Phobia (kkb) Part 2


Hi friends.. tina(suha) is back with phobia.i’d like to dedicate this to our lost friends.. emmy,krithika,rajesh..arshi fan, astha,sweety…

After abhi slept pragya went out from the room & itz totally dark in the MM.

P,hey listen i know u r listning.dont dare to touch him untill i ask u to do.and if u try to do so i never hesitate to show how this pisach is powerfull.frist he is mine.after i finished my work i’ll left him to u all..

(Laughing sound of a crowd came from the bg)
Then pragya came to bed & lie near abhi.she was looking at abhi without blinking with evil red eyes.

After few hrs abhi got up to use washroom.and he turned on the light and didnt found fuggy beside him.
A,fuggy where r u baby..
(Mind) may be she went to down to bring water.
Abhi stepped towards washroom and his toes hit something on floor.suddnly lights off due to the power cut.
Abhi bend and took what he hit..itz his phone but battery is not there.
A,how this came here.where is the battery and back cover.fuggy wont do this to my fav phone.what should i do now.shall i wait for her to ask about this.but i cant wait in this darkness.
Omg omg thanks to u fuggy i bought an extra only told me to keep extra one.

While talking to him self he manage to find his spare battery and fixed it to the phone.he switch on the light of phone & went to wash room.
Then only he notised 34 alerts & voice mail from the morning.
A,what.this much alerts from morning.immpossible.she was with me na.mey be she is kidding me.lets see.. he turned on the voice mail.
P, baby where r u.where did u went with ur stuffs huh?why didnt u answer to the can u do this to ur fuggy.abhi pls stop kidding right.this is a very bad joke.anyway listen.dadi came with akash & rachu to visit us.they only took me out from store room.pls come soon.we r waiting

Recode ended.

Abhi was hell shocked.he sat on the bathroom.he felt his lungs are filled with cold air and they are going to blast.he felt his heart beat increased & his muscles shivering.
A,then this is not my fuggy.if dadi went to canada then who are they.omg how can i escape now.that mean that pisach is back.and now i am with her.dadi’s accident is fake.bad smell is her and his dead fellows.
I must cl fuggy.

Abhi opened the door bit & check wether pisach she ws not there abhi diled to pragya.
Her phone was ringing..
But unfortunatly..fake pragya came.

Pisach,abhi where r u.
A,honey i am in washroom(unclear words)
PI,oh k.come soon.
A,where were u.i called u na.
Pi,i went to dadi to check what she needs..
Abhi in mind,i must act as i dont know anything.then only i can escape.i have to wait untill she sleep.

Abhi hide his phone under his trouser & went to bed..
He felt his legs are not strong to stand infront a pisach.he was screaming in his heart..

Pi,hey why r u looking @ me like this.
A,wo wo nothing fuggy.lets sleep..
Abhi lie oppesite to pisach. After few mins abhi turned oppesite side to check wether she is sleeping..

Abhi was hell shocked amd he fallen from the bed even

Pragya with dull face,dark red eye balls messed hair is looking @ him without blinking…and her skin became dark lil by little.
Abhi is about to run..but doors of room were closed..pragya(pisach laughed loudly with ugly voice)
Pi,oh ho Mr.abhishake where r u going.come & sleep here.i am with u na.come.dont worry(her voice is mix of a men & women voice)

A,who r u.why did u brought me here.

Pi,ha ha r going to sacrifice ur life for my imotral it sounds.perfect na.. look today is a full moon day.when it becomes 12.. u will die.hahaha for me..dont worry u have thirty mins.enjoy ur last time.

Abhi didnt utter any word bcoz he is halfly fainted.but he took a chair & tried to brake the door.

PisAch came from the air and snatched the chair from him

P,idiot look at the door.
Abhi looked up & he saw some lime fruits are hanging on there.
P,you belongs to me only.if u brake the door other ghosts will come and suck ur blood.then u will die & i cant be immotral.then how can find a another one like u to are the only one who born at the pisach’s new year dawning time.only your heart can make any pisach immotral..ha ha ha.

A fb is shown..

Lil boy is playing in a play ground with his doggy.& his mumma & papa is looking @ him.
Boy is lil abhi..

A,mumma.. take a 4to with my doggy.i want it show to my friends.

Mumma,arey kitna 4tos should i take.battery also about to dead and itz memmory is already filled with u & ur doggy’s crazy acts.

Pa,give it me Nanditha.beta smile.. 1..2..3..

Nanditha and his husband r watching his son’s photo’s while he is playing..and they were fully shattered after seen last photo..

Abhi is with his doggy. But next to abhi there is a young lady who is about to touch abhi.but her face or picture is not clear.its dark and she is smiling at abhi with evil eyes..

fb ended.

precap abhishek.. get ready to reach ur mom & dad.

thanq friends for ur huge supp.pls let me know ur pov.

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  1. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwwsssoommeee thriller yaar can’t wait to read nxt episode Pls upload ASAP Pls Pls Pls…………….

  2. wow nice yaaaaaaaaaa

    i miss alien tina dear…………

  3. It’s really interesting!! Can’t wait to read the next episode!! Plz upload asap…..

  4. Angita

    Han itna auspense

  5. Riyashri

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! Keep Rocking CreaTina !! Love u loads !!

  6. Suha thank u so much for dedicating to me…sry i have stuck and busy with my work…sry hereafter i wil regularly comment ur ff….any way ur scary ff is gud…don’t kill abi…

  7. Astha

    1st of all thnq so much for remembering me till now. when i was sick then i missed to read many parts of all ffs. then i’m not getting proper time to write or read the ffs. thats y am not aable to cmnt in any ffs.
    i dont prefer to read horror stories. i’m very afraid of ghost but i’m reading this only for u. hereafter i’ll cmnt on this ss.
    i want to ask one thing me n saranya both second year only. she is calling u as di……what r u doing? r u elder to me? which state u r? am asking this to call u as di or akka?
    again thnq for dedicating this to me. u asked me for 1 os but i made u wait so long plz… dear wait some more time bcos i’m not getting time but i’ll give os on abhigya that for sure.

  8. Reshma Pradeep


  9. OMG what is this yr iam just dumbstruck iam scared to the core .yr Abhi is with ghost ??Pls save Abhi’s very interesting.btw what is meant by ‘pisach’??

  10. Vaishali

    awesomeeeeeeeeee diii it was amazing omg i am really scared dii when i was imagining it amazing dii keep rocking as usual waiting fr ur next horror move loveu loadzz dii

  11. Maahi

    omg it’s soo scary hahaha but i loved it a lotttttt dr keep rocking

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  17. Omg god it’s really scary tat too now I’m thinking y I read tz ff @ tz time I mean ni8 time coz u know sterday in my dream too some ghost with long tougue came really yaar nt a joke bt today episode s nt tat much scary lk last one bt also somewhat scary blabbering na I know…

  18. my princess… every day when reading ur comment i really worried becoz i m not lucky to be with u & hugg u..i cant express my feelings for u in words.. my love is 100% pure for my lil sister.. i ll explain my imotion like this..there is lovely family and there was lil girl & boy.girl is the elder one & she always asking her mumma to bring a baby sister..she only think about that and she madly crazily want lil sister and she waited for long years.but she didnt got a sister..but unfortunatly she got a lil cute innocent sweet sister as a gift from god….
    princess can u imagine that girl’s happiness.that kind of happiness is with ne now.i explaned my condition through that lil story .. you r my princess. itz wont change
    .. love u sweety..keep smiling..

  19. Sethidisha002

    dont make abhi dead plz its a humble request to u

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