Phobia (kkb) Promo

Hi friends…. Sorry for making u wait. But I am back now..thanx for waiting.. lets start from the promo

Abhi and pragya packed there stuffs and left to india..

Abhi,fuggi I think itz better if we stay in a hotel.i cant go to MM again.
Prag,I’ve already booked a hotel baba.
A,oh thank god.that good fuggi..

They reached to the hotel..
A,hey why did u select this kind of hotel.look itz isolated from town na.
Prag,ha idiot.this hotel is near to jungle na.and if your crazy fans knew that you r here how can we fulfill our task.
Abhi,ufff enough ma’m I got it..

They both went inside hugging each other…

But an evil eye is watching them.the hotel is shown from out side.. as abhi and pragya stepped inside.. the hotel turns to a old bunglow.

Shadow like something is moving towards the hotel..evil smile from background..

Screen shifted to another hotel
Man 1,where is pragya ma’m.she is not answering to the phone.
Pragya suddenly came in..
Pragz,I am here boys..
Man2,where is abhi sir..
Pragya..hahaha(evil smile with reddish eyes,long nails and teeth)

Precap abhi,fuggi let me clear this,if u hired any one to act like ghosts then where are them.then who is this..
Dead bodies without heads is shown

Lets meet in the promo of vampire and his hidden kingdom..

friends.. i missed badly..what to do with these exams.still they are going on.but main subjects were finished.. so i ll be regular..

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  1. welcome back

  2. Suchitra

    Happy that you are back…..

  3. it’s ok tina no sorry…. we are happy that u r back….
    and very intresting promo….


  4. Awesome yaar tat u r back I’m eagerly waiting for ur ff…. Missed u badly

  5. Hai tina how r u.. How do ur exam… i miss u madly ….!!
    Today promo is awesome…
    Waiting for another vampires and alien ff..

  6. how r u tina n exam??????????????

    welcome back…………….

    miss u badly dear

    take care 2

  7. awesome…thrilling..
    welcome back

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Welcome Backkkk

  9. welcome back dear……..

  10. Awesome promo. Got scared. Pls pls pls post the episode fast

  11. Loli

    Tina di …welcome back …

  12. Saranya24

    Wowwee my dii is back iam jst flying missed u a lottttt lottt lotttt diii love u loads muuaahh tons of hugs and kisses to u????

  13. Monesha

    Omg you came back. My di is back……. I am sorry i am taking back my statement. Actually I saw first page alone. So i got angry that you forgot us so I done this mistake forgive your choti di. Missed you so so sooooooo…. much. I cried yesterday bcoz of you so you have to get your punishment. There are two punishment. One is want to give me a lot of huggggggs and kisses and one more thing is you want to tolerate this choti love and my endless bak bak talks. Don’t try to escape from me bcoz you came back after a long time. Here after i am not going to send private messages di. I can’t message long it is irritating me sooooooo….. much. I am seeing words and i am typing. You make me to fear di. You know don’t say to anyone. I sitting alone in my room Bcoz my mom and dad went to one place. We are join family i just ran and hugs my grandma. Really di bcoz in my room there is a board to talk with ghost. I will never go inside when they are talking with ghost. But it is very horror story. I really feared. But I will watch and study real ghost. You can think omg this girl is talking more. I already said na you have to tolerate my bak bak. So there is no way you have to hear. I want to talk more di but I don’t know what to talk really i got bored without seeing you. I noticed in calendar and i strike out the days upto 13 but you didn’t came. Thank god you came day before yesterday but not yesterday. So i cried again. I came and saw that your ff came or not i just got angry so only I typed like that in private number. You know di in my school one group is there. They gave me a big pain di. I don’t know where to share then I told to my father and mother. That time i really missed you soooooo…… much. Don’t try to leave me again. If you are busy in exam then ok but you should not take leave from my bak bak often got it di. I think this is enough today i torcher you more but I will stop my bak bak. I am giving pause button only. I will continue tomorrow. If I gave fully then you will started to hate me. Don’t forget that you are the first person that i liked in this telly update. When I was silent reader i really thought that i want to become your choti. Don’t ask me why bcoz i don’t know the answer now my dream become true. See again i started my bak bak but you have to tolerate this bcoz it is your………. fill the answer don’t know ok I will say bcoz it is your punishment for left me alone. I don’t know how much all the one missed. If they missed you to the core means i missed you to the billions. Ok ok don’t angry for my endless talking now bye di i am ending not pausing my bak bak by giving you a lot of huggggggs and kisses and love to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……. thanks for hearing this bak bak with patients. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. U r back… So happy to see you back….

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