Phobia (kkb) Part 7


Guys this maha epi is for you..
Abhi and pragya entered to their room.abhi closed the door as soon they get in and hugged pragya..
P,arey leave this thetime for your romance.(while pinching abhi’s hand )
A,haan why not..your my wife & I am ur every time we can romance with each other.
P,okey baba.but frist let me to arrange our stuffs frist.then lets think about romance..

A,kitna unromantic.ok fine..
Pragya is about to move from abhi,she kept one step forward.but abhi pulled her from her saree pallu to him..then pragya came & hit on on abhi with intention.
A,awwww..fu..ggy.. its paining.. f.uugggy.. my heart is paining..i feel like my ribs are broken.i. i.. cant breath(takling with much difficulity)
He fall on bed & closed his eyes.
Pragya was hell shocked.
P,abhi what happened.pls open ur eyes.abhi(cupping his face)
Tears coming from pragya’s eyes..she bent towards abhi’s heart to check heart beat..
Suddenly abhi opened his eyes.but pragya didn’t noticed it.abhi smilled at her silly act and felt bit bad for her.
He hugged her tightly..
Pragya looked at him with angry face like she is burning with fire.
P,abhi.. you.. stupid fellow..(bite his neck)
A,hey that pisach is better than u.. look u eat my meat.poor abhi..
P,ha I will be wrost than a pisach if u make me fear like this..
A,oh sorry meri ma..(tightening his grip)
P,you are such a deserve to be a criminalist than a director.
Abhi slowly took pragya’s face near to his face.. pragya closed her eyes (so no eye lockes)
Criminal from raONE is playing In bg
(itz criminal…)

They sheared a passionate lip kiss…..
Screen is getting blur lil by lil…

Screen shifted to a another hotel.
Man 1,we came to our place at the perfect time as pragya ma’m told.but where is she
Man 2,ik callked khker kbut her phone was unreachable.

Are you talking about me..

Five of them looked at the door of their room.
Pragya was there.five men salute to her and she too..
P,are you ready to complete my task.
Man 3,haan ma’m.everything is ready..
P,then why should I wait..
Pragya’s face turns to dull.her hair get erected. Tounge become so long as well as nails.eye ball disappeared and eyes were filled with blood.
Man 5,ma’m are u fine. Is this a part of our plan.
Pragya began to smile in a voice of a man.
All were hell shocked with this act.
P, I am not a ma’m.. hahahahahahaha..every one in this village use to call me as a ghost.but u only called me as a ma’m.hahhahahaha…I must treat u for’t t

Screen freezed wth tensed faces wth agents of pragya.

Next day morning…..

Sun rays fall on abhigy’s bed… they are sleeping hugging each other under the blanket.. their clothes are showing wich has fallen everywere..

Next sun rays fallen in to the hotel where prgaya”s men were…
Their room is showing. It’s a pool ooooooooooof blood.5 dead bodies are there with out heads..slowly screenis shifting to the mirror of that room which is written with bloooooood….


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  1. fear fear fear

    super tina dear…………..

    1. Suha

      Hi di… i m fine.
      N xms tooo.
      I missed u badly u lot…

  2. Angita

    I’m so glad you’re back,,,suburbb

    1. Suha

      Thanz angu

  3. Missed u a lot… Happy that u r back…nd today’s episode is superb! Waiting for the next part….

    1. Suha

      I missed u too dude… thanx for this much love…

  4. Astha

    tina 1st always i used to see the last scene by scrolling for to see is there any note from author. i saw i’m back. actually i thought u r saying u r back but the real is the ghost is back. and my phobia too back to scare me.. expecting more horror like previous epis. this epi is not horror. its cool except the last part. waiting for the next epi. love u loads. happy taht u r back but concentrate on studies too. exams r main na…. how was ur majors? hope u well done.

    1. Suha

      Frist thanx for praising this epi.
      Then thamx for your love..
      chemestry is bit difficult but i hope i will have good marks.results will come on december.and itzy final exm.hope i can gt selected for mbbs.this is my second attempt.. ill try to add more horror.keep supportimg sis.

      1. Astha

        all the best dear. sure this time u’ll selected in mbbs. we all will pray for you. dont wry.

  5. Saranya24

    Suprrb to the core dii woww back wit a bang muuaah????and dii hope u did ur exams well abd all the best fr othr exams love u loads dii muuaahh??????

    1. Suha

      Helloooo my choti sweety… ummmmmm.m….mmmmmmmmmaaaaa… this is for ur forehead.. arey baba how can anyone do exams well.acco to my pov exams mean something like punishment..any way i am free now.. so how r u baba.. whtz going on with u these days..

      1. Saranya24

        Fyn diii but felt somethng missing without u and also our choti fr somedays but nw i ll be ok my darlu dii is nack na??and ryt dii exams r always punishment?love u loads dii and thanks fr ur kisses tons of hugs and kisses to udii?????

  6. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Suha

      Thanx yaar. Keep supporting

  7. Hey sweetheart… are was ur exams…….fabulous episode

    1. Suha

      Hi emmy. I am fine yaar.what about u.. exms are bit dificult.anyway missed u lot..

  8. Monesha

    Wow wow wow what an episode. Each and every scenes was awesome. I imagine all the things in my eyes. It was horror di. I loved it. Di I want to give a special name bcoz i am feeling that you are my special very special. Really i love you sooooooo…. much. Confirm next birth i will come to you as younger one. You know di in next birth confirm i am going to be your choti. So i will put condition to jiju that he should come and stay with us. Otherwise how will i live no chance so this is strict condition. Say to jiju di. If he is not accept this also ok I will manage with your photo. Actually di I think my eyes got problem bcoz when I saw this page i didn’t see your ff then after commenting you in promo then I saw your ff. Really i am going crazy on you. Today i gave my torcher bak bak in promo itself so I will try my best to talk less. I prayed to god so definitely you will get good marks even my mother also prayed. In private message i showed my angry. In promo i showed my exciting talk you can think that is boring talk but I gave with excitement . And now i am going to show my love. I love you so so sooooooo… much. You know di I addicted to you. I am talking to my friends only about you you you you always you. My friends started to ask your story. I told all the story to them. They all asked next what???? what???? what???? what????? Thank god di tomorrow onwards i am relieved from the word what???? I really started to hate that word. Di I am feeling that my friends are giving fake love to me except some of my friends. You know di two days whole class didn’t talk with me. They are playing by comparing boys and girls name. You know di one girl cried. They told that we will compare your name also so i told everything to class teacher. My class teacher gave a speech to them so they make whole class against me. Then also they continued by passing letter to boys. Principal mam saw them. I only saved them bcoz class teacher means they will be like friend to us but not that princy. You know di I felt very bad for two days. I felt alone. I cried a lotttttt. But they all talked with me after this incident. I just talking to that group formally. Whether i am doing right or wrong di. I don’t know plz answer me. I just shared with you don’t mistake me i am feeling better now. Yesterday only all talked with me. But I talked normally who talked even after that group warned my friends. I really broke and down after that incident. I didn’t tell to my mom, dad, my best friends and anyone. I said to you only di. I bored you right sorry sweetu darlu princess di. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤ lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Suha

      Princess… that person who u called as jiju is no more.this time he left me forever.choti sorry i cant say sweet lines for heart is painimg lot.. i felt i am the luckiest girl im the world necoz i got ur love. Ur frist mg was for me na… itz really make me know what my bro is gelouse at u sweety… and pls dont limit ur talkings.i madly missed are my loving sisterforever…but for now i am goimg to act like ir mo

      So listen.frist be told that u were broken.pls domt be so. I am with u this world there are every lind of people.most of them are not good as they seems to u need to be strong & carefull.let those mad girls to do what they want. U wait & watch. They will suffer one day for their wrong deeds so next time my lil princess shouldnt interfrnc thm.promise?..
      Next thing.
      When ever u feel alone just remember your di is next to u.i never let u be alone..and my lil sister is mot allowed to no more tears.. promise me?

      Then dont trust anyone.
      Just talk with them if they with them.but dont trust them.keep that in mind.they can trble u.. so next thing is alert about ur stuffs.always check ur school bag.they can put something unwanted to it and make u cought.
      But dont let them know that u r suspecting them

      1. Suha

        Dont dare to say sorry again.. i am your di right.di is like second u must share everythinv with me.dontu remember choti.. i told that i ll be piller of ur strength .so share ur pain with me right. Choti be strong..never bend your knees before injustice.but befor stand infront of it.. confirm your security.dont feel bad right.. as lord buddha
        Said if you have no any good friends.. then be will be better than having bad friends. Keep that in mind we need frienda thatz true.but if anyone make .u alone let them know you r strong even alone.consentrate om ur with friends but let them know u r strong as a one(becose behind u.. ur di is there with the sword of Love and protection)

      2. Monesha

        Thank you so so sooooooo…. much di really your words gave me a confident. Thank you so di. I am promising for everything. Thank you for joining my broken heart. I am feeling happy. No one can tell me like this. You are my special di. Ummmmmmaaaaa… don’t worry about him di. He is not lucky to get you. But soon your Prince will come to you. Your choti will be always in your side. I will be ready to fight with whole world for you only for you. Thank you so so sooooooo…. much di. Love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you……. Sooooooo….. much di. I am feeling bette

  9. Prathi

    Yuppie Suha is back!!! Yaay!!! Enjoyed it Yaar awesome

  10. Wow awesome… I miss u lotttttttttt….

    1. Suha

      Thanx sugan.. i missed u too..

  11. Super

    1. Suha

      Thanx maha. Keep supporting.

  12. lots of fear dear super.episode

    1. Suha

      Thanx dude.. keep supporting.

  13. Ohhhh god really really really awesome yaar n again to say ur writing skills n also ur way of writing really chanceless superb n not only ghost u n ur interesting ff also back…

    1. Suha

      Thanx durga.. keep supporting. I M really missed your lovely comments..

  14. Tina I don’t know whether I should ask u this r not but wat happen to him????…
    u r very much happy wen u got him back in ur life but now again pain…. don’t let u down…. like before I said we r there to support to u…. the pain wat u going through now is no one can feel… but still try to overcome…. I am always there to support u…..
    I don’t really did I have any right to talk to like this… but I thought to talk to that’s y. I know talked to much…
    if I hurt u really SORRY…..
    I really missed u dr……

  15. Tina di..i missed you so much and you are back with a bang.aWEsome epsiode..all the best for mbbs di

    1. ****KEERTHI**

    2. Suha

      Thnx dude.. keep supporting..

  16. Suha

    U really made me cry yaar… but i am really lucky to get this much consern.dont know how to thank for this much care.. he is doing a job in dubai.we r same aged.when he was in sri lanka we had distance love.i mean he live far far away.for the three years we only met14times… both we met at another city which has same distance from our cities.with the time he put lots of rules on me.he never trusted me.i thought itz only becoze i am not near with him.but day by day he put more more rules.becoz i loved him i obeyed thm
    but when he suspecting me it hurts lot.i’ve never done any thing wrong.even i went to a girl’s i havenno any boys as friends even.he never let me to be with friends.he asked me to be alone.domt lmow why
    But i did wht he asked..i had exms na.i got a brk while english paper.then he called me.while talking ome of my old friend asked me to join woth them to have lunch.i said no but my bf blm me with lots of bad words.i dont know wht to do.then he said he want to break up.but he massaged me & i replied.yesterday my mom asked me to do teachimg in a private school untill results come.i cant say mo becoz the force me to build upy carier.but he said good bye to me.he asked me to stay at hm.but my mom never lete to stay at home like a dumb.wht can i he left me becoz i havd to do a job.thatz he reason yaar.

    1. Suha

      And darling one more thing. U really have right to talk like this. More than a friend u r like sister to me.. a lovung caring sister.. thanx for being witj me. Insted of t u friends i have no ome.. before comming to t u i am just a one who lives lonly in this world.but thanx to tu i got sister like u.. if i thanx for this itz not worthy for ur love and pls accept this bone crushing hugg for supporting…

      1. shall I tell u something… pls don’t date to feel for someone who left u… he never worth for u… how u beared these kind of torture.. u know love is a kind of understanding… in love we have to accept wat we are. if he try to change u then how u could as u… if we try change our self for anyone we lost our self… and moreover who is he suspect u…. u u loosing ur self respect in any one eyes… as i said before I am there for u always as a sister I am there to make u overcome from everything… with lotz of hug and kisses??????
        I am there for u…..

      2. and wat ur parents did was right… they thought abt ur carrier… they care abt u that’s y they showing right path to ur life… don’t ever dare to change ur self for anyone…. this time u definitely get select for mbbs… one ur Prince charm will come to take u… I am daam sure abt that. from now onwords u r not alone…
        I think u remember me 1at time wen told abt ur break up. same thing I said. after that I didn’t even comment u regularly it’s not becoz I don’t care abt u. I want u to b strong…

      3. and wat ur parents did was right… they thought abt ur carrier… they care abt u that’s y they showing right path to ur life… don’t ever dare to change ur self for anyone…. this time u definitely get select for mbbs… one day ur Prince charm will come to take u… I am daam sure abt that. from now onwords u r not alone…
        I think u remember me 1at time wen told abt ur break up. same thing I said. after that I didn’t even comment u regularly it’s not becoz I don’t care abt u. I want u to b strong…

  17. Nice one yaar…. Happy to see u back…

  18. Monesha

    My private number is not opening plz say me how to open that. I didn’t sleep in night. I am trying to open this private message for 1hour plz say me here

  19. Monesha

    Di i know you are playing prank on me. You are testing how much i am in love with you. Plz di talk to me. I already broke my every stuffs in my bedroom. I know di you will not go from me bcoz you promised me. Di plz i am crying here with full of pain. How can I separate from you di. Plz stop this come to me. I am begging you plz di i love you sooooooo… much come to me. You promised me you will come and meet me. I can’t live without talking to you di. I am really crying. Plz come back

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