Phobia (kkb) Part 5

Hi friends… thanx for commenting.. & supporting me .today’s epi wont interesting that much..this part is not that much scary and from the next one real ghost cns are going to start.. previous parts includung this are only a lil start. Keep supporting..

@ hospital..
Dadi and pragya is standing near abhi with tensed faces.abhi is still didnt open his eyes..

Doctor came to check abhi.
P,doctor how is he now. What about the reports..
D,Mrs.Mehera actually frist i must tell this is somewhat immposible.even after u bring him to hospital continously blood flew from his nose & we did all the types of test.but bleeding cant happen bcoz there is no any internal injuries even.
P,then how it bleeds..i didnt got that.
Doctor,look.. as we r doing western treatments & we never trust about mythes.but this can be something like that.there was no chance to bleed like that.
D,myths? Why did u say like that. Whatz the relation with mythes to bleeding.
Doctor,as he is a famous directer dont let any one to know wht i am going to say u now..
P,now what? (Tensed face)
Doctor,we took a x ray reports too to check the state of bones.
Dctr,let me show u.

Doctor took a x ray report and handed over to pragya and dadi.their eyes got widden..
Pragya is about to fall bcoz x ray report make her shocked enough to faint. But dadi hold her and asked her to be strong.

X ray is shown lil by little..

Itz upper part of abhi’s body..& over to it there so many hands which are keeping on abhi’s body.. some are holding his neck..some one are chest.. hands are there all over the body.(there we not much clear)

P,no no this cant be happen.cant this be a mistake of ur x ray machine.

Dr,no Mrs.Mehera.our hospital is having best technical machines

And this xray machine is intensive & highly improved any thing and save ur husbans from this bad spirits.

Dr left the room and pragya sat on abhi’s bed and started to cry while caressing abhi’s hair.

P,dadi whats happening can i save him.
D,beta there is only one thing to do. But it wont easy to do..
P,tell it dadi i ll do anything to save my abhi.
D,i am really proud to have u as my bahu.abhi is lucky to have u..

Abhi opened his eyes but no one noticed him.(bcoz pragya talking to dadi by looking at her while caressing abhi’s hair)
A,extreamly right dadi.iam really lucky (kissing pragya’s soft hand which caressed his hair)
Fuggy u r crying na.why.. look i m fine u dont worry..(childish manner)
Pragya wipes her tears and asked”happy now bachchu”
A,ha mumma..
(Pragya kissed abhi’s forhead)
Pragya blinks at dadi to not to tell any thing to abhi.

Two days passed and abhi shifted to his home.Pragya didnt left abhi for even minute.she took a leave from her duties and looked after abhi.
Pragya arranged every thing to have a hot water bath for abhi & ask him to bath.
Pragya ran to dadi’s room.(now dadi staying with them)
P,now only i got chance to talk u..pls tell me what should i do to save him.
D,you have meet the one who made abhi’s holy pendent.but beti it wont easy.before 20 years when i reaching there some spirits did lots of things to stop me.but i escaped anyhow.u have to meet him and ask something to do.for that u have to go to india.
P,ok dadi.but

How can i find him.from where.
D,he was the leader of a trible group.holy spirits will guide u to there.he is living among manali mountains.
P,ok dadi.i ll leave here tommo itself. But dont let abhi to know this.i can take his permisions by the name of my duty.

Clapping sound from bg
Pragya turns back.
P,abhi thum..
A,ha me..
P,i asked to bath na.
A, i searched u to ask,make me bath.
P,(oh thank god.he didnt heard anything)
A,dont thank to your god fuggy..i knew dare u to put ur life in danger for me.
P,nothing like that abhi.i need to nake u free from this pisachs
A,you stay here.i ll go there & meet him.
P,no wont safe if u go there.they will hunt u easily..


  1. Saranya

    Great great great no wrds waiting fr nxt part diii love u loads😍😘😘😘

  2. rajesh

    Hey can u say what is phobia what type of ghost this first time i hearing this kind of ghost name…anyway ur ff is too different but i felt not that much interesting this is lyk normal ghost story…horror movie make it as different way…if i talked anything wrong sry for that…

  3. nasima

    its very intrestng and thrill…and i m eagerly waiting for nxt nice..keep going..and so horror…

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