Phir Subah Hogi 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 21st January 2013 Written Update

*PSH WU 21st Jan*

Suman reva promoting saregamapa finale this weekend.
Suman reva take a decked up sugni to MS who says she is become more and more beautiful. Sugni says reva suman dressed her up so well. MS says vicky has arranged their suhaagraat in farmhouse. Sugni worried refuses to go. MS says becoz of this tvs adi relation will improve. Suman reva wondee why tvs interested in this do much. Sugni does gauri puja.
Tvs gives money to bums and orders him to do a clean job and adi shud die not survive at any vost.
While doing puja another bad omen happens. sugni jiji MS worried when something falls on the puja items.
Tvs orders on phone for items to perform last rites.
Sugni comes to a decorated room and finds adi who says MS has told him to not look at her till suhaagraat. Sugni refuses to go to farmhouse when Adi tells he is with her and not worry she says she is scared.Adi says becoz its our suhaagraat and he is desperately waiting for it he would die if it doesnt happen. Sugni comes close adi asks her to say his name she says aditya.
Adi then holds her blouse strings and opens it caresses her back. sugni gets aroused and asks him to leave her.adi says only death can part us sugni says then i will die first becoz i cant live without you and our relation is for 7 janams.

Kuhu in her room dressing when DV spills her sindoor. He is completely drunk and says its all becoz of her family he is in such state. DV slaps kuhu and tells her to tell tvs to take his case back and drags her out of the room. JT comes and slaps DV and tells how dare he behaves with kuhu like this.JT again hugs kuhu and warns DV to treat her well or tvs will ruin them.JT continues to caress her blouse and indicates DV not to throw her out of house as he wants her.
Reva thinking whats in vikram mind when JT calls her and Tvs has beaten DV and if champa opens her mouth DV will be in trouble and asks her help to search champa.Reva assures to help him.
Suman has kept a mike in reva’s room hears her convo with JT and plans to use things for her advantage.

Precap Suman tells vicky that reva has gone to hand over champa to JT while vikram shocked.

Update Credit to: ash_arti

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