Phir Subah Hogi 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 29th January 2013 Written Update

The Dancing girl is running and she comes in front of Kali(SUGNI OR LOOKALIKE) and asks her to save her . Kali says the child should be given treatment.The man is shouting and Kali comes in front of him and smiles and tells if you get a phone call from your mother or wife saying your son is ill you will run away. The man says forget your advice and as Kali goes he follows her.

At TVS mansion Suman TJS DV Hukum and Bhushan are eating and joking on Bhushan all others are standing including Kuhu are quite disgusted. Suman insults Reva as she made some Kadi pakodi and its bad and tells her she will remove her from the house. MS placates and smoothens the situation Suman insults her and asks her to eat but MS refuses and Suman asks her to go and eat in her room. Suman throws all food and gets up saying she is not hungry and all have to get up and go without eating.

Sugni(KALI) is tying up the man and he thinks she is making arrangement for his entertainment. She blindfolds him and 1st feeds him sweets then onions and then some chilli powder and gets him beaten up with her friends and he runs away thinking he is attacked and amma comes and calls her Chulbuli and says enough and catches her ear . Kali looks at Bunty for telling on her. Her amma takes her in for education and practice and Bunty says good thing otherwise Kali will take everyone to task. Its music classes for her and the woman she saved comes and tells she saved me and amma mock scolds Chulbuli you made my client run away. Her advices her not to do so otherwise someday one man may become a animal and fight her then who will save her. Her mother worries about her and Kali says marry me off to Seth who will take me off in his big car to his haveli. Her mother asks her to learn music and dance. Kali about to wear ghunguroo but then stop and asks her guruji that he does not have any family and stays here day and night. Then says ammaji is making me practice as she does not dance as good as ammaji but in fact she is better dancer and more beautiful and earns more from the whole Banaras and gets most money in the state and as she earns lot of money that is why Ammaji looks after her well and puts up with all her pranks. Guruji tells her if she does no start practice then ammaji will stop his remuneration.

TJS asks why Suman does not ill-treat MS as she does with Reva . Suma says she has a ulterior motive why she is doing so. Reva is an opportunist and she can strike back anytime at the 1st opportunity and MS has the powers over the property and she asks JS to help her out in grabbing it. Once the task is done she will be illtreat MS JS agrees .Suman asks him to keep observing how she gets her hands on the property.

PRECAP Suman in a gown and dancing with Hukum yeh mera dil pyaar ka dewana

Update Credit to: chalhov

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