Phir Subah Hogi 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 8th January 2013 Written Update

DVS comes out of the temple to the waiting Champa an scolds her saying I will come in the night and Champa says as you did my Sardhakayi so I will also help in your revenge against TVS family so marry me. DV says don’t listen to Sugni you are a dancing girl meant only for nights and not for day go away and throws the sindoor. Sugni comes out and says today your truth came out and the entire TVS family has seen this .DV tries to lie saying it is Sugni’s revenge and conspiracy and Champa goes away . Kuhu remembers all that happened during sardhakayi and then realizes that Sugni did it all for her she says sorry. Sugni says DV made me do all this sardhakayi of Champa. MS slaps DV saying how dare he do this and comes and hugs Kuhu saying why she hid everything and Kuhu says you did not give me such upbringing culture to go against my husband. TVS comes and says he was a husband and will be no more and points the gun at DVS. TJS tries to stop him but TVS fires and Kuhu comes in front of him and saves DV and asks TVS to stop. All take Kuhu to hospital(is it not a medico legal case???? probably they will manage the police lol)

Adi makes MS sit and all wait and Adi goes to Sugni when TJS and his wife also come to the hospital TVS goes to them but MS stops him all watch as TVS goes back.MS is praying quietly. Adi brings some tea for MS she refuses and Sugni asks her to drink for Kuhu Thakurian and she takes and drinks. Doctor says she is out of danger and all are happy as the TJS and wife want to go Adi stops them asking them to wait. TVS and MS go to Kuhu who starts crying.Doctor praises her saying she is very brave and recovered fast and asks them to go out so that Kuhu can rest.

Naganiya is counting money and Hukum is dressed in saffron clothes as baba and find there is 5100 its hundred more and they are happy and they make fun of Suman Thakuraian and plan to squeeze more money from her and then Tinkle and the whole family start fighting who will spent it then they think Katari will listen and then he will want his share so lets stop fighting and Katari comes and threatens them and then they have to reluctantly give little as his share scolding him, and Katari asks for the correct amount and Hukum says Gadhedo ki fauz no cheating and gives the proper amount.

MS comes to Sugni and takes her .Suman tells Reva I always thought Sugni always used to be in her good books from the day she came to the havel. Suman asks nurse about their r maternity wards room and availability of VIP rooms. The nurse asks her which month and she tells her 0 month. MS folds her hands and cries for distrusting her and Sugni says not to fold hands Adi is also there as a crying MS hugs her.

PRECAP Kuhu is sitting in the car along with her MIL and TVS shows some papers which are land papers of TJS who has mortaged his property.TJS asks TVS how he got them TVS tells him that the person whom he borrowed money works for him and threatens TJS that if even a scratch comes on Kuhu’s body or anything happens to her he will bring his whole family on the streets.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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