Phir Subah Hogi 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 22nd January 2013 Written Update

HUKUM and Naganiya are together Naganiya tells Hukum she was insulted by Suman and HUkum is very afraid and Naganiya tells we have to stay in Haveli.He remembers the bad time during Sugni’s marriage. Hukum does not want to go but Naganiya says otherwise you will die the Thakurs always hurt us and TVS will kill you.. She thinks her life will be like heaven and his life will be hell. Suman is waiting for TVS and she waylays and conspires against him and tells that Reva has taken Champa after realizing her from his captivity to TJS. Suman is planning something and rings up TJS and warns him and tells him she will give Champa to him and tells him something in mute. Reva goes to an empty house searching for Champa and finds her there. TVS also comes and finds empty house he searches and follows Reva’s car who is with Champa. He stops in front of the car and slaps Reva and asks Champa why she came she tells Reva brought her on his orders and he tells Champa he never gets his work done by a woman asks Reva why she is doing this and again hits her pulls out a gun asking why she did this. Reva accuses him of cheating her and running after Sugni so she has done this. Champa then tells and clears of the murder attempt on him by Reva telling the truth about the letter. TVs asks Reva and she is quiet TVS shots her hand and Reva agrees that she had made an attempt to kill him and tells him he was saved by Sugni and Adi took him to the hospital.TVS threatens Reva of very bad consequences if something tragic happens today .

Adi and Sugni take leave from MS and blessing the new couple finds no one is there Jiji tells her she has put everyone to work and MS WARNS Adi not to open Sugni’s veil till they reach the farm house.They go in a decorated car to the farm house. Reva comes to Champa and asks her to take her to the hospital but TJS comes and captures Champa and Reva asks him how he knows about them and he tells a well wisher told him he asks his men to take Champa somewhere and he asks his men to take Reva to the hospital and send her off to her home Reva warns him of very bad consequences
TJS comes and thanks Suman who tlls she is not interested in thanks and asks him to clear all the obstacles in her way and kill Reva MS TVS and all and give her haveli and property. She warns him not to try and cheat her as she is not only a cheater but very mean and a scoundrel .TJS laughs aloud. . TVS realizes that Bums will be killing Adi and he rushes home calls for Sugni but MS tells him they already left

PRECAP Reva tells MS that TVS is going to the farmhouse to kill Adi and Sugni and just then the picture of Adi and Sugni falls down glass breaks.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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