Phobia (kkb) Part 1


A flight landing is shown..
Pragya and abhi came out from the airport.
Akash was there to pick them.
Abh,akash how is dadi now.
Ak,dont worry bhai.she is fine.she didnt want to stay @ i took her to mm with docter and nurse. Rachna also there na.she ll be fine.

Trio came to mm…
When abhi kept his frist step in to mm, a heavy wind blows & abhi looked at pragya with helpless eyes.
But pragya didnt mind it.

Akash,oh this wind.lots of dust ya.wait i’ll ask robin to close doors & windows.
Go bhai dadi is in her room.

Pragya & abhi went to dadhis room.

D,beta at last u came na.
A,dadi how r u now.
D,my grand son came i ll be fine now.lets talk latter.pragya beti take him to ur room & have a rest.
P,ok dadi.where is rachu.
D,she is cooking for u.frist have a rest and have ur meals.
A,ok dadi.see u.(kissed dadi’s forhead)

A,when we can leave here fuggy.already i feel something bad is happening.
P,arey always talking about bad..lets go & have a rest.them lets talk about that.Froget the i also with u strong.nothing will happen.
A,fuggy cant u feel a bad smell..
P,arey only this room opened after 2 years.smell is just normal..

Pragya push abhi to the bed & she lied beside to him.and she put one hand over his belly & one leg over his legs.and kept her head on abhi’s chest.

P,now listen.we didnt got any free time since u started ur new lets spend these days as our vaccation.
A,as u wish fuggy.but i need to go back soon.
P,will c it later..i am very tired.dont move my darling pillow.let me sleep on u..
Abhi laughed at her cuteness and caressed her hair.then he also closed his eyes.
After few mins abhi deside to turn other side becouse his neck get hurts.he slowly removed pragyas head hand legs while closing his eyes and he slowly turned to other side with closed eyes.
He felt very bad smell near to him.but he didnt mind bcoz tiredness..he felt cold air near his nose like someone is breathing near him. He heard the inhale sound too.
Abhi opened his eyes. and he muted for few seconds… words didnt came from his mouth due to the shock…
A girl wearing a wight saree with shaded make up is looking at him with reddish eyes.. blood drops comming out from her lip coner.her nails are dirty and long for few inches.her hair was messed up and disgusting.the most shocking thing is she is in the same posisition which pragya was before..
Abhi still didnt utter any word & only the thing that he did is sweating.
Looking at the girl with fully shocked eyes.her tounge came out from her mouth and it grew longer..and it shined in red colour with the light of night bulb of room.

A,fu… fugg..fuggy..get up fuggy.pls gt up.(sound didnt came out properly)
Ghost girl’s tounge grew longer & longer and it touches abhi’s face and she began to lick his face.. abhi is about to faint but within a second pragya get up and took a knife under her pillow & cut ghost tounge.

Ghost screams badly in unbearable voice and get disappeared..
Pragya immeadiatly huggs abhi.abhi hugs her like a kid.

P,itz gone baba.u r okey now.(carressing his hair)i am with u na.dont worry..
A,fuggy thanx.i.. i dont know why this is happening to me.i cant bear this brain will get blast.
P,now sleep my lil champ.i ll wait untill u sleep.just froget it.even ghost cant harm u when i am hear.
A,fuggy why did u kept a knife with u.
P,for our a grandson u have to here and looksfter ur dadi.untill she recoved we cant leave i thought be a shield to protect u & dont froget i am a senior agent.i always thinking about self protection.
Abhi closed his eyes again while hugging pragya tightly.pragya sang a lullby to him.

precap baby where r u.where did u went with ur stuffs huh?why didnt u answer to the can u do this to ur fuggy.abhi pls stop kidding right.this is a very bad joke.anyway listen.dadi came with akash & rachu to visit us.they only took me out from store room.pls come soon.we r waing..
Call recode finished.

pls comment.. and let me know if u want me to cont. Thanx for the supp. Bye!

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  1. Vaishali

    awesome dii one second i was dumbstruck with the appearance of the ghost as i was imagining the sequences and i was like awww loved it eagerly waiting fr ur next episode dont know when will this curiousness as it gives u lot of trouble na sry dii fr not commenting in intro pls forgive me na love u dii take care

  2. conti pls tina dear………

    really interesting n brave pragya super………..

  3. Riyashri

    Superbbbbbbbbbbbbb CreaTina !! Keep Rocking !!

  4. Angita

    Amazing girl…nice and what not

  5. Amazing yr.pragya is really very brave yr I mean she did not even think anything before cutting the tongue of that scary creature.omg I can’t even imagine that.So that ghost is really haunting Abhi?? or its just his imagination n pragya is reacting like that to just comfort him?? I really want to know the incident coz of which Abhi is reacting like’s very interesting yr.plzzz continue…..!!

  6. RiyaDcruz

    Very interesting yaar Pls upload ASAP…………….

  7. Superb…. Update the next part asap….

  8. Omg it’s really scary yaar tat ghost part really I just imagined tat appearance it’s really ohhhhh god wat a appearance bt 1 doubt how can even pragya can c tat ghost it’s imagination r real ghost ah yaar

  9. Really i m very scared yaar…….awesime….i m dumbstruck…….anyway waiting for d nxt horror scene which freeze to d death??……

  10. Di what question is this. I love this ff very much. Plz di don’t ask again like this. You are really creative girl di. You know di I love to read ghost you are awesome di. I really loved it to the core. Plz plz go to previous episode in your ff. I mean in your vampire story di. I want your love forever di. I don’t want to lose it di. Plz di promise me that in next birth you should be my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari di. Will you do that promise di. I want that only for my birthday, i want that promise di. plz di promise me. Love you di love u a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ lotttttt of huggggggs and kisses to u di. This choti is waiting for your answer. Plz don’t take this is just a words. I am damn serious. Promise me di you will come with me as my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari di. Don’t forget visit vampire previous episode.

    1. Suha

      Princess i replied u.. love u lof my lil angel..♥♥♥♥♥ pls read my reply..

      1. Diiiiii it is not like that di. You are my very……. good…… princess di. Go di I am very angry on you. How can you say sorry. If you again ask like this i will not hesitate to kill you di. I am warning you that you should get back your sorry otherwise I will go to peak of anger. You are my sweet heart di love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤ don’t say like this one more time

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowww!!!!!Its Amazingggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nice…ghost part was scary…..
    Waitin fo nxt update….

  13. Omg wat a story diii hw u r alone ways difff loved it diii waiting fr nxt part and ur othr ffs too love u dii???

  14. Maahi

    haha ghost scene was soo diff i liked it a lotttt keep rocking dr

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