Phulo Ka Taro Ka Sab Ka Kehna Hai Ek Hazaro Mein Meri Behna Hai ( Naagin ) Intro + Episode 1

Hi guys! I’m back with my new ff “PHULO KA TARO KA SAB KA KEHNA HAI EK HAZARO MEIN MERI BEHNA HAI” Its not a love story. Its about sister love but still a little love is in it. You can share your views by your comments.

Characters :

Shivanya:A simple, sweet , smart and pretty girl . She is quite intelligent and can do anything for her loved ones.

Shesha : Shivanya’s sister. A passionate, angry , pretty and intelligent girl. She is little rude to everyone except Shivanya.

Ritik : A smart, handsome and intelligent boy .

Saila : Shivanya’s maid servant.

Sailesh : Ritik’s man servant.

Episode 1

A girl (Shivanya )shown sitting by the window and drinking coffee. Then another girl (Shesha)comes.

Shesha : You are thinking about him. Right ?

Shivanya : No. I was thinking about the deal.

Shesha : Shivanya,  I’m your sister. I can know what is in your heart  by looking at your eyes. 10 years have gone by, he woud have forgotten you. Then why are you thinking about him.

Shivanya : Because I love him, Shesha

Shesha : Control yourself .

Shivanya wiped her tears and said

Shivanya : Today we have a important deal. So get ready.

In a mansion, boy(Ritik) is shown who was holding a photo and weeping.

Ritik : Why you did it ? Why ?

Sailesh : Sir breakfast is ready .

Ritik : You go I’m coming.

Ritik : Why I loved you?

Ritik controled himself and got ready for the office.

Here Shivanya reached office . Everyone got up and greetes her . Shesha was following her to the cabin . In the cabin

Shivanya : Shesha I want you to handle this deal.

Shesha : Ok

Then a employee comes

Employee :Mam the dealers have came.

Shesha : Lets go.

Meanwhile :

Ritik : Oh God ! Bless us this deal.

Here Shesha was going to the conference room, there Ritik was waiting.

Precap: A huge fight


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