Phir Subah Hogi 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 7th January 2013 Written Update

Adi asks MS not to worry when Vicky says he is not a kid to come running to her and tell her everything. Suman asks why he allowed the thief to escape and she felt like vikram purposely allowed the thief to escape. Reva wonders what is this now when Bushan asks suman not to complicate things and its getting late for puja.They all leave for puja when suman thinks she had a chance to trap vikram and bushan spoiled it. Adi calls sugni but no response he again and again calls her and sugni answers and he asks her to come to temple soon as all are going for puja. Sugni wonders what MS may think but for Adi she agrees to go.

At mandir puja preparations are underway. MS hopes that puja happens without any interruption and without sugni’s presence. DV and his family come for the puja while Kuhu who is under alcohol effect is stuttering and walking. MS observes her while DV asks her to walk straight.Reva comes and hugs kuhu and kuhu thinks she has to tell the truth to all but fears. She goes towards MS but falls and DV holds her and asks if she is fine.Kuhu then hugs MS and is overcome with tears. Kuhu tells MS that she loves DV but he is always angry on her. MS gets worried when DV asks her not to tell everyone about their small fight.JT too laughs and says these 2 fight like kids and kuhu is angry becoz DV didnt come on time for dinner.DV warns kuhu indirectly to tell MS about Champa’s sardhakai and kuhu keeps quite and MS believes her.

Champa is admiring her jewellery when sugni comes and champa says she is very happy today.Champa says she always dreamt to have a lavish life and thats when she thought of becoming DVs.

In Mandir puja is underway while suman thinks she has to find out what Vikram is upto and remembers to have seen Bums at Adi’s accident place and concludes that Vikram caused Adi’s accident and calls up the police.

Sugni tells Champa that she belongs to Adi now who loves her cares for her but will DV ever give her that position,that respect never becoz DV wants only her body not heart.

Police reach the temple and stop the puja, MS asks the reason when police say they have come to investigate about Adi’s accident which was infact murder attempt.All are shocked to hear this and Vikram in particular. Police asks why they didnt lodge a complaint. Vikram says when Adi is fine they didnt see the need to complain. Police says they got info when Reva says this is all sugni’s plan.Vikram says someone is playing with them. Suman says she is the eyewitness. Vikram worried.

Suman says she has seen the person behind it she then comes near vikram and drops her mobile. Both bend to pick it when suman says she knows its him and can expose him. Vikram asks her not to when Suman tells Police that she cant identify here and asks them to catch the culprits and she will recognise.The police leave and Suman tells Vikram that she has some conditions to keep quite.Sugni watches all this in hiding. Dv gets a call from champa and scolds her for calling him. Champa says she is in the temple and Dv asks her to wait outside.

Precap – Vikram aims the gun at DV when JT tries to stop him…vikram pushes him aside and fires at DV when Kuhu comes in the middle & bullet hits her.

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