“Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi!” TwiNj 2S (Part 2) #Last Part ~By Tamanna

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Note: this update is really long! I hope I won’t bore you! This shot is specially for the impatient once!

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment! And if Unknowingly I Do so then I sincerely apologize! No proof reading! Ignore mistakes!

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Let’s begin!

One month later,
It was one month since Twinkle & Kunj’s Marriage. Everything was changed. Okay not everything but something-something! Hehe I know I m beating around the bush! Okay yeah let me come to the point!

Twinkle and Kunj, still stayed the same! Neither of them exchanged a word with each other. But like they say, silence speaks more than words, same was in their case. They didn’t speak but their silence did. Twinkle got the love of his parents for which she craved. His parents used to treat her like their own daughter. Amaya, Kunj’s little sister, shared a great bond with Twinkle. Twinkle too treated her like her own sister. In short, Twinkle had gained a Big place in Manoher, Usha and Amaya.

One fine day,
Twinkle, Amaya, Manoher and Usha were having Lunch. Suddenly manoher’s phone started ringing. He received it.
Opposite side(Opp.S) : *mute*
Manoher: what?
Opp. S: *mute*
Manoher: But could he…
Opp. S: *mute*
Manoher: okay!

He hung up the call. Manoher gets tensed.

Usha: Kya hua ji?
Manoher: Kunj ko aanedo sab batha tha hun!

Kunj comes home. He was in his worst condition. Everyone looks at him and gets shocked. Twinkle runs to him and cups his face. He was drunk.
Twinkle: Kya hua Kunj? Aisi haalat Kyun bana rakhi hai?
Kunj: (jerks her hands.)
Twinkle looks at him painfully.
Kunj: Papa I m sorry! Maine aapki sau (100) crore ki deal ko barbad kardia.(He was not able to Stand properly.)
Manoher: (to Twinkle) Beta ise upar kamre me le jaau. Yeh baat karne ki haalat me nahi hai!
Twinkle: Ji papa! (To Kunj) chalo Kunj!

She holds his arms and takes him up. All the while Kunj was trying hard to release his hand from her grip. But Twinkle tightened the grip. When they reached the room, Kunj jerked her hard to which she ended up falling and hurting her forehead.
Kunj: Tu pass math aa mere! Tum sab ladkiyan na ek jaise ho! Dhoke baaz kahin ke…
Twinkle: Kunj tum sojau…
Kunj: Nahi sounga….
Twinkle: (thinks) Yeh aise nahi maanega! Twinkle kuch tho soch! Haan Idea!
Twinkle: (says) Kunj If you won’t sleep na then it would be nice. Mai aaram se bed pe so jaungi…
Kunj: (looks at her) No no! I will sleep!

Kunj lies down on the bed. Slowly sleep takes over him. Twinkle removes his shoes and makes him lie properly. She then sits beside him and caresses his hair. Blood oozing from her forehead.
Twinkle: (thinks) Tumhari yeh haalat dekh kar bohot dard hotha hai! Kyun karthe ho aisa… (She cries!) I always pray for your safety! I hope Alisha tumhe mujhse bhi zyaada pyaar kare.. Tumhe kabhi koi dard na de… Kunj I love you so much! (She kisses his forehead and falls asleep beside him.)

Kunj opens his eyes and looks around to find Twinkle sleeping beside him. She was half lying. Her back was attached to back board. He looks at her. Their was a cut on her forehead with blood dried. Looking at it we can say that the cut was untouched. Dried marks of tears were visible! He remembers everything abt last night and feels guilty. He slowly got up, not disturbing her sleep. He bought a first aid box and sat beside her. He slowly dipped the cotton in an antiseptic liquid and then started applying it on her cut. Feeling the movements twinkle slowly opened her eyes. Kunj looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. Twinkle admired him. Kunj was done with the first aid. He started to leave but Twinkle held his wrist.
Twinkle: Kal tum uss halat me kyun the?
Kunj: (thinks something and his eyes starts to water)
Twinkle cups his face.
Twinkle: Kunj kuch tho bolo!
Kunj: I m Sorry Twinkle! Maine kal tere saath bohot galat barthav kiya!
Twinkle: Kunj sidhe se sawal ka jawab do!
Kunj: (held her hand as his eyes turns blood shot red!) Twinkle kal hamare re liye ek bohot hi important deal thi! 100 crore ki deal jisse humari company ko bohot faida tha! Mai wahi deal attend karne has raha tha ki mujhe Alisha ka phone aaya! Wo ro rahi thi aur kehrahi thi ki kuch log uske ghar aa kar usse zabardasti kar rahe the! I didn’t think twice and ran to her! When I reached her home I saw some boys! I fought with them and saved her. She was Scared so I had to console her. After Sometime,I went to office where i got to know that we lost that deal! I was really tensed! It was really a big loss for our company.
Twinkle: ohh tho isiliye papa ko call aaya tha!
Kunj: hmmm… I went to a bar where I saw Alisha with my business Rival, yuvraj luthra, partying! When I confronted her she revealed that it was her plan so that I don’t get the deal and it goes to Yuvraj, her BF. And she succeeded in that! I was shattered! I drank till I forgot every pain! Then you know!

Kunj breakdowns. Twinkle feels sad. Twinkle hugs and consoles him.
Twinkle: Don’t worry Kunj! Instead you should be happy that u got to know Alisha’s truth! And abt deal! Let’s try it together kunj! I will help you!
Kunj hugs her waist tight and cries.
Kunj: Thank you Twinkle! Thank you so much!

1 month passes!

Twinkle and Kunj are working together! Twinkle is helping Kunj in every single thing! Both had developed a really strong bond. Its the day of the deal and fortunately they got the deal. Kunj In happiness hugged Twinkle tight.

1 week later….

Kunj: Twinkle yaar jaldi kar na… We are getting late.
Twinkle: Are Kunj hogaya bus yeh dori nai band rahi… Kunj help me na… (suddenly realised what she said) I mean…(stops as Kunj barges in the wash room!) Kunj ..
Kunj: Let me help you! (He says winking!)

He comes to her and gets hold of her doris. He ties them. While doing that Kunj’s hand touches Twinkle bare back. She closes her eyes And a lone tear makes its way her cheeks. She quickly wipes it but fortunately kunj saw it through the mirror. He turns her and held her chin. He makes her look at him.
Kunj: Twinkle, tu ro rahi hai? Maine kuch galat kiya kya! Kiya tho sorry Twinkle!
Twinkle: Nahi Kunj! Its nothing! Kuch dino me hamare divorce ho jayega! Fir hum dono apne apne raasthe! I will miss you Kunj! (Saying this she hugs him!)
Kunj: (looks at her and smiles. He hugs her back)

They leave for the party! Both enters the party hand in hand! All media people surrounds them.
Reporter 1: Mr. Kunj Sarna how are you feeling to get the youngest business man 2017 award?
Reporter 2: Mr and Mrs. Kunj Sarna… You both look so cute together! Their may be a cute love story isn’t it?

Twinkle and Kunj looks at each other and share an eye lock!

They both move in and take their seats!
Kunj: Twinkle I would be back! Need to go to washroom!
Twinkle nods. She keeps waiting for him but he didn’t return. So she went to search him. She finds Kunj hugging Alisha. Twinkle gets shattered. She leaves from there.

Alisha: Kunj I m sorry I still love you! I want u back Kunj! Yuvraj ne mujhe blackmail kiya tha wo sab karne ke liye! He said if I don’t do as he said then he will kill you.
Kunj: (smiles) pyaar me aandha tha ab nahi hun! (Saying this he leaves from there)

He goes and takes the seat beside Twinkle. She looks at him and smiles. Kunj too smiles back. Alisha comes and sits beside Kunj and held his hand. Twinkle looks at it. Her eyes turns heavy. She looks away.

Host: And now the most awaited Award and that is ‘The youngest business Award’ it goes to none other than Kunj Sarna.

Kunj smiles and moves towards the stage to recieve the award. He takes the Award and smiles towards Twinkle. Twinkle smiles with teary eyes.
Kunj: Thank you so much for the award! I wanna dedicate this award to my support, my partner, (Twinkle starts to leave not able to see Alisha on her place… She thought that Kunj is dedicating the Award to Alisha!) My Love… My Twinkle.. (She stops on her track)

The spotlight falls on her. She turns and Looks towards Kunj.
Kunj: Yes Twinkle! I wanna dedicate this award to you! Agar tu nahi hothi tho aaj mai yahan khada nahi hotha! Twinkle this for you! (He says showing the Award!)
Twinkle looks at him with teary eyes. Kunj spreads his arms. Twinkle runs towards him and hugs him Tight. Kunj too hugs her back. Kunj kisses her forehead and whispers,
Kunj: I love you Twinkle! I really do! I m sorry Twinkle for whatever I have done! If u want u can still leave me!
Twinkle: (Smiles and whispers…) I love you too kunj! I have always loved you! Koi nai Kunj!! Mai Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi!


How was this? Here this 2S ends! I hope I have not bored u all! To be Frank: I didn’t had any,idea abt this shot while writing shot 1! Phir koi idea banaya aur likh diya!

Drop ur comments whether positive or negative! Any confusion do ask me! Ignore mistakes!

With Love,
Urs Tamanna!

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