Phir se (swasan) Episode 3


Her dilemma was well understood by Vasundhara. For once she was at the same place. Then if her mother in law hadn’t stepped in she would have lost the battle she was fighting alone.
Vasundhara smiled softly at the most beautiful and innocent girl standing in front of her. Though Swara displayed herself as arrogant, strong and rude woman before the whole world, Vasundhara very well know that she is very soft and kindhearted person from inside. Then she spoke up in a very strong voice.
“Swara, my child, I know your dilemma. But trust me child, I’ll always be there for u whenever u need me by your side. So no need of this lengthy speech. Just come to me and tell me mom you sit by Chutki’s side till I come back from my work. I’m your mom child… Not some stranger that you are making such a humble request. Now off u go Swara Singhania. Time for the huntress to start hunting. And I know that you will succeed for you are by the side of justice. Don’t worry about Chutki. I’ll be there with her.”
Swara was overwhelmed by the love showered on her by the old lady. She mumbled a thank you and bent down to touch her feet. But Vasundhara pulled her into a quick hug and whispered a good luck into her ears. Gently kissing her forehead the old lady released Swara and gave her an affectionate smile. Swara returned the smile with equal fervor and without wasting a second she turned on her heels and ran towards the main door.
Vasundhara started walking towards Swara’s room.
Outside the mansion, Swara sat in her Prado and ignited the engine. As her vehicle started its journey from the mansion porch, the huge gates flung open making way for the beast vehicle. And Swara Singhania is back in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm… here’s the third installment. When I saw the episode 2 published I was really feeling embarrassed. There were so many errors. Huh. Sorry. I couldn’t proof read the episode. Even this one is not proof read.
Well tell me guys you like this ff na? if not tell me pls. point out my flaws. last tym i got only 10 comments. if it is gonna be like this, i’ll discontinue writing this. not because i want to but if u guys dont like it then i should stop writing na?
I want ur comments. pls. if there are silent readers then pls do comment. break ur silence. your comments really mean a lot. pls…..

Credit to: Niveditha

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  1. Nice but plzz make it a bit longer

  2. I like ur story
    Plz don’t end it

  3. Its nice but from next pls make it a bit longer.

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