Phir Subah Hogi 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 16th January 2013 Written Update

DVS thinks today one of us will live and orders his men to kill TVS a fight takes places and TVS is able to beat all the men. DVS is in the jeep with Champa and she wants to go but he holds her TVs comes and releases her and then a fight between DVS and TVS takes place and when TVS wants to kill him he remembers Kuhu and TVs says it’s my misfortune that I can’t kill you as you are my sister’s husband he throws him there and rescues Champa. TVS says you are also responsible for what happened and as she thanks him he says I did this for my sister. Sugni comes home and she sets the dining table for lunch. Suman asks her 10,000 rupees but she refuses saying she will ask MS Suman wants it immediately and tries to snatch thekeys but MS comes and stops her .She asks her why she wants Suman says she wants to buy jewelry. MS asks her not to buyas she already has a lot and asks Sugni to be firm with all as she has all responsibility. She tells her to wear jewelry like the other DIL when Sugni refuses MS takes the necklace she is wearing and gives to Sugni. Suman is watching everything and thinks all these days I saw Thakur men giving money to dancing women but 1st time I saw a woman doing it. She plans to kill MS with the help of baba. Reva comes and both Suman and she have a talk and she advices Reva to keep an eye on TVS so that she will get something otherwise Sugni will get all the property and then thinks she should be careful of Reva as she seems to keep an eye on her .
TJS is again eying Kuhu lustfully and when she sees him then he tells her about Champa’s complaint about DVS to police and when she crying hugs him he placates her touching her all over in sympathy which Kuhu does not understand and tells her that she will have to lie to the police that DVS was with her and Kuhu agrees saying she is ready to do anything for her husband. Again he lustfully touches her and Saroj comes there and she suspects her husband’s bad intentions. She goes away thoughtfully
Adi is sleeping and Sugni tells him everything that she and Champa did. Adi is feeling romantic and wants to sleeps together but Sugni refuses the vessels fall and as they are romancing MS watches them and TVS comes there MS tells both are falling in love. TVS says you are imagining everything but MS refuses to believe and plans to arrange a Suhaagraat(SR) for them despite TVS asking her not to get involved. She goes to their room Adi reluctantly opens the door and MS tells them that they should start their wedded life and she wants to arrange SR for them so that she can have a great grand child soon.TVS is also listening
Adi closes the door and gets romantic with Sugni hugging her he removes her bangles and says he is trying to obey MS order and he says today is their SR Sugni says no it is tomorrow and she says she does not know how. Adi says obey his orders and both have a eye lock. TVS thinks he will never let SR happen.

PRECAP TVS gives money to Bums and asks him to kill Adi and this should be his last day, also warning that this time it should be done properly with no goof ups.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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