Phir Subah Hogi 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 15th January 2013 Written Update

TVS looks at THE fallen flowers and says your God is in front of you but you don’t understand. Sugni thinks is TVS behind all this bad omens? and TVS says what happened your mangalsutra was broken and your night turned very bad. Sugni says her time was very good and her husband made it worthwhile by getting her mangalsutra and he can have illusions that he is her God but she does not. TVS threatens if he can break the mangalsutra then he can harm Adi as well. Sugni is scared.

Reva and Suman are cribbing about Sugni in the kitchen and thinking now this house has become a dancers house. Suman says all this is your fault as you can’t control your husband and very soon he will bring Sugni to your bedroom and you will be out and takes the tea made by Reva and goes and Reva is angry thinks she has to do something.

Champa is crying and sitting in the temple and crying and Sugni comes and asks her what happened and she tells her that DVS wanted to kill her but TJS saved her then says my childhood friend is the reason behind my situation why did you make me ask DVS to marry me and he got so angy. Sugni says when she wanted to tell the truth and save her she was the one to lie so she had no other alternate but to do make Champa ask DVS to marry her and Champa cries she gives in to everyone but now she wil listen to Sugni .who asks her to go against TJS and DVS and she will support her against them and as women they can do much. they decide to tell all the truth and expose TJS and DVS

Suman is telling her woes to baba and he is pretending and Naganiya is supporting baba she tells baba that because of Sugni who got hr grihapravesh done by Ms Hukum gets excited and Suman thinks why he is so excited and the wants to do Yagna for begetting children Suman wants to make arrangements but baba wants only cash so she gives him5001 and goes Naganiya tells her bigger the yagna better the child. Hukum baba then makes sign that the meeting is over and Suman goes away both parties happy.

Police come to TJS house and both DVS and TJS are scared, DVS hides. The police ask for DVS telling TJS that he has raped Champa who has complained against DVS.TJS says his son has done Sardhakayi of Champa and police says it is not legally accepted .Police tells him that because of Sugni they had to do this and register the case and advices TJS to get a false witness ready for his son to escape. DVS decides to kill Champa .

Yagna is being done and Naganiya Suman are sitting Hukum performs havan and asks kaamdev to shoot an arrow at Bhushan so that he is able to beget a son through Suman and he then gives her a wine bottle to feed Bhushan everyday and she goes away pleased. Hukum and Naganiya are happy. Then they fight with each other and Nagainya asks him what he gave Suman and Hukum says its wine and that it will help them. He is happy about Sugni accepted as a bahu and given importance.

DVS kidnaps Champa through his men and threatens her saying he is going to kill her Champa says sorry and to save her but they take her away in a jeep stopping suddenly as they see TVS is watching them.

PRECAP MS makes arrangement for Suhaag raat for Adi Sugni . Adi is pleased and TVS is angry.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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