Phir se (swasan) Episode 2


Time for action…. She squared her shoulders. IPS office Swara Singhania must have to step in. NOW. Though Rishi didn’t exactly spit those words out, she knows that. It is the need of the hour. Swara, who was watching the city reminiscing and lamenting over her past must stay back. The intelligent, violent, calculative, perceptive, observative, intuitive, and secretive girl whom she made out of herself in the past 2 years is wanted. Her huntress instincts kicked in. She ran towards her room kept the glass on the side table. She took out three fully loaded pistols from the drawer and tucked one behind on the crook of her waist another one was inserted inside her socks on her left leg. She then safely pulled her jeans down.
No one will ever suspect that this lean innocent looking girl has this much ammunition packed and ready for blowing up with her. She was ready. In that white full sleeve shirt with its sleeves folded up – tucked inside that pitch black jeans, perfectly polished shoes on her feet and a black digital watch with leather strap on her left wrist, holding the third gun –her Baby Eagle II, the excellent 9mm double tap pistol – which is her favourite, tightly on her right hand…….man…… she is a true huntress…. Born to hunt……..

Then she slowly walked towards the cot beside her bed looked lovingly at the toddler sleeping in it. She gently caressed her hair with her slender fingers. Her Chutki…. Her everything…….. she planted a soft kiss on the toddler’s forehead and mumbling a sweet goodnight into the baby’s ears and wishing her all those sweet dreams, she walked out of her room…. all set… ready to hunt.
She ran down the stairs and knocked at a door which was next to the staircase. Mrs. Vasundhara Singhania opened the door of her room without any trace of annoyance on her face. It was a daily dose for her. Swara would knock her door at the most odd hours of a day .She looked at Swara waiting for her to speak up. Swara spoke up as in a whisper.
“Mom, I’ve to go. Just now got a call from Rishi stating that those drug dealers are here. In Mumbai. So I need to go mom. They haven’t disturbed me yet. Now it’s time for me to step in. I must be there with my team. So if u don’t mind will u please sleep in my room and keep an eye on Chutki?” she asked awkwardly.

Being a mother and not being there with your child at the most odd hours of night is not a good mother’s symbol. She knows that. But she is also a responsible officer. She got enough privilege on the name of her child from her team members. Not any more….

Tada…… her’s the next part of Phir Se. I tried to keep it short. but me being the marvelous me couldn’t do that. My heartfelt apologies. I love describing feelings, emotions and above all characters more. I think it will draw the readers more close to the story. Phir Se is my first ff. Before Phir se I used to write one shots and most impertantly the were not based on any particular couple. So this one is very special for me. The comments that I get foe this one is more special. So do comment. Let me know what do you think about me and my story.

Enough of my speech. now its time for you guys to comment. Now tell me. How was the second installment?

Credit to: Niveditha

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