Phir se (SwaSan) Episode 4


She knew it……that these drug dealers just can’t get off her clutches… after all she is Swara…. Her team was on hunt…….. She and her best buddy Rishi had been dealing with them. With Rishi by her side she always know that she can’t fail… he won’t let her fail… He is such a guy… “Unlike many others”… a voice inside her popped up. Her reverie was broken by Rishi’s voice.
“Shona? You alright?”
She sighed. This guy never gets fed up by asking this one question. She stared at him for a while and then asked
“How many times will you ask me the same question? For a change, try something new.”
“Well… we are going back to our home after a deadly attack. What else shall I ask you in such a situation?”
He makes sense. So bad…. He always speaks so sensibly… and it is that sense of his which keeps her going. She didn’t say anything for a while and then said in a soft voice
“I need some sleep.”
“Then what are you waiting for Shona? You just sleep okay. There is still a half an hour drive remaining for us to reach home. Make yourself comfortable and sleep. I’ll wake you up once we reach there. okay?”
She leaned back and closed her eyes. It’s not that she really wanted to sleep. It’s that she doesn’t want him to care for her. That care makes her remember those dreadful days, those fake promises and those fake love declarations. “Forever and ever and ever yours…only yours….” Bullshit. She muttered under her breath. She knows that Rishi is not like him and she can rely on him completely. Moreover, he is not promising her anything. He just want to be there by her side…as a true friend…..But still…she can’t let him in… she got burnt once… not again. She just can’t let those walls fall which she had so successfully – though with very much difficulty – erected around her. And if it happens then it’s gonna be her end… forever…

I’m not a silent guy. I’m full of life. I’m happiness. I’m everything that is positive.
He really wanted to scream those words to the world around him. But no… he can’t. Because he know that are right. He has become an introvert. And who did this to him? She. She was the only person in this whole world who could do such things to him. And she took away his happiness with her… 4 years back… he was wrong…. And today also he is ready to apologize… if needed he will fall on her feet and will ask for her forgiveness… but by the time he realized that he was wrong, it was too late… she left the city without informing him… he cried, screamed, begged and did everything he could.. But no… Swara Gadodia was stubborn. She left him without any remorse. And he is here now… a very boring businessman. Workaholic….
He sat down in his cabin. It was 10… All his workers had left the office. This is the only time which he gets to himself after long working hours… this office and this cabin is very special to him… because it reminded him of her. Her smile, her jokes, her love…… he was the one who earned this hatred of hers…
“How could I… how could I?” He cried out in agony.
“How could I hurt such a pure and innocent soul? Oh God… I know that I’m guilty and I’m ready to pay for it… but please please give my Swara back to me… please God.”
He sat down on the cold hard tiled floor crying his heart out.
This was Sanskar Maheshwari. For the business world he is a very successful businessman. For those girls who drool around every good looking guy in the town he is the hottest guy in the town. And for parents who are looking for the best groom for their daughters he is the most eligible bachelor in the town.
But this is the actual Sanskar Maheshwari. A guy madly in love with a girl who is no more there in his vicinity, guiltily waiting for her to step back into his life.

here’s the 4th episode. my dear readers pls comment. i spent almost one hour typing this episode as u guys wanted a longer one. from the next episode we will have swasan scenes. my readers pls jaago. it takes less than a minute for u guys to say whether it is good or bad. so pls. thanks to all those readers who commented. acha lagega.

Credit to: Niveditha

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