Phobia (kkb) Part 3


Hi friendz..tina is back with phobia.

Pishachs are flesh-eating demons in Hindu mythology.sometimes they use human bodies to survive inside them by depending on their blood.

Pisach pragya started to laugh loudly..its a unbearable voice & it echos all around.and she go up few inches above from the floor & came to abhi.she hold abhi from his sholders and took her face near to abhi’s face.there’s no even on cm gap among their faces…

Pishach,get ready u have 10 mnts more
Ha ha.i waited for this day more than 20 years.(she laughed again)while laughing blood drops are continously comming out from her mouth and they all fallen on abhi’s face.

Then abhi reminds something and looked at his chain.but it was not there in his neck.
A,u wanna kill me huh.comeon.try it.
Abhi’s fear reached to extream level & it becomes anger.he throttles her neck and stand up while holding her neck.. abhi speedly pushed her back and hit her on wall and still he is trottling her neck..
A,(smiling like gone mad) kill me.hurry up.if not i wont leave u.. abhi tighten his grip more..

At the same time someones are started to knock the door increased abhi’s fear as well as anger.

Pisach,i beg u.pls leave me.itz very paining in my neck.pls leave me.let me go.i wont come to u again.(with sad tone)
A,are u sure?
Pishach started to laugh again loudly.itz not a laugh itz like a scream..
P,oh oh oh itz paining..ha ha ha..idiot.i m a can u stop me huh.(she acted like paining)
Now pisach trottles abhi’s neck tightly & drag

Him towards her face..and she took her tounge out from her mouth & let it grow..

Itz full with blood it reached to abhi’s face and started lick while tightning her grip in neck..

In the same second door is broken by someone.but abhi couldnt look at that side coz he cant move his neck..

Abhi felt someone commimg from behind and he closed his eyes while imagine his fuggy for last time becoz he knew he is going to die now and other ghosts are also joining with pisach.

But he felt grip of his neck lighten and when he open his eyes he saw pisach is screaming with huge pain..and she trying to break window to escape..
Some one hugged him from back and then only he came to real sense.he touched his neck and felt the presence of his chain.

He slowly turns back..
A,fuggy u.but how.
P,abhi u okey na?i scared lot about u.
A,(abhi hugged her tightly as a kid.)i want to go back home soon.i hate to be here.
P,abhi calm down everything is finished na.i booked our tickets.niw lets leave.(while kissimg his forhead)

Pragya is about to move..but abhi hold her hand tighly.
A,heroin.pls be with me..dont leave me alone untill we reach to canada.that pisach will come again.
P,arey honey how can i leave u.lets go we have to reach air port within 2 hrs.

A,fuggy i need a brief explaine. How did u came here.
P,oh abhi frist dont froget who am i.i am a secreat agent & also a detective.when dadi and akash came to visit us i was in store room.dont kniw what happened. But they told me
I was fainted there.i didnt suspect it becoz i remembered that i am slipped & fallen.anyway i searched u.called answer.i thought u r kidding me frist.but when i saw ur chain on the bed i knew what happened.

When pragya(pisach) get on to abhi & shaking his head to wake him up his chain broken..& fell on bed.
Fb end

A,she removes this chain from me by appearing like u.
P,i guessed it.then i looked for ur passport bank acc s & everything.i called to my head quertes and via it i connected to the air they informed me u went to india.then i checked cctv recoded.u were there.but lonely.u were talking to ur self like gone mad.
Thatz asap i came here with ur chain.. i know this is more important to ur life.not the chain.actually only this pendant can save u from pisachs.

A,i feel the happiness of having tallented clever wife like u. Thanks fuggy.u saved me.

P,hey dont dare to say thanx.i am ur wife.i am wearing this mangalasuthra by the name of u.i can do anything to save my it?

A,ha meri ma..
Look at my face.itz very dull na.that pisach burn more than 10 tanks of my blood by scaring me.

P,(laughing) what.. 10 tanks of blood. What a joke.u only have 5 or 6 litres of blood only.

A,so what.. i told about small tanks like this..(while cupping his hands like a kid)

Few days later in canada..

Abhi is on pragya’s lap & pragya is reading a novel while caressing abhi’s hAir.abhi is looking at pragya without blinking eyes.


A,arey why hmm.throw that book
I m hungry..hungry to have ur love.

P,wait abhi itz very intersting yaar.

Abhi then bite pragya’s belly in childish manner.
P,abhi it hurts…(pragya kept her book aside & started to cuddle abhi.)

While pragya cuddling abhi with full of love,abhi was looking at pragya foe few seconds.he frogot whole world..
He saw pragya but didnt hear her voice.he saw pragya’s actions in slow motion..

Lil by little he saw some one is appearing behind pragya.a man wearing torn clothes and dull face.he is about to trottle pragya’s neck.

A,(scream) fuggy

Precap p, abhi i felt something strange us happening in our house.

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di.. i ll update them after next 13th okey?becoze i need to imagine lot befor write them.pls till then enjoy this..i ll update them asap.prms!!
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Thanx astha..i m 20, bdy is 96 01 25,im in sri lanka & doing my higher studies in biology can i froget need to say sorry.ill wait yar.take ur time & update that os when u r free.and itz okey just skip this if u r scared.even i too scared for ghost stories.but i love to watch & read them
I m not going to say thanx to my choti,princess,& vaishu.. bone crushing hug only♥♥♥♥
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