Phir Subah Hogi 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 17th January 2013 Written Update

Adini gaze at each other. Adi starts removing sugni’s jewelleries.He ends up removing mangalsutra sugni upset adi apologises but sugni still angry adi upset sugni manofies him lecturing importance if mangalsutra and adi in her life. Adi takes her to terrace and they start romantic talks about moon and stars. Sugni blushes runs adi says come to me sugni runs back to him. Adi hugs her from behind says ILU. sugni super happy.Adi asks her to say ILU sugni holds his face and says she too. Adi says he cant live without her. Adi kisses her. Sugni looks at broken star and prays, adi admires saying she is everything to him.sugni blushes saying she prayed to be together hugs him. A dog howls somewhere sugni senses something bad may happen.Adi in romantic mood but sugni takes him back to haveli.

Bushan having loose motions. Suman says she will bring medicine and plans to give baba’s drink to him and have suhaagraat.Suman gives him the drink but bushan dozes off suman somehow forces him to drink.Suman tries to seduce him but bushan dozes off.suman checks abd finds the drink to be alcohol & gets furious.

Ore piya in background vicky remembers dance with sugni,all gud times with her,proposing her,sugni doing rai for him, their scene in temple,getting drenched in rain, kissing her, engagement with her.He sleeps off thinking of sugni.

Suman comes to meet baba when hukum comes all drunk without makeup.Hukum pretends to be baba when suman says he will pay for fooling her. Hukum finally gains sense and gets scared.Suman asks how dare they cheat her and will complain to TVS. Hukum begs her not to and will return her money back. Suman says you have to do as I say.

Adi on bed sugni on floor sleeping when Adi acts like the bed is not good and he is feeling some thorn inside. Sugni check & sleeps on bed and says nothing is wrong.Adi sleeps next to her and tries to romance. Sugni says rat adi gets scared.Sugni keeps pillow between them and says for.tonight this is laxman rekha adi upset but sleeps . Sugni holds his hand and sleeps.Someone under a hood comes into their room and sugni wakes up its her dream. Sugni worried as daily she is seeing bad omens and vows to save adi at all costs.

Precap Vicky orders bums to eliminate adi.

Update Credit to: arti

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