Phir Subah Hogi 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 31st January 2013 Written Update

Chulbuli comes in car with the man to a restaurant.She sees some girl’s mehendi function and says she wants to go there when the guy says girls like you are not invited here. Chulbuli thinks no one can stop her & she will do what she wants, she enters the function & says she can apply good mehendi & starts applying for a lady.

Vikram is roaming on the streets and reaches the same function venue. He finds Chulbuli applying mehendi and looks at her in shock.

Ore piya in background & Vikram remembers all good times with sugni – She doing rai for him, accepting him as her hubby in temple, rain dance, their engagement.

Vikram comes out of his trance and thinks how will he come out of these memories.

The guy comes looking for chulbuli & gets irritated to see her at the function. He scolds her and asks her to come with him. Chulbuli refuses but he drags her away. Vikram walks off thinking he is imagining sugni everywhere while chulbuli & the guy come behind him.

The guy scolds her saying she is not the kind of girl to participate in this function as she is from a kotha. Some women hear her & scold & humiliate her for coming here and making apshagun. Chulbuli says she is not bad omen she has put good mehendi which will give great color, & she is a good dancer and performer and there is nothing for her to feel humiliated about it.

The guy scoldsuli chulb again saying she lives in a cheap kotha and no one respects her kind of girls. Chulbuli say just few minutes ago you were praising me & now scolding me. The guy says I was praising you for my own needs but chulbuli leaves in tears.

Vikram again roaming on the streets when he finds some stunt scene shooting underway where a biker gets hurt and falls unconscious.Vikram offers to do the stunt, the director says he may loose his life, Vikram says he doesnt mind,director says he is drunk and they cant risk, vikram says if he dies they can say he committed suicide. The director looks on while vikram wears the helmet and starts the bike. The director asks him to stop but Vikram doesnt listen.They all look anxiously when Vikram performs the stunt easily but hits the roadblcok and falls off the bike.

Chulbuli leaving in tears when she finds unconscious Vikram on the road. Ore Piya again in the background when Chulbuli runs to him. Vikram slowly wakes up and looks at her and says even in my last moments I am seeing you only sugni. Vikram says he needs mukthi & again gets unconscious. Chulbuli doesnt know what to do and takes him to hospital.Her hand touches his and she finds some spark & wonders what is this feeling. Vikram is taken to OT and treated while chulbuli waits outside.Nurse says he is fine & Chulbuli comes to meet him.Vikram keeps saying sugni…sugni & chulbuli thinks he is thinking of his wife or lover & she starts feeling uneasy & fainting. Nurse comes and asks her to rest outside.

Vikram finally wakes up & asks how he came here. Doc says he met with accident & a girl got him here.Vikram thinks everytime he tries to die but somehow he survives each time.

Precap : Suma says she wants to construct an orphanage and wants MS sign on the land papers. MS says she can try but will never get this land.

Update Credit to: arti

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