Phir Subah Hogi 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Phir Subah Hogi 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 14th January 2013 Written Update

Aditya raises his hand when Vikram says he is very weak and can never decide on his own be it amrita or sugni & tells him now he is single after mangalsutra is lost & asks them to sit in the lake and sing.

Adi jumps into the lake shocking sugni when Adi comes out finding her mangalsutra(I really wonder how he found it in such a big lake in 5 minutes). Sugni scolds him while a shivering adi makes her wear it. They reach a hut and she makes adi lie on the bed and starts a fire.She then sleeps hugging him to keep him warm while adi looks at her and start their romance.

Adi shirtless caresses her face,kisses her eyes face,neck when sugni opens her eyes to find the roof wood log falling and they jump from the bed to the ground.Both are shocked when sugni gets worried. Adi says its an old hut so maybe weak.Adi gives her courage and sugni hugs him saying she cant live without him.Adi says he was pretending to shiver so that she can come near him.Adi starts to shiver and asks sugni to hug him when she refuses and asks him to get ready.

Suman is waiting for bushan to sleep so that she can do as advised by baba. She then holds his hand and tries to romance when Bushan excuses and goes to sleep.

Adini return home and sugni gives coffee to Adi who is lost in thoughts looking at his last night’s clothes and says if he didnt get wet in lake she wouldnt have come close to him. They continue romantic talk when Adi says he wants to continue where he left. Sugni blushes. Adi continues to act unwell and sugni applies balm on his head & nose.Adi says he is feeling very better at her touch.Adi says she is blushing so much and takes her to dressing mirror to see herself & goes to bathroom.

Sugni looks at the mirror and suddenly finds several cracks in it and gets worried as she is seeing bad omens everywhere. Adi comes out when sugni says she will go to mandir & come.

Sugni is holding flowers which falls from her hand at Vikram’s feet & sees vikram who says he is her God so where is she going.Vikram says Adi is alive until he wants.

Precap – Vikram tells sugni that if he can pull her manglsutra he can pull Adi’s life out of his body too.

Update Credit to: ash_arti

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