Phulo ka taro ka sab ka kehna hai ek hazaro mein meri behna hai ( Naagin ) Episode 4

Shivanya : Why are you following me ?

Ritik : Actually, I should ask that .

Shivanya :  You are following me .

Shesha :  Let’s go ,please.

Tanvi : Yes Ritik,  let’s go .

They went home .

In Shivanya’s room Shivanya was sitting near the window sipping a cup of coffee and looking at some office files. She was enjoying the view of Sunset from her window . She got up and went to the balcony . After a while she spotted a hand on her shoulder.  It was of Shesha .

Shesha : Are you ok ?

Shivanya :  (nods and sips another gulp of coffee)

Shesha : I’ve have to go to Vienna day after tomorrow to meet Mr .Cambridge for some official work . I’ve to go for a month . So, I will not be there in the house.

Shivanya : Ok you can go ! Its for office, right?

In Ritik’s room Tanvi was sitting and thinking something.

Tanvi thinks : I’ve seen the love in Shivanya’s eyes for Ritik.  Ritik also loves Shivanya.  Then why should they leave apart ? I will unite them but I need a help. But who would help me ? Shesha ! Yes I’m  going to call her.

Tanvi calls Shesha. They talk and make a plan which they will put into action when Shesha comes back from Vienna .

Shivanya is getting ready for a party with her friends . She wore a skyblue saree with royal blue border with a sleeveless and backless blouse. She wore the jhumkas and payals . When she wore the payals she reminiscences some moments with Ritik.

Flashback :

Ritik : Shivanya!

Shivanya : Yes ! Ritik,  what happened ?

Ritik : Close your eyes.

Shivanya : Why ?

Ritik : I told close your eyes .

Shivanya closes her eyes.

Ritik  picks up a box and hands it to Shivanya

Shivanya : What are these ?

Ritik : Open

Shivanya : Payals !

Ritik : I will make you wear them .

Shivanya : Ok

Ritik : Inn payalon ki khanak tumhare kano hamesha gunjegi.

Flashback ends.

Precap : Accident

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