help of the hotel boys & now she had to take a sound sleep ? but to her misfortune she won’t get it. She undid her bags & put the belongings up on the shelf. She decided to freshen up. She pulled off her top & undid her bra & heard a ‘clock’s.

Ah! There he was staring at her. She didn’t blink even once nor did he. Who was he? Her mind muttered. But he kept on starting at her. Her figure. She was a kind of what was he doing here? Kind but his hot body & the water drops pouring around his shoulder from his hair made her legs go jelly. Ya she was mad after this man 8 years ago. She knew him as his father’s pupil & nothing else. He would just visit their home for knowledge in business management. She was fond of him. But her hatred towards him started the day she knew about his character. Her mind never aught believe what she had seen but she was against him. She hated him even more when he started accepting. She was fluttered but she didn’t know why she didn’t cry? May be because it was just an infatuation. Ya it was! How could she even speak the word LOVE? For this disgusting creature? She never knew who he was, his family background and all but Ya she knew his name……

SANSKAR…. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI……. And which fool doesn’t know about him? He was the great business tycoon SANSKAR MAHESHWARI with whom she had to deal now. And most appropriately her rival. Laksh’s rival would suit better. These two though different creatures from different ideologies are the real rivals. God!! One her crush another her love?? Of course it wasn’t because of her. It was because of something which occurred even before she entered their life’s so no need to take Tension…. Phewwww!!!!!….

Sanskar was still staring at her with wide eyes. Oh God! This man and me I am here like this shit man!!!! She drifted him apart taking the clothes and rushed into the washroom. “What the hell was it???? How can anyone be so shameless??? “, he thought. He completed himself by wearing his shorts and his T-shirt. “Ah! Perfect” he murmured looking at the mirror. She was a masterpiece. So small yet so sweet! She was almost 19 when he saw her but he must say she looked more s*xier now. She was the beautiful design of god for him. He had always dreamed of her until he met Kavita, his love. His passion! She always soothed him & so he eventually had reacted to Swara as only a crush! Nothing more than that! She was a Gadodia! Uff! Shekhar Uncle’s one and only pampered jackpot just like Lucky the great! Huh? Both were ditto copies! Jealousy were in their nerves always. He was always blessed to be a member of Gadodia’s….. Because Sharmishtha aunty always cared for him. Just like a mother! And Shekhar uncle his father. Though he had a family still he was sure he was more delighted to be at Gadodia Mansion. Swara Gadodia the name itself suggested her attitude. She was a damn! A bit hard to crack! & he knew it! And that’s what he liked. She used to trouble him every way possible but he was also SANSKAR MAHESHWARI Huh? Who would never give a damn! Except those cold looks!…. If she was wind to blow away than he was also fire ? to catch it. It was always her eyes that caught his heart! Though he was quite elder to her but he loved Nah! Most probably crush!!!!! Oh God why am I thinking about her????….

But his way was blocked when he turned by whom??? Obviously by her!!!! ??
She was looking hell angry? ? ?
But for what??? What did he do???
Instead he should be angry ? isn’t it?? Then???
“What the hell are you doing in my room???”, she shouted and he was hell angry now

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This is a chapter showcasing swasan meet after 8 long years! Let’s see how they clash up!…..
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  1. yaar.. y so short.. I wanted to read more it was going very interesting…. pls update soon n longer one

    1. OK Tani as you wish! Sorry for short update dear!

  2. it’s awsm yar bt 1 que swara loves laksh or sanky plzzz make it swasan

    1. Yeah! She loves Laksh but soon you will be witnessing a SwaSan love ? story
      *finger’s crossed’

  3. Nice….

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  5. Can anyone tell me the story up to in short..plzzzz

    1. Jasmine if you can Pls search on the button right there at the right corner or u have to wait until the next update! Sorry dear

  6. nice update. do they got same room?

    1. Yeah! U will get to know why?
      And sanky will start hating her!

  7. it was awesome. both have crush on each other n love someone else.it’s quite interesting update soon. u don’t know I was waiting for it…

    1. Thnx IREENA bit what about you????
      You know you have highly disappointed me ?
      U didn’t start that ff yet! Huh?

    1. Thnx Anu ann

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    GN ? ? ?
    I’ll be waiting!

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