Phir Subah Hogi 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 9th January 2013 Written Update

MS says sorry to Sugni by folding her hands and Sugni remembers all the good things MS did to her before she knew she was a Bedni and the slow PSH song is there in the bg as FBs are being shown. Sugni hugs MS and both cry and MS asks her not to cry and says sorry. MS says she re repaying for not trusting Sugni. Adi also says he also mistrusted her Sugni asks MS that she told lies for the good of the family and asks MS to pardon her and accept her as the bahu of the family.MS accepts and hugs both her and Adi. All are getting ready for the discharge of Kuhu . TVS is paying the amount, and TJS comes and says lets go DIL. MS says 1st set your house right Kuhu says that she will go to to her sasural as bidaai happened Kuhu says she does not want to go to her parental house and says DVs is her husband and she loves him and overlook his bad habits MS tells her he is not worthy of your love and Kuhu says all Thakurs are like that and none of their wives have left them. All are shocked and Adi tries to stop her. TJS says DVS is feeling bad and MS stops him. Saroj says to give her a chance to take Kuhu, as Kuhu says she will die but will not go back to her parental house and Ms agrees. TJS says sorry and asks all to pardon him. Kuhu and her MIL sit in the car. TVS comes and says this time we have pardoned you and TJS says forget the past .TVS it is very difficult for me to listen but this time I am doing so for my sisterm and shows him some papers and says the land that you mortgaged papers are with me as and the precap scene is showed. TVS threatens that if anything happens to his sister because of him or his son he will bring them on the roads. TJS begs and tells him he will look after Kuhu and TVS says to look well after himself by taking better take care of Kuhu.
MS comes inside the hospital and sits in front of God Sugni also comes there and sits down in front of her MS asks her to sit beside her but Sugni refuses says she sits like this in front of her mother and tells Kuhu is being an good wife and your upbringing is showing in her and MS says she also has my adamancy and Kuhu will not come till she will reform DVS or only if she herself feels so. Sugni says Indian wives can’t leave their husbands but it’s wrong to bear all ill-treatment. MS gets FBs of how she harassed Sugni in Kitchen, KC fast day etc and says I am getting the fruit of my past misdeeds. She says she will set right and repent for all wrongs she has done and leaves asking Sugni to come with Adi.
MS and TVS are together in the car and MS asks why he left her. She says hope Reva and Suman have arranged for Sugni’s welcome. TVS says why she is so enamored of her and both have a discussion where TVS says you need not have so much affection for Sugni. She advices him that now Sugni is Adi’s wife so change your views forget her and give her due respect as Adi’s wife..Tvs it her he will not change and this feeling will go with him to his grave. He again makes plans how to harm Adi.

PRECAP. MS welcomes Sugni says I have done many wrongs I will set right one by one and tells her 1st go to the Kitchen and exercise your rights. Reva, Jiji and TVS all are angry.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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