Phulo Ka Taro Ka Sab Ka Kehna Hai Ek Hazaro Mein Meri Behna Hai ( Naagin ) Episode 3


Next day

Shesha wakes up and sees Shivanya sleeping deeply.  She smiles and goes to the kitchen.  She bakes a cake and prepares coffee  and breakfast.  Shivanya wakes up

Shivanya : Shesha,  where are you ? Can you please bring me a cup of coffee

Shesha : Yes coming Shivanya

Shesha comes and wishes Shivanya a happy birthday.  They both have a warm hug .

Shivanya : Thanks Shesha! 

Suddenly Shivanya gets embarrassed and thinks : Ritik!  Why ? Why you did this ? I want you back . I love you

Here in Raheja mansion

Ritik : Today is Shivanya’s birthday.  I want to wish her . No , i will not do it . No never.  Why she did it ?Why ?

Then a lady comes (Guys new entry Tanvi)

Tanvi’s : Ritik, I know you are tensed but you love her . So please go ahead.

Ritik : Tanvi

Tanvi : sssssh ! Just listen to your heart not your brain.  Close your eyes and think with a cool mind.

When Ritik closed his eyes he can only see Shivanya’s face. He opened his eyes .

Ritik : Thanks Tanvi!

Tanvi : Mention Not .

Ritik goes to the market and buys a bouquet.  He bought a card and wrote message . At last he wrote “Sent from Unknown to Miss Shivanya ”

He took and bouquet and sent it through corrier. Here Shivanya receives the bouquet.

 Shivanya : Who may have sent it? I think Shesha must have sent it .

Shesha : Shivanya, why are worried?

Shivanya : Have you sent any bouquet to me …

Shesha : No

Shivanya : Then , who must have sent it ?

Shesha : read the card … the name must have been written.

Shivanya : No its is written “Unknown ”

Here in a coffee shop …

Ritik : Tanvi , thank you for your advice.

Tanvi : Its ok …

Waiter : Mam, anything? 

Tanvi : A hot chocolate

Waiter : Sir anything

Ritik : A filter coffee and a lime cake .

Waiter goes.

Here Shesha and Shivanya also visit the same coffee shop and sat behind Ritik and Tanvi . The waiter came and took Shivanya’s order.

Waiter : Mam?

Shivanya : Ya, one  cappuccino and a oats sandwich

Shesha : For me one Badam shake and a ice cream.

The waiter came up with their orders and exchanged them .Ritik and Shivanya both got up to say the waiter when they saw each other .

Precap : Tanvi and Shesha to meet each other

I know its short but I’ll write a long one …

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