Phir Subah Hogi 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 24th January 2013 Written Update

Sugni and Adi reach the farmhouse while Bums follows them. Adini admire the arrangements while Bums is hiding and waiting for a chance to shoot Adi with his rifle.He is about to shoot when sugni comes near adi & he hugs her,removes her ghoonghat, sugni feeling shy, Adi caresses her face,her hair & kisses her forehead.Bums wants to shoot him but sugni is too close to Adi always in front of adi.

Adini come out to the garden & start to dance when Adi sings Tauba tumhari yeh adaye from Chalte Chalte movie.

Bums continues his quest of shooting Adi while Adini climb on a tree branch & romance. Adi caressing her hands & saying your body is mesmerising. They have champagne when Adi pours it on sugni.

Sugni says she is extremely happy to have found his true love and hugs him & says she wont mind dying today. Adi asks her not to speak so and no one can separate them.

Adini are walking towards a dam when Bums again follows them and aims from their back. Vikram comes running to them and adini are surprised to see him when just then Bums fires and it hits sugni in her stomach.Vikram & Adi look in shock.Sugni looks at both of them and collapses & falls from the cliff. Adi holds her and sugni looks on dangling from the cliff.

Phir subah hogi sad track plays…Adi tries his best to hold her but sugni just smiles at him and falls from the cliff into the water. Adi & Vikram look in shock.Vikram comes running and calls her name in desperation.Adi is completely devastated and calls her name again & again hoping she will come out of the water.Adi goes mad & thinks she is kidding with him while Vikram looks at him shock.Adi says its getting late & its our suhaagraat so come soon I am waiting.Adi closes his eyes and counts 1 to 5 but she is nowhere.

MS,Reva, Suman come and Adi tells them that sugni is playing hide & seek game and asks MS to come out of hiding.Suman says she will never come back as Vikram is responsible for her death. Adi asks her not to speak about vikram like that becoz he is like a son for vikram. Adi asks Vikram to tell that suman is lying while vikram stands quite.Adi pleads to sugni to come out while Bushan holds onto him. MS slaps Vikram when he says he ended everything…his life,sugni’s life.All leave and vikram is left alone.

Precap – Vikram crying in despair takes out his gun.

Update Credit to: arti

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