Phir Subah Hogi 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update

JT,DV and kuhu return to some old haveli & DV says there’s a surprise for kuhu…she hesitates while DV takes her inside…kuhu wonders what next.JT comes and caresses Kuhu’s back and asks her to go inside.DV and kuhu enter the house which is fully decorated and kuhu feels DV has done all this for her… DV says he is very happy today and leads her to a room entering which kuhu is shocked. A completely decked up champa comes and DV says kuhu will witness champa’s sardhakai and will do it on behalf of him.Kuhu in tears while DV makes kuhu put sindoor and mangalsutra on Champa.Kuhu teary eyed obeys him while champa sits happily.DV does the sardhakai while kuhu looks in shock.DV tells from now champa belongs to him and tonight is his first night with her. Kuhu pleads him as to why he is doing this when he loves her so much…she asks if she did any mistake and apologises while DV asks her to stop her nonsense and he never loved her and pushes her when sugni comes in time and saves kuhu from falling.

Sugni claps and compliments DV for his masterplan and spoiling vikram’s family.Sugni then pushes kuhu away while DV asks why this sudden change in sugni when sugni says she did all drama to win kuhu’s family trust.Sugni tells champa not to feel bad for sardhakai…champa says she too is a great actress…champa says she zeroed in on DV when DV says he cant understand them… sugni says she wanted revenge which DV took.DV asks why she tried to stop wedding when sugni says so that no one will doubt her. Kuhu shocked scolds sugni for stooping so low and spoiling their lives.Sugni says you never listened to me now you all will suffer because of Vikram. Kuhu comes to slap her but sugni slaps her hard and tells you all have pained me so much you deserve it except for poor adi.Sugni says I will never forgive Vikram and cant live without Adi.

JT calls DV and asks how things are if kuhu is shocked…JT asks DV to take kuhu to mandir as MS had told and then send her to him as he will be waiting for her.

DV asks champa to wait here for him and drags kuhu with him.Kuhu refuses to come while DV tells he will tell the truth to her family then they will suffer. Kuhu pleads him not to do so and she loves him so much she will give agnipariksha also. DV agrees and tells Kuhu to drink(alcohol & drugs mixture)…kuhu refuses when DV says he wants to test sugni too and asks her to feed kuhu when sugni without even thinking holds kuhu and forces her to drink. DV says I am proud of you sugni as we both share same blood while kuhu reels on the floor.

At haveli all are leaving for temple while MS says kuhu DV will be waiting.Suman forgets something and MS scolds her.Vikram and Adi come when suman says last night thief had come… TVS looks in shock when suman asks vikram to tell them all about the thief.Suman says TVS allowed the thief to runaway and she felt vikram did it purposely so that the thief can escape.Vikram again looks in shock

Precap – Adi calls sugni and asks her to come to temple soon as puja will begin shortly.

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