Phobia (kkb) Part 6

Sorry for late updates friends
And thanx for huge support given by u to Heart Beat..

..P,lets talk about it later abhi.frist go & have a bath. I ll come to help u..

Abhi left dadi’s room & dadi shows thumb up to pragya

P,we did it(shared a hifi with dadi)
D,what is the next part beti.
P,we have to act more only makes him confirm that pisachs are hunting him.
D,hm.but actually it happend when he was 7yrs.& after wearing that pendent no more problems from pisachs.
P,ha dadi.i know.but this is the only way that we can cure him from this phobia.
D,what did docter said about his condition now.

P,as before his condition is getting wrose in fullmoon days.last fullmoom day he went to india.but he think it only done by pisachs.actually there was nothing like that. I checked cctv records of airport na.he was alone there.till abhi dont know about intensive cam s were fixed in our house.when i checked those records i saw that he apply kind of oil in floor.then only i slipped on store i fainted he loacked the room and went to bed & slept.after few mins he talk alone and packed his stuffs & left to india.
D,i cant understand him
P,no dadi.he is suffering from phobia.becoze he scared lot in his and his parents shock has affected on his mind.he strongly belive he will die in a fullmoon day &it will done by a pisach.

D,so what r ur further plans.
P,now he know that i am going to finish this matter.. and he also going to come with me.i ll let him to come..i kept that x ray card in our bed room and he ll look it..i have to go to manali with him

And act as i also fear of ghost..i hired my men in raw and asked them to dress like ghost and make us scared.then he will come out from the phobia to protect me.

D,but what if it doesnt work..
P,then i have plan B.i searched about the man that made abhi’s pendent.he was i asked another man to act like him and to do some magic tricks and make abhi to belive that he is free from pisachs for ever.then only he ll belive..

D,oh now i got it.i m proud to have a bahu like u.u deserve to be a agent.

P,arey dadi dont say saw.abhi is my responsibilty. Not my duty.. anyhiw i will cure his phobia.

D,then what happened to abhi on tha fainted day.

P,he only did that dadi.smell also made by him using expired milk.and the blood in rice also his work.not real blood but artifical blood.and he act as he was fainted. Those blood from his nose are fake.. doctor also helped us lot.when he was talking with us about x ray report abhi was listning to us.he only acted as fainted.

D,but why he do so..

P,itz the nature of phobia.he want to make us belive him.he himself think he is hunting by pisach… but there us nothing liks that he make his environment like my mission is to make that environment he want and kill that pisach infront of his eyes if i do so only he will recoverd from this mentality..this is the one & only option to bring our abhi back

D,now u leave beta.if not he will listn us agai.i ll do my part well.

P,thanx dadi.dont let him know he is Suffering from a will affect him badly.
D,sure bachchi..

Precap.. hey who the hell r u..i hired only men na.anyway i dont know ur name.stay away from us.move..move..
Come back when i sign only.
(While standing behind abhi,she is talkimg to a lady who wearing as a pisach)

friends.. i wont be able to update till next 13th..but i ll try ma best to update.. my exms will come to end in next 13th..after that i can give

raw agent ff s to u.. but guys exept agent ff other three will end soon…then u can suggest me to write ff as u want.. horror,thriller,fantasy,love based,what ever..
i ll try my best to update even small epi s befr 13..pls dont froget me.. i ll come soon…dont froget me friends.. pls.. take care. Love u all..

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  1. Angita

    Nice shock….loved it
    But will there be real pischach later on?

    1. Suha

      thanx for commenting angi.. yep pisachs will perform in my ff;-)

    2. Angita

      Yayyy first to comment…..that’s the first

  2. tina always best…………

    waiting 4 u come back with rocking epi………

    1. Suha

      di.. my dear suppprtive friend..thanx for commenting.. u r my one of best fan.. thanx darling..

      1. no need 2 say thanks in friendship…………

        tina darling…………

  3. Hi I am a new reader. Just started to read this ff today. It is very creative nd full of suspense. It is awesome nd all the best for ur exams

    1. Suha

      hi aliya.. welcome to my ff..i m really happy to have a another fan..thanx for the wishes..keep reading sis.. & thanx for commenting itz lot fr me..

  4. Superbbbbb…..

    1. Suha

      thanx rose.. keep supporting

  5. Superb!!

    1. Suha

      thanx dude. keep supporting..

  6. Sabeenia

    Do wel ur exams sweety……always v ll b waiting for u….as usual episode was rocking.


    1. Suha

      thanx emmy sweet of u.. past days i missed u badly.. bcoz u r the one that i make strong bond @ very frist in t u .take care.

      1. Sabeenia

        No thanks n sorry………dam sure I ll kill u ….tak care n concentrate on exams sweety

  7. Saranya24

    Hw can u frgt u dii but gonna miss u a lot love u loads???but wat s tat agent ff anyway loved tis epi????

    1. Suha

      u wont miss me choti.. i ll try my best to update when i am free..and i ll keep tch with u always .. and good luck for ur exms too.. i told about oparation liberation.
      love u loads choti.. take care..

  8. tina wat r u telling … how can I wait till 13th after reading the precap…. Ok anyway I hav to wait till ur exams… all the very best for ur exams… we never for forget till I return… take care ur self too.

    1. Suha

      thanx darlu for wishing me. just only three works na.. but dont worry i ll try ma best to update..

  9. Awesome…

  10. Omg it was awesome di. I am really sorry di for didn’t comment you on that day busy in studies. I am also writing exam. For me 2 exam over. All the best di for rocking in your exam. Di are you angry with me. Promise i didn’t see that. Sorry di. Di I am conducting a program for giving medal to creative mind. The award goes to my pyaari pyaari pyaari di. Now clapping….. di come back soon. I will wait for my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari…. di. Episode was awesome. I loved it to the core. Di plz forgive me. Love you a lotttttt di. Loads and loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i want a big hug from you di. Ummmmmmaaaaa. I will always Pray for you di. Love you a lotttttt

    1. Suha

      itz ok studies wll exms will start on 2 & end & 27th. but main subjects wii come to end in 13th.anyway good luck and all the best for ur exams choti.. i m giving a bone crushing hugg to my lil princesd with thousands pf kisses..(imgn)love u too princess… take care!

  11. Suha

    thanx suga..

  12. Maahi

    well how come dizzz phobia pf him affects is sooooo intrstng turning out crazyy in dizz ff dr nd how cme anyone can forget such sweet darling ur always a star in our hearts nd “my sun” the entire day i was remembering it again nd again u made me like tht allll the vrrrry best fr ur xams dr go rockkk it nd b back with a bang!!!!!!!!!!loads of love

    1. Suha

      thanx mahi.. ur comment made my day thanx again for my ff this much…
      loads of love from me too..♥♥

    2. Suha

      * for loving my ff this much

  13. Hi frndz, wat hpnd to vamp ff, pls soon publish it yr….

    1. Suha

      sure friend. i ll..

  14. It’s really superb yaar really awesome n grt episode thn precap a shocking yaar I’m eagerly waiting for next part… Plzzzz update if possible b4 13th yaar whenever u get sum free time even it’s small episode also…

    1. Suha

      thanx dur…. ok sure i ll update for u… before 13th..

  15. Astha

    tina dear did u see my private msg….???
    sry for late cmnt dear. epi is really nyz but confusing…… abhi went to india or not??? really abhi did that all i mean rice to blood…bla bla….. really pisach tried to attack him or not???
    whatever precp is awsm. real pisach caame along with prag’s men….!!!!!!!! love u loads take care.

    1. Suha

      sry darling.. now only i saw ur mgs.. and i replied to them.. there is some error in my acc… sorry for late reply.& thanx for commenting..

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