A piece of silence season 2 (episode 1)


”Aww! How cute!”, a girl said pulling the boys cheeks who was having noodles.
“Swara! Stop calling me cute! I am not cute! See call me ‘handsome’. It suits my personality also”, the boy replied giving a cute smile to Swara.
” Huh! Other girls may find you handsome. But for me you are my cutie pie! Aww! NYC na???”
“Swara stop your nonsense. I said na I am not cute?”
“You know why I call you cute? Coz you have your noodles just like a cute lil baby! Nyc na? ‘My cute lil baby’ “, she again pulled his cheeks.
” Aoww! Swara aoww! Its hurting! Aoww! Wait! I will show you now! How cute I am?”, Laksh said while pulling her onto his lap.
“Ah! Leave me! Lucky leave…”
“What you said? I am cute ha?”, he smirked looking at her.
” WO….WO…. Who does eat noodles on the very first day of their marriage ha?”, she felt nervous while he was approaching her.

“What… What….?????? Pls someone help! Help! Pls bachao!! Pls leave me!! Bachao”, she yelled.
” Swara why are you shouting?? I knew you will do something foolish like this so I requested specially for a sound proof room ”
“Wh……attt???? You idiot?? You? I won’t leave you!”, she angrily hit his chest.
” Ah! Swara! Gandi ladki! Today you won’t escape.”
“Lucky! Pls not today I am tired!”, she yelled & ran past him.
Laksh held her hand tight & twisted her hand backwards. She winched in pain.
” you know what Swara? You Always do such things to escape romance! But no more today! I won’t let you escape.”
They came closer & closer till their skin touched their breathes. His intense gaze made heat rise on her cheeks.
“Ah! Your cheeks are making me crazy!!”, he said romantically while kissing her cheeks.
He leaned to her & they kissed. Kissed & kissed till they had no more to take in. He removed her ghunghat, opened her bun & made her long, silky hair sway all along. He removed her jewellery kissing her over & over.
He pulled her up in his arms & placed on bed. He came closer & leaned to her lips.
” Lu…..Lucky!!”, she murmured.
But he had already started kissing her nape. He bites their slowly leaving his love mark. He unzipped her top & that was it for her. She too started responding to his actions. Soon both made love. They dozzed off in each others embrace.

Swara got up with a jerk sweating profusely. Her breath audible. Sooner she had tears. She his her face in her palms & yelled “LUCKY”

Guys sorry for the short update. But I am in my granny’s home so I have to give time to her too. I love to hear her stories. Though I am still not at that lil stage still I love hearing those stories. I think you too love hearing those stories. Isn’t it??????
OK bye thanks for the appreciation you offered on my intro.

will post hurdles & i am weak coz of love asap. May be tomorrow!
Till then bye!!!!??????

Credit to: jaf

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  1. Awwwwww loved it dear plz post next one asap….

    1. I didn’t know it got posted that early now I will post not prt

  2. nice. good kepp update regularly.

  3. I don’t lyk it.my last cmnt 4r u fiction. yeh fiction swalak ka hai.tu clear kar ke likh do.kyun other people ka time waste karte ho.sry bt this is the thing…….

    1. Hey b*t*h
      u won’t understand the feeling of writers

      1. Mou I am sorry for what I am doing really sorry!
        And Misha it’s not the way to speak Pls! Not on my ff at least!

  4. awesome swalak are married i loved their romance

    1. That alia

  5. nice one…keep it up

    1. Tani thnx

  6. Jaf is it swasan or swalak plz tell it clearly

    1. You will know in the nxt part! ?

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