Phir Subah Hogi 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 21st February 2013 Written Update

The hooded man runs off while vikram follows him, the man hides and observes vikram and calls amma and updates that vikram is persuing them and chulbuli should be given the medicine immediately. Vikram fails to search the guy when he escapes. Vikram hears someone(sugni) yelling to save her calling her thakur malak.

Bunty mixes the medicine in milk while chulbuli is sleeping, she keeps getting flashes of someone calling her sugni, he gets up and her head aches.Amma asks her to relax while vikram reaches their house and amma is making chulbuli drink the milk just then vikram comes and snatches the glass. All are shocked to see him, while vikram throws the milk.Vikram throws Amma aside and tells sugni I am here to take you with me when she feels faints, amma warns vikram to

stay away when he shows her the mangalasutra and asks her to uddentify it when sugni finally falls unconscious on vikram’s shoulder.

Vikram then warns amma showing the mangalsutra that she is sugni and amma is trying to ruin her life, amma says she is chulbuli who was happy here and vikram is ruining her life, bunty too asks him to stay away while vikram twists his arms and warns him. Vikram then drags amma with him to discuss.

Suman is searching for her tijori keys when she wonders if sugni’s bhoot took it away.She then questions everyone about the keys saying till she finds the keys no one will get food.She questions everyone about the keys but all say no.MS smiles at her saying suman snatched all this wealth by cheating now her bad time is starting.Suman gets hysteric while hukum & nagania get scared.

MS says you have allowed so many outsiders to stay here so anyone would have taken it. JT & DV get angry at MS accusations & say that they have enough wealth and dont need suman’s property and feel insulted.Suman tells them to calm down & says she doesnt believe that they are thieves.DV says hukum is the thief, hukum gets scared.Suman tells she has complete faith on hukum who is relieved and praises her, suman says she doesnt trust nagania…and decides to check her room…nagania pleads innocence.

Vikram questioning amma about the truth of sugni. Vikram says she was hell bent on proving sugni is chulbuli… but he was confident she is sugni when he saw her with the 2 white marble stones which sugni always had with her, he then shows her sugni’s mangalsutra and asks what was she mixing in sugni’s milk and who is the man who is giving her instructions.

Amma starts to laugh and says she likes chulbuli a lot why will she harm her and this mangalsutra is all his drama and chulbuli is single. Vikram asks her to stop lying and says tomorrow he will bring the proof to prove that he is telling the truth. Vikram says he will be with sugni tonight to safeguard her, amma warns him not to go near her, Vikram says no one has the guts to stop him.

Precap – Vikram brings an old man as his proof seeing whom amma is shocked.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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