Phir Subah Hogi 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 19th February 2013 Written Update

MS gets the picture of Sugni and feels its is a good omen . She starts searching for her in TVS mansion. Sugni seems to hear her name and thinks who is Sugni she gets dizzy and collides with a cycle and asks where this ways goes. He tells her it goes to the haveli. Hukum and Suman is shown going in the car and in haveli all tell MS who keeps shouting her name and searching for her in all rooms that Sugni is not here and she is dead. Sugni is still dizzier. MS says it is her conscience speaking Sugni is alive and she can feel her and Sugni needs her help. Hukum and Suman in car and he gets FB of seeing Sugni . They reach the place where Hukum sees her.
Sugni has fainted and her amma wants to take her Bunty also says lets go fast and when they peep in the car they see a girl

lying . They ask who is in the car. Amma says who is it why they are asking. Hukum says she is Thakurian devi of this village Diwakar watches they quickly take her saying she is her daughter.
TVS is standing near the place where Sugni fell thinking how she reached Banaras can I get a clue. He thinks maybe this water will go to the river and there I will get to know the truth. He sits in the bus and asks the conductor to give the ticket till where the river ends.
Hukum is watching Suman and Naganiya is watching him all suspicious. Suman calls him in and they talk about the night and Sugni which Naganiya hears and tells you also felt like this in haveli also MS felt Sugni was near and created lot of ruckus. Hukum says I saw Sugni but when I took Suman then we saw a mad person. They all come to the conclusion that it’s a ghost of Sugni and get scared. Naganiya scares her more saying may be the ghost changed form and became mad women .Suman gets very scared that this Sugni is Ghost and can come to her in anyone’s form Hukum or any one . TVS comes to a village and he has the picture of Sugni in his hand. He shows the picture of Sugni and asks many people whether they saw her.All say no
TVS is sitting at a dhaba a roadside tea shop and a man collides with him and sees the picture of Sugni who looked at it twice TVS asks him whether he saw her and he says you ask the Vaidya all thought she wont live she was badly hurt. The man takes him there and TVS waits for the medicine man and thinks now I the know the difference between breathing and living if I find you Sugni I will change myself in such a way that you will feel proud of me.

PRECAP Amma is hurrying Bunty to put some medicine in the milk which they want to feed Sugni and then she asks her to drink fast a hand stops her from drinking and its TVS while he watches seriously at a scared amma and a bewildered Sugni.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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