The photographer… RagLak Os


A marriage function hall,
So many guests are coming..
The hall is decorated with flowers and lighting..
Pretty girls are chitchatting… Young boys are busy in looking them…

A young handsome photographer is shooting all these in his camera. Panditji asked to bring bride…

“O..photographer babu…turn your camera this side.. Bride is coming.” Says one man.

“Yes…” Says photographer. That photographer is our hero Laksh.

Laksh turns his camera towards bride. He zooms the camera. He is amazed. The bride is like goddess. It is nobody but Ragini.

Laksh fells in love as soon as he saw her. “Wow…how beautiful she is!! I want a wife like her. She could have been my wife… Ofo..what I’m I thinking. I’m not supposed to think like that..”
He thinks.

Ragini is placed on the mandap. Laksh puts camera focus on her. “Everything is ok. But something is missing…I think happiness…” Thinks Laksh. Ragini is not smiling.
“Do she like this marriage??” He thinks.
Suddenly a man beats on his shoulder. It’s shekar. Ragini’s father.
Laksh: oh..hai uncle…

Shekar: thanks for shooting this marriage for free Laksh.

Laksh: no uncle, don’t tell thanks. My dad and you are friends. My dad asked me to shoot this marriage. Can’t I do this much?

Durga prasad and shekar are friends. Ragini’s family is middle class family. That’s why Durga prasad tells Laksh to make the shooting for free. Laksh is a professional photographer. He has his own studio.
Just then dp comes there. Shekar and dp hugs. Laksh is again busy in taking videos.

His father and shekar are friends. But Laksh has never seen Ragini. He remembered once when they played at their childhood.

Fb: little Laksh and Ragini were playing. Laksh says, “Ragini, we shall marry each other when we become big.”
Then little Ragini says, “no..I don’t marry you. I will marry a hero like boy..”

Fb ends.

Laksh laughs remembering that. “Oh Ragini, I want to see your hero now.” Says Laksh smiling.

The bridegroom comes and sits beside Ragini. Laksh feels bad looking at him. Because, that bridegroom is just like a pig. He is very fat and seemed to be like a uncle.

“What is this god…? That girl is just like a parrot. But that groom is like hippopotamus.” Laksh thinks.
“I hope this marriage should be stopped.” Thinks Laksh.

Suddenly a furious voice comes, “stop the marriage…!!”

Everyone shocks. Laksh amazes. It is nobody but groom’s father. Groom’s father comes before shekar.

Groom father: mr.shekar, you have cheated us. You said lies about your daughter’s horoscope.

Everyone shocks.
Shekar: sir, we can talk about it later. Let this marriage done.

Groom dad: what..after marriage.?? Your daughter horoscope has a dosha. And you didn’t tell that. Just we came to know that from our astrologer.

Dp: so what..? The girl is very good. If you have any objection you have to tell it before marriage. Now, telling is very bad.

Groom dad: so what? I have to be calm?? My son’s life is important to me. Her horoscope is inauspicious. It is not good for my son. That girl herself is unlucky.

Ragini stands up in teary eyes. Shekar gets angry and shouts, “stop it..!”

Groom dad: can say lies…but I have to be calm?? Son, come lets go away. Many girls are waiting for you.
That groom too stands.

Then Laksh interferes.

Laksh: excuse me, let me talk. I don’t know, coming inbetween elders discussion like this is correct or not. But just listen to me…look at that girl…

Laksh points towards Ragini and turns to her.

Laksh: look, how beautiful she is… See her innocent eyes. One has to take 1000 lives to marry her. Taking her hand is the biggest achievement in life. You are missing such a girl. Why to see all the horoscopes for such a angel…

Ragini will be getting amazed with his words.

Groom dad: if so, you only marry her.
The groom and his dad about to leave. Laksh stops them.

Laksh: you shouldn’t make a girl to cry. Look how she is feeling sad.
Says Laksh and looks at Ragini. Ragini starts running away from there.

“Ragini stop…” Says Laksh and goes behind her. Groom family leaves.

Ragini goes into a room and locks the door. Laksh knocks the door. She won’t open. Then he goes near a window and shocked to see…….

Ragini is dancing… Dancing very madly. She is actually very happy… Laksh amazes and laughs.

Dp and shekar are talking.

Dp: don’t worry shekar. We will see other good match for her.

Shekar: no dp, her jathakam is like that. She is really unlucky.

Ragini stops her dance.

Shekar: I have hid this so that she could get married. But, she is unlucky right. She never gets married…
Says Shekar and cries.

Ragini gets very sad and sits on bed. Laksh feels bad looking her like that.

Dp then puts his hand on his shoulder and says, “shekar, don’t worry. If you agree, for this muhurtha, on this mandap itself, my son Laksh will marry your daughter.”

Laksh and Ragini amazes. Soon Laksh will come there.

Dp: Laksh beta, you have to marry Ragini. Is it ok??

Laksh: dad, that’s my pleasure. I will marry shekar uncle’s daughter.

Shekar feels happy and hugs dp and Laksh. Ragini is in state of amazement itself.

She is brought to mandap again. Pandit ji is reciting mantras, Laksh decorates mangal sutr and sindoor to her. When he is putting sindoor he slowly says to her, “I love you….”

Ragini amazes and looks at him. He smiles. Unknowingly she too smiles.

Laksh is excited and very happy. He wanted to dance there itself, but he controlled. All the elders blessed them.

Laksh takes Ragini to his house. Only Laksh and Ragini are there in house.

Ragini sits on bed. She is playing with flowers on the bed. Laksh enters the room. She gets tensed. He sits beside her. He says, “hai…”
Ragini smiles.

“Did you remember me..? Once we played in childhood…” Laksh will be saying and looks at her. She is bending her head. Her cheeks are all red. Laksh puts hand on her hand. She removes her hand slowly.

“Ac..tu..all..yy..” Her voice stammers. “Relax Ragini, be free…” Says Laksh. Then she stands up and starts telling,
“Everything is changing so suddenly. I want some gap to accept all these changes. First they said me to marry a boy whom I don’t like. They suddenly rejected and went. Then again they married me to you. How can I accept these many changes at once..? I’m just a girl…not a robot..”

Laksh understands her situation and stands. “I can understand you. That’s fine Ragini. I won’t force you.” He says and about to leave room.

“Thanks Laksh…” She says. He smiles and goes away.

Next morning, Laksh goes to his studio. Ragini will be seeing all the photographs and videos of Laksh.
Laksh is busily thinking how to impress Ragini…?? Ragini is busy in preparing lunch to Laksh.

Laksh’s friends will be giving him stupid ideas.

Laksh: yar…tell me something new,…

Laksh’s friend: why do you worry about such a middle class girl. What’s your range and her range…? She won’t suit you dude…

Laksh gets angry and holds his collar. Ragini who just came there listens to his words. Laksh sees her. She starts going away. “Ragini…” Shouts Laksh and stops her.

Laksh: don’t take his words Ragini. He is a fool.
Ragini: I have brought lunch for you…
She says and gives box to him.

Laksh: thank you so much Ragini…

Ragini is about to go away. But he stops.

Laksh: however, you came here. Come and visit my studio.
Ragini: no Laksh, I will come again.

But Laksh insists her to come.

He will be showing all the studio to her. Ragini will be amazing with different types of sets.
He stops his work for that day and he spends with her. He is explains everything to her.

Evening, they will be returning together.
Laksh: so, did you like it?

Ragini: yes Laksh, it’s beautiful.
They are going on a bike. Ragini is enjoying the cold breeze. Laksh is looking her through the mirror.
He is busy in looking at her, he don’t see the car before them. “Laksh…”shouts Ragini. He comes to world and puts a sudden break. Ragini falls on him and she kept her hand on his shoulder. Laksh feels like he is heaven with her touch. Ragini kept her head down in fear and she is still holding his shoulder tightly.

Laksh: everything is ok…

Ragini looks forward. “Be careful Laksh..”

Laksh: sorry…
They go to home.

Next morning, when Ragini wakes up, Laksh is ready with bed coffee before her.
Laksh: good morning….

Ragini: good morning…

Laksh: come on..drink this, I have prepared a coffee first time in my life. Drink eat, and tell the taste..

Ragini takes the cup and will have one sip. She gently laughs drinking it.

Laksh: what..? Is it that bad…?
He asks and drinks the same coffee. Ragini amazed that he drank the one which she sipped.
Her cheeks turn red. She feels shy.

Laksh: hehe…that’s really….
Ragini: Laksh, please don’t do these adventures again.
Laksh laughs. He gets a phone call.

Laksh: what..? I’m coming right now….

Says Laksh in annoyed way and goes to office. Ragini worries what happened.

In studio, one man is shouting at Laksh, “if you can’t take responsibility then, close this studio. Your workes are telling, that they lost all the reel of photos. I’m a fool to trust you. The functions doesn’t come again and again.”

Laksh: sir, we will work on the duplicate copy, please give us time….

He leaves the place in upset. Laksh was depressed with that. Because, he never failed in his work. “It’s ok guys..keep going. Failures are common…” He says like that, but he is not in good mood.
Then only Ragini calls him being worried.
Ragini: Laksh, is everything ok??

Laksh: ha Ragini, I’m busy. I’ll talk you later.

He cuts the call.

Afternoon she takes lunch to studio. But he is not in office. Workers say that they don’t know where he went. She is worried again and calls to him. Laksh sat at a park being upset.

Laksh: Ragini, I will call you later. Bye….
This time he says with some upset.

Ragini returns to home sadly. It will be evening, but Laksh has not returned again. Ragini calls him again. This time Laksh in upset, “don’t disturb me..”
Ragini feels sad..

Laksh returns home. Ragini is thinking something.

Laksh: Ragini, can you bring me coffee please…

Ragini says ok and goes to prepare it. Laksh opens laptop and he is busy with some work. She brings coffee…

Laksh: thanks….

Ragini: sorry…

Laksh amazes: why?

Ragini: bcz, I disturbed you many times.

Laksh: no ragini, I have to tell you sorry.

Ragini: sorry..again..

Laksh: why sorry again..??

Ragini: bcz, I came into your life.

Laksh: what..?
Laksh shocks and he gets busy with a phone call. Ragini goes and sleeps. After finishing work he looks for her. But she is sleeping already.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up. She looks for Laksh. He is no where. Suddenly some one grabs her. Ragini is shocked. It’s Laksh. He grabbed her and held her tightly with hands.

Ragini: Laksh, leave me.

Laksh: why should I leave..?? You are my wife.

Ragini: what? I have asked you time.

Laksh: I can’t wait.
He tries to kiss her.
But Ragini pushes him.

Ragini: what is this Laksh??

Laksh: then what is this Ragini?
He shows a paper to her. In that Ragini loves Laksh is drawn. Ragini bends her head.

Laksh: why are you hiding this thing from me? Why are you hiding your love Ragini??

Ragini: because I’m unlucky know Laksh..

Laksh: what..??

Ragini: I’m unlucky, for that only we are about to met with accident that day. And because of me only, you got failure. These all happened because i entered in your life.

Laksh laughs with her words. Ragini looks at him. He comes near her and holds her face. “My dear Ragini, you were not reason for them. I have faced such situations many times before.”

Ragini: but….

Laksh: I love u Ragini…..

Ragini: but….

Laksh: I love u….
Ragini: but….
Laksh: love u…

Ragini blushes.
Ragini: don’t you think Laksh, I’m not correct to you? You are a professional photographer, but I’m a normal girl.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh: so what, I don’t have horns. And I used to feel, how could I make you happy being a simple photographer.
Ragini: no Laksh, I’m happy with you…
Laksh: same here Ragini, I’m happy with you and I will be happy with you.

He sits in sofa. Ragini comes near him. He holds her hand and gently drags her towards him. She comes and sits in his lap.
Ragini: everything will be ok know Laksh…
Laksh leans his head to her shoulder and says, “Oh Ragini, everything is fine. Just trust this stupid Laksh.”

Ragini lifts his head up, “you aren’t stupid, you are my heart..” She says and kisses his forehead. Later both hug.

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