pickachu vs oswald (swalak two shot)

very different from my other works a sweet one shot on swalak .do read this i don’t think you people remember me those who do i am sorry for my sudden disappearances and do love this one shot and shower your comments .

lets start

a handsome guy was writing a diary

hey diary it’s your own laksh maheshwari .
though i always hated writing diary not diary but actually writing oh my lazy self and all but
i have too write this as my little angel loves to write and wants me too write a diary .
though writing this diary and all isn’t my cup of tea but all i can write for my little princess sanakshi is our love story .
as nothing could be more amusing for her than love story of me and her mother for her
.i still remember our first meeting and our first fight .oh god how childish were we
7 years ago i still remember that day my best friend called me and my phone rang in between the business meeting earning hard glares from my father on that day your bade papa and my bro my saviour sanskar saved me from your dadu
after the meeting my best friend nikhil told me they r planning a trip a to massori with some group of friends

.though it was next to impossible for me to convince your dadu but i did somehow yeaha yeaha
with help of your bade papa sanskar and there i went to meet your mom

next day i went to his home from there we went to our group waiting for us at bus stand .there were 5 people .
4 of them were my friends mansi ,diya,rishab and your mama{maternal}uncle abhay and 5th your mom swara .
there i saw her first time she was just good friends sister at that time for me but my heart really skipped a beat after seeing her .during first few hours of our trip she was silent sitting beside me still ignoring me god knows why but i really owe god i lot that he made us sit together .then we friends started talking about random things and suddenly topic went to cartoons strange na we grown ups talking about cartoons .i proudly stated “pikachu is the best cartoon ever”.
then i heard most angelic voice saying against my choice

swara: no oswald is the best

precap:oswald falling for pichachu

hope you guys love this story do comment .i will post 2nd part soon .sorry if u find this short

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  1. AMkideewani

    Interesting and superb

  2. Inu

    Hahaha. Superb. Pikachu is my favourite too.

  3. Loved it

  4. Soumya85

    Wow nice story

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