Phulo Ka Taro Ka Sab Ka Kehna Hai Ek Hazaro Mein Meri Behna Hai ( Naagin ) Episode 2


When Shesha entered into the conference room Ritik was sitting . Shesha can only see Ritik’s  back and nothing

Shesha :  Hello , Mr. Raheja.

Then Ritik turned and both were shocked to each other.

Shesha :  You

Ritik :  You are here means your sister must be here.

Shesha :  What are you doing here?

Ritik : You tell me that.

Shesha :  This is my office. So get out .

Ritik : I also don’t have a hobby to stay here.

Shivanya heard all this noise and came there. Ritik and Shivanya saw each other and were shocked .

Shivanya :  Why are you here?

Shesha : Shiv…

Shivanya : Shut up Shesha!

Shivanya : Why are you here? Tell me . Speak to me.

Ritik : I don’t speak to muderer.

Shivanya : Lastly I’m saying that I’m not a murderer. That was your mother who killed my mother. 

Ritik : Stop it ! How much you will tell lie ?

Ritik held Shivanya’s hand and took her to a room and locked the door. 

Shivanya : What are you doing?

Ritik pinned her to the door .

Ritik : Shivanya say the truth .

Shivanya : That is the truth .

Ritik :  Truth my foot ! Say me , say me

Flashback :

Two women(Seema & Rekha) were sitting and chatting .

Seema : Rekha, we’ll never break this friendship.

Rekha :You are right Seema. Even Ritik and Shivanya will keep it forever.

Seema :Rekha , I think we should get them married soon . Already they’re engaged.

Rekha:Yes , My son Ritik and your daughter Shivanya will get married tommorow only.

Seema : Ritik ! Shivanya!

Ritik and Shivanya : Yes!

Seema :Tomorrow is your day

Rekha :Tomorrow you both will be of each other’s.

Seema and Rekha :Tommorow you’re going to marry.

Ritik thinks : Tommorow you’re going to be mine forever. I love you Shivanya.

Shivanya thinks : Tommorow I’m going to be  yours forever. I love you Ritik.

Next day on the marriage every thing went on peacefully.  When Ritik and Shivanya were going to sit on the Mandap , suddenly Seema and Rekha faint as they were shooted by bullets. Two people came with mask and shooted everyone except Ritik, Shivanya and Shesha.  Shivanya ran to seema and sat there and cried. Here on the entrance Shesha was welcoming guests. She didn’t knew what happened inside.Saila came with a gun and cried .

Saila : Mam, see with this they killed your mother see.

She handed the gun to Shesha .Here Ritik and Shivanya were crying when Shesha came running . By looking at the gun in her hands Ritik did not allow her to come to Seema and Rekha .

Shesha : Ritik , maa

Shivanya : Ritik what are you doing?

Ritik : Shivanya she is the muderer.  See the gun in her hands.

Shesha : Shivanya I have not done anything.  Please trust me.

Shivanya : I trust you Shesha!

Ritik : How can you Shivanya?  Don’t dare to step here you stupid Shesha.

Shivanya : Ritik!  She’s my sister .

Ritik : She’s a murderer.

Shivanya : Keep quiet or I will forget that I love you .

Flashback ends.

Shivanya : Ritik,  this is the truth .

Ritik : Don’t tell me lie.

Ritik pushed and pins her to another wall. Shivanya gets hit by the corner of the photo and starts bleeding on the shoulder.  Ritik still pushes her and asks .

Shivanya : Please get out of my office.

Ritik : Right . I’m getting out. 

Ritik angrily opens the door and goes away.  Shesha enters in the room rapidly.

Shesha : Shivanya are you alright?

Shivanya :  Yes Shesha I’m alright.

Shesha : What he told you ?

Shivanya : Its good if we don’t talk about that.

Shesha : Sure.

Shesha notices that Shivanya was bleeding. 

Shesha : Shivanya?

Shivanya : Nothing its just a cut .

Shesha : Come I’ll apply bandage.

In the medical room.

Shivanya : Aa!

Shesha : Is it hurting a lot?

Shivanya : No , it has become a habit .

Shesha : How deep it is?

Shivanya : The wounds which are given by the people are always deep Shesha.

Shesha hugs Shivanya.

Precap : Shesha to celebrate Shivanya’s birthday.

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