A piece of silence season 2 {episode 5} { THE TRUTH! Whom to trust??? }

It’s not the first time they are quarreling. It’s after 8 long years they are doing so. After all the two longing enemies have met after 8 long years! Huh? What a coincidence? That too in the same room!!….. Is it what was left for Swara? Of course not! She was shouting & howling like a mad person. Definitely she will! After all she hated him. Isn’t it??…. Though she had moved on with Laksh but yeah! ✌ there was a time she went flat at him. But not today! She yelled at the Manager because of his carelessness of naming the same room on their name as ‘MR. & MRS. MAHESHWARI’
God! What should she do now? It’s already late now! & no trance for another room. Left with no option she headed on to the bed.
“So Ms. Gadodia when did you turn Maheshwari? “,he asked lifting his eyebrows. She gave no reply. Nothing those matter does it???
“Mind your own business!”

Damn this woman sometimes get into his nerves! He hates her for her attitude! So much?? What does she have to show off???? He has always been polite thinking she was the daughter of the man he respected the most….

Nothing else!!!!!……

Was it????
May be because of that thing but he very well knew he was attracted to her! For what? Her beauty definitely not! Then???
Sanskar Maheshwari was a daring man and he likes to crack hard things. He very well knew how much hard she was to crack! She didn’t give a damn to him at first but then eventually fell in love! But he wasn’t serious may be! But why is he going back to those days?? Has he gone mad?? Thinking about her??

“Well! It’s quite OK if you don’t want to tell! I am not forcing you!”, he said making an angry face.
“Well! Even if you force me I won’t tell!”
“This woman na sometimes gets into my nerves! blo*dy woman! Huh? “,he thought.
It was an indeed big task for him now because he had to Handel this atom bomb! The one and only Swara Gadodia. A single piece! He had to spend a night with her that too in the same room. It was like living in hell.

“What? Stop staring & sleep! ”
“yeah! I will do you don’t need to teach me darling!”
“oh! Hello I am not your darling!”, she pointed out a finger.
He put her finger down, “Ya you aren’t darling ‘Co’s u don’t deserve to be”

She was just blank. Automatically tears started making their way from her big hazel doe eyes.
“Listen Ms. Gadodia don’t you think you are acting too much? I just said that you….. I must say you are just the same when I last saw you ‘Amir baap ki bigdi hui beti’ . That time also you were childish now also you are the same. No improvement!”, he said as if not caring. But that wasn’t true. His heart ached at the thought that his SHONA was crying. Only he had the right to call her so & he still hoped that none has taken that place in her heart.

“Stop accusing! I am not like you at least! I don’t do all those that you had done 7 years ago Mr. Maheshwari. Don’t you remember you played with a girl’s dignity???? I am so much ashamed to say that once upon a time I loved you or most probably a girl.”
“Swara stop it! I didn’t do anything as such! Believe me!”
“Believe? Whom? You? Huh? The Man who snatched the girl’s dignity and then when he came to know that she was pregnant with his child he killed her. That too to safeguard himself??? ”

Sanskar was now red, red with anger ? in this eyes. She caught hold of her hair and dragged her from the bed towards him.
“shut up just shut up! It’s enough don’t you dare say anything like that! It wasn’t me who killed her. She attempted suicide got it! She attempted suicide!”
“Ah! Leave me Sanskar!”, she winched in pain. But he didn’t show any mercy. Swara it’s not the first time that you had Shown that you don’t trust me! And I have no regrets but I didn’t kill her OK? I’m not a murder got it!”, his eyes blood shot red.
“Then where is she? Why did she die? What did she write on that letter? Every murderer says that! “, and turned her face.

This time Sanskar forgot everything and placed a tight slap on her face.
“I didn’t kill her she died because she was guilty, guilty for betraying me. Last but not the least that wasn’t my child. Now just leave or I’ll forget that we were friends once upon a time. ”

Sanskar went off but she was still there leaning on the bed. Her tears didn’t die. In these 7 years she didn’t believe him. But today she has seen the truthfulness in his eyes. She didn’t know why but she wanted to believe him.

Sorry guys for the short update but she I’m trying to be regular so Pls cope up & if you are getting bored do let me know. I’ll end it!

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  1. It’s not boring……it’s lovely….. Sanky doesn’t know that swara is pregnant na????

    1. Yes! Sanky doesn’t know Swara is pregnant. He doesn’t even know who’s child it is and this is the major twist.

  2. nice………..

  3. awesome…I think sanky doesn’t know that Swara is married with laksh n she is pregnant…. waiting for the moment when he will get to know the thruth..

    1. Yeah! He will get to know in the next chap most probably!

  4. very short update yaar…make it long n update regular…. n its not at all boring

    1. Thnx tani that u think it isnt boring but yaar! I don’t get much tym i wanna give suspense plus i have to study too so hope you understand…..

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