Phir Subah Hogi 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 28th January 2013 Written Update

Vikram comes out of the place and finds men discussing about him. He sees sugni’s image again who says his guilt is killing him & she wont leave him. Vikram sits in a car and the driver asks where to go..vikram says wherever you are going…the driver says banaras & vikram looks back at sugni who says he wont get peace anywhere.

Suman is showing attitude to Bushan who says she is loosing out her senses. Looks like Bushan has taken sanyaas.Suman continues to drink with JT & DV and makes fun of Bushan who says her doom is nearby.

Suman tells Reva to press her legs when Hukum comes and says its his job to press her legs and admires her legs followed by Nagania. Suman is very happy and blushes. MS thinks if Vikram was here he would have saved them.

Vikram reaches Benaras and voiceover says this is the place where a man finds Moksh and ultimate peace.

A girl in salwar is shown who is buying pooja items, she then gives food for poor and they all bless her.One man asks her why she never goes inside the temple to pray but stands only outside. The girl’s face is shown and she is Sugni look alike.She says my equation with god is different.

Vikram is roaming in the streets when a small boy comes and begs him for money. Vikram gives him a bunch of notes. A man watches this and thinks he should make friendship with Vikram & introduces himself as Bunty and says he finds Vikram to be lost and he can help him. Vikram seems uninterested & asks if there is any place where he can find some mukthi. Bunty says he knows the very place where there are all types of women. Vikram tells him to leave him alone & not follow him.

A red light area is shown where women are waiting to attract customers.Bunty comes to his house and his mother too runs a pr*stitute house.Some filler scenes of bunty & his mom talking to a customer.

A women is dancing vulgarly and entertaining the men who are throwing money at her.Her daughter comes and is very ill. The men scold her for stopping the dance and one Thakur says he wants her, the women pleads that she wants to take her daughter to doctor and the Thakur drags them saying he will take them to doc but takes them in the opposite direction and tells her to forget the kid and satisfy him. The women runs away from him while he follows her in the streets.She comes across sugni and pleads her to save her from him.

Precap : Sugni telling the guy that this place has many women why is he back of this women & asks him to give her a chance to satisfy him
Sugni’s name here seems to be Kali and she looked to be a pr*stitute by profession.

Update Credit to: arti

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