A phone call from God (Swaragini OS)

Yo swaraginians! ? It’s Sufina back with an os with our own characters. This has Laksh as a strong lead character and Ragini also lead in the story but no RagLak (sorry RagLak fans) with of course our SwaSan.

This OS is for all those who don’t believe in God.
Laksh’s POV

Hi I am Laksh Maheshwari, getting ready for a long journey to Gangtok, from Delhi, and I am doing it with a bus. Pretty naive I know, but just how I like it.
It turns out nothing what I expected.
In the bus, I am alone, literally ALONE.
I lied down in the back seat. This little bulb flickering over me is so irritating. And I can’t help but get bored.
After an hour
‘Come Madam, come in.’, I hear the hushed voice of the director of the bus. Like seriously, who pleads like that to a passenger? Is someone coming?
No sooner did I thought this, a lady in a smooth kanchipuram saree comes near me.

Is she an angel? I can’t believe how pretty she is. Big doll eyes, small red lips, fair complexion, button nose, round face, and above all her hair. Her soft long hair are driving me crazy. Due to a table fan near by, her hair flies all over her face, not allowing me to concentrate on her bindi.
I wish I could tuck them behind her ear. What are you thinking Laksh?! I quickly drove this thought out of my head.

She comes a little more towards me, and sits face to face from me.

‘Hi! Do you mind if I sit here?’ Her voice is magical and so soothing like a lullaby.

‘Why will I mind ma’am ? Of course you can ‘

I can’t believe how lucky I am. I mean imagine, you are in a one day long bus ride, all alone in the bus, prepared to get bored, when a beautiful lady walks in, and sits in front of you! How fortunate!

She sat for sometime, after which, maybe by getting bored she started a conversation.

She– By the way, what do you do?
I— I like to write stories, you can say I am type of a writer.
She– How nice! Will you mind narrating one of your stories?

And then I told her the story I believe is the best written by me.
About the struggles of IIM, and finding love there. After narrating for nearly an hour and half, I stopped and drank water and checked the time: It is 8 in the night now.
I– So, how do you like it?
She– It was fine.
I was hurt, just fine? I had worked so hard on it.
I– Just fine?
She– Yeah I mean. You want to display the struggles of youth right? Then why only IIM?
There are many other struggles.

She was literally scolding me.
I– What else is there?
She–… Like a…Part time job?

I was really shocked.
I– what story can we get of a part time job?
She– Well, we can get a really interesting story. …Do you believe in God?
I– Not really..
She– Perfect! Then this story is for you!
I– Tell me!
She– Not so easily mister..First you’ll have to make a promise.
I– What promise?
She– You’ll have to make, the story I tell you, a novel.
Which level of hell is this? Does she even knows what she is talking about. It is not THAT easy to make a novel.
I- I cannot promise you that.
She– Then good night. Tell me when you have made a decision.
I– But at least tell me something about the story. What is it about.
She- It is about a phone call…A phone call from God.
I– Don’t kid me.
She– I am not. Now good night.
She opened her blankets and left to sleep,
leaving me sleepless.
The light was still flickering, now it was even more irritating.

Leave it, it was better if she hadn’t come. I want my empty bus back.But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A phonecall from God..But how?

I checked the time. It was 2am now.
I– Are you awake?
She closed the book she was reading and covered it by her shawl, and got up.
She– Not really. So tell me, did you decide anything?
I– Yes, I agree to your condition ,now tell me the story.

Swara and Sanskar joined a part time job where there relationship grew strong along with Ragini, Swara’s sister. Things get a little awkward as Sanskar and Ragini were once in a relationship, broken by Ragini. Joining them is Pia, Sanskar’s elder sister. The unsupportive nature of Swaragini’s parents becomes a hurdle.What will happen when they collide?On one stormy night, when they get a phone call? Let’s find out.

‘Ragini is your SISTER!’, Sanskar almost yelled on Swara.
Swara– Do you know her?
Sanskar– First tell me how you both landed here?
Swara grinned before telling him.

“Please mom! Dad tell her something na.”, Swara pleaded to her parents.
She was disappointed by her parents, not letting her go to Delhi .
Sunita, Swara’s mother, shook her head vigorously and signed Vineet, her father to say something.
Vineet– I am also with your mom in this Swara. Food service, what type of job it is?
Swara– Papa it is not a job, it is a part time job and that too not permanent. I am going for a few months only na! Please!
Swara pleaded with puppy eyes.
‘But you’ll be alone,beta’ Vineet’s tone softened.

Swara is one of the rare kind. Extremely gorgeous, and her dream is to become a model. She’s top in fashion with a cute nature.

‘Not alone papa, I’ll go with her.’, A girl said entering the scene.

Sunita held her head ‘ God Ragini now you too!’

Ragini is pretty ,but maybe little, when compared to Swara. How can they even be sisters, everyone asks. She has a sharp nose, fair complexion and cute smile. She will always think of others before her, but family pressure tires her.

‘You cannot say no!’, Swara and Ragini said together and chuckled.
True. No one could.

Flashback ends
Sanskar– And so you joined this restaurant.
Swara– Yeah but you didn’t answer my question.
Sanskar sighed, one of those audible regretting sighs.
Sanskar–I know her.
Swara– And how?
“I am sorry for hiding this from you Swara.”,Sanskar said and started narrating.
(I will not explain this in detail, as this is not a rag___san os)

Ragini and Sanskar first met in Delhi, in the same restaurant.
They became friends and slowly and gradually lovers.
Ragini used to share her pain, about the unsupportive nature of her parents with him while he used to console him.
They used to date , and visit many places and were just too much in love .
But one day, in one of there dates, Ragini said she can’t love Sanskar any more. Sanskar was shocked and asked the reason.

She said— Sanskar, please understand me, I don’t want to hurt you, but my parents will never agree for us, they will kill me if they get to know. It is better if we fall out of love.

And with that she left him, forever, regretting to love her.

Flashback ends
Swara was numb. How could Sanskar not tell her this? She loved him .. Yes, she loved him. She remembered there confession and smiled sadly.

When Swara joined the restaurant, she met Sanskar ,her co worker. As they started spending time together, they started Loving each other’s company, unaware that it is love.
[One day]

Swara woke up as usual and sighed looking at snoring Ragini. She’ll never change.
Swara took a co-ol long shower and changed into a violet strapped crop top with a mustard skirt hugging her legs, coming a little down then her knees. The dress exposed her belly button, which had a diamond belly-button-inserting. She looked stunning.
Being a perfume fan, she picked up her favorite perfume, suger coated, and sprayed it on her body .
Suddenly her phone beeped.
‘Good morning.’ It was a message. Seeing the sender’s name, she blushed.
“Sanskar” She lovingly murmured.
‘I am coming to take you’ another message popped up.
Swara bit her lip in excitement.
She went and did some makeup and got ready.
Later that day

Ting Tong!..The doorbell rang

“Wait I’ll open the door” Ragini said and started moving towards the door.
“NOOO!!!!” Swara shouted at the top of her voice and ran to stop her.
Ragini looked confused
Ragini– What happened ????

Swara– Nothing ..woh ragu. You must be tired na, go sleep I’ll check the door. Anyways I was leaving for the office only.
Ragini– Why will I be tired? I just woke up. I..

The doorbell rang two more times and Swara panicked.
Yep, she hadn’t told anyone about Sanskar . Not even Ragini.

Swara– Ragu darling! My baby sister . Go sleep na sweetheart, no questions.
Ragini– But..
Swara pushed Ragini inside the bedroom and sighed, “Hashh!”

Swara now ran to the door, opening it, an automatic smile formed in her face.
Sanskar, stood there, like a gentleman, with a beautiful bouquet, wearing a tuxedo and a evergreen smile on his face.

Before she could say anything he handed her the flowers.

Sanskar– Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.

Swara smiled warmly.
Swara– why am I getting so lucky lately?
Sanskar chuckled at her words,’ you always were my dear.’
Swara– Why these and what are you Wearing?
Sanskar– this is called a tuxedo if you don’t know.

Swara smacked Sanskar at his arm.
Swara- That I know stupid. I asked why?
Sanskar– Can’t I?
Swara smiled again indicating that he can.
Sanskar–And now without any questions come with me.
He took her to his car and blind folded her.
After reaching somewhere Sanskar removed Swara’s blindfold. Swara was awestruck to see a parachute. She was speechless.

Sanskar forwarded his hand. ‘May I …Madam?’
Swara put her hands in his with pride and they rided the parachute.
Up in the air, Swara’s happiness and excitement had no bounds.
She looked down and suddenly she was numb. A bunch of people stood there holding plates that said
Swara looked at Sanskar in awe, while Sanskar just chuckled at her expressions.
“Now you know why”, Sanskar said.
‘I love you Swara. Will be mine forever?’ he continued.
Swara didn’t knew what to say.

Confessing your love for someone while you both are up in the middle of all the clouds. Who wouldn’t like this idea? Hot Air Balloon love confession is one of the best ideas to take your partner’s breath away.

‘Ye..Yes’, she could manage to say.

Flashback ends
Swara wiped a single tear from the corner of her eye.
Swara– You should’ve told me Sanskar!
Sanskar– Swara see I am sorry. I know you are hurt but please listen to me!
Too late. Swara already ran away leaving Sanskar shattered.
Sanskar’s house.

‘Tell me what happened Sanskar!’, Pia, Sanskar’s elder sister asked.
Sanskar could not control anymore and burst out crying. He told her everything about Swara, and that they were in a relationship. He told her how he got to know about Swara being Ragini’s sister.

Swara and Sanskar were talking casually.
Swara– Sanskar you know, my sister Ragini also used to work in this restaurant.
Sanskar was shocked as he remembered Ragini telling him once that she had a sister named Swara.
Was this just a coincidence?, he thought.

Sanskar– Swara, can you show me her picture.

Swara was confused but showed him Ragini’s picture ,after seeing which Sanskar was hell shocked.

Flashback ends.
He tells her about Swara’s reaction.
Pia– What! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Sanskar– Sorry di!
Pia side hugged him.
Sanskar– It’s okay Sanskar, I think you should apologize to her.
Swara couldn’t believe this. How could this be true?
This has to be a cruel joke of destiny.
Her love and sister were at stake.
Ragini who came there hearing the sounds, was bewildered seeing Swara’s state.
Ragini– What happened Swara?

Swara looked at Ragini,’You also betrayed me Ragini!’,she muttered.
Ragini was confused.
Swara told her everything about Sanskar.
Ragini– What! Swara how could you not tell me this? You know about mom dad na..

Then the reality hit her. It was not really her sister’s fault. Ragini was pressurized so much​ that she had no other option than to leave Sanskar. Now the same will happen with her.
How could she fall in love with Sanskar knowing that her parents will not except this?
It will only give pain to everyone.
But how can she break his heart for the second time.
Who will mend it this time?

Swara hugged Ragini and went to her room, lost in her thoughts.
Swara’s room

Swara could do nothing but cry over her fate. When did life become so complicated?
Suddenly she got Sanskar’s call.

How much she wanted to not attend it, but couldn’t help.
‘Hello’, she said in a weak voice.
‘Swara! I am sorry but please give me one last chance. Please I need to meet you.’, his voice was hushed.

Swara hated him pleading to her, but she was equally helpless.
‘Where?’, she asked trying to avoid saying long sentences.
Sanskar was shocked that she agreed so soon but was too happy to care.
Sanskar–No need to come anywhere. I am coming to pick you.
‘Listen I am taking Ragini with me you also take pia di together. We need to talk(Yes Swara knows pia).’, Swara finally gave up.
Sanskar– Why th…
His sentence was left incomplete as Swara disconnected the call.
She cried a little more and then went down to check Ragini.
In the car

Swara– Sanskar I want you you to forgive Ragini.
Sanskar was shocked
Sanskar– What the hell are you saying Swara?
Swara– Sanskar I know it’s difficult. But try to understand her. Our parents would never have agreed for our relation and she just didn’t wanted anyone to get hurt, Sanskar.
Sanskar and Ragini looked at each other. It is a second of eye contact broken quickly by Sanskar.
Ragini smiled at him.

Ragini– We can still be friends Sanskar?
Sanskar– It’s ok Ragini. I forgive you, and I am sorry.
Ragini– No need.
Swara– Sanskar, I …I can’t be with you either. You know we both share the same parents.

Swara and Ragini passed a nervous glance to each other.
Pia has been a silent observer of all this. Analysing everyone, trying to see it by their POV.
Swara– Sanskar I..


All of them as scream as there car land on top of an iron rod 10 metres from the ground. Due to Sanskar’s careless driving they all jumped off the speed breaker and landed on a construction site. If the car disbalances a little more they’ll fall of and probably die .
Swara– What will we do now?
Sanskar– Maybe die!

Pia– Shut up!
Ragini’s face turns like she’ll cry any moment.
Ragini– Think something fast please! I don’t want to die!
Before anyone could think anything a phone call came on Sanskar’s mobile from an unknown number.
Little did they knew that the call will change their lives.
Sanskar– Who the hell has to call now!
Pia– Sanskar pick it up, maybe we can ask for help!
Sanskar picked the call and put it on speaker.
The call—God.

Sanskar– Hello..
O.S– Namaste Bacchas (Hello kids)
Ragini– Do we know you?
O.S– Of course Ragini.
Ragini– How do you know my name?
O.S– I know the all your names. Swara, Sanskar and Pia with you right?
Pia– Who are you?
O.S– The creater.

Swara– Huh?
O.S– The one who created it all. What do you call him.. God?
Sanskar– This is not funny.
God– I am not laughing.
Pia– How do we believe you are God?
God– It is okay if you don’t. My job is to help you.
Ragini– If you’re God then why didn’t you come earlier?
God– When I get to know someone needs me, I be there. But the important thing is, you are in trouble, don’t you want to survive?
Swara– We do. Please help us.
God– I will…Sanskar?

Sanskar– Yes?
God– Press the escalator and then back the car, try to make the car jump.
Sanskar– We will die if I do so!
God– I know what is right. Have faith in me and do as I say.
Sanskar pressed the escalator and backed the causing it to jump. Everyone closed their eyes expecting something horrible, but to their surprise they were on the road, SAFE.
Pia– Thank you so much God.
God– Everything isn’t solved yet. Swara and Sanskar you need to unite.
Swara– I want to God, but my mom dad…
God– I am the creater of even them, when I am with you, why are you scared of them? I need to go now. Other people need me. Remember, only listen to your heart.
The call got disconnected.
Everyone was quiet for a moment, registering what just happened.
Sanskar– Swara..What now?
Swara– Now I guess I’ll have to bear you for the rest of my life and marry you. After all it is the order of The Creator.
Both looked at each other with love and passion and had a deep eye lock and suddenly burst into a laugh.
Sanskar– Now I can proudly tell everyone: GOD IS THE CUPID OF MY LOVE STORY.

THE END (Of lady’s story)
Laksh’s POV

I checked the time: it was 6 am now. I yawned.
I– It was a nice story.
She– So are you ready to make it in your novel?
I– I am, but, how am I supposed to display that call from God thing? We need something more believable.

She– A call from God isn’t believable?
I– Well, scientifically, it isn’t.
She–We can do one thing. Then you can show it like Pia uniting Swara and Sanskar instead of God.
I– How can I? It is God in the real story.
She– Exactly! When you can believe a phone call from God, then why won’t the readers?
I– Geez oh kayy. thanks.
And I realized we hadn’t even exchanged names all this while.
I– Btw how I am Laksh. Nice to meet you Swara?
She laughed. Her laugh is so mesmerizing!
She– I am not Swara. Why will you think that?

I– Isn’t it obvious? I mean you are so Beautiful.
She laughed again, this time, some more.
She– I am not Swara.
I– Oh then are you Ragini?

She– I am not her, either.
I– Gotcha! You are Pia.
She– I am not.
I was confused.
I– Then who are you?
Suddenly it hit me.
She was a girl, she is not Ragini, Swara or pia. She knows the whole story. The only character left.. …That means she is……OH GOD!!!!!

She removed her shawl and I noticed the book. It was a holy book. I could see “I will always be with you, sometimes you’ll see me, other you’ll not. But I am always there for you.” written on it.
My head felt dizzy. Am I not dreaming?
Suddenly a blinding light surrounded me. I could see nothing.
She kept a hand on my head and said”Bless you, do well.”
The light suddenly vanished, I opened my eyes with great difficulty. I looked around she was no where to be seen. The holy book was kept on the table. Where did she vanish?
“Bhaiya, the station has come, will you leave or stay here only?”, the director said to me.



Did you like it guys? I know it is a difficult concept and I have worked hard on this. How did you like the last twist? Was it boring?
Do tell me by your comments. Love you all ❤️

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