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Hello friendss… its me back with an os…
Well this is specially dedicated to Ishu… today is her bday.. well pehly thodi confusion hogayi thi.. Ishu ka bday aj hai..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…!! ??????????????????????????????????????????
May you get success in every step of your life.
May God bless you..!
Love you meri butter cup.. ?????❤❤???
This is specially dedicated to you…!!

Here we go..!
Me Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga!

A boy was shown on his knees in front of a girl. He was holding her hand. She was shocked by his actions. They were revealed to be….
Of course Twinj..
K – ‘Twinkle, I love you. I love you so much. I love you. Ab ye mat pochna kab kesey kahan? Ye mujhe bhi nhi pata, bs itna janta hun jb se pyaar ko samjha hai sirf tumse pyaar kiya hai. Ab se mere pyaar ke maaine bhi tum ho or mere pyaar ki manzil bhi tum. I love you a lot Twinkle. I just love you. I love you so much. I love you. I love you. I love you.’
Twinkle had tears in her eyes. She never thought in her wildest dreams that something like this would happen. She was startled by his confession. She never thought her childhood friend would start loving her. She took back her hand from his and ran from there. She had started crying by now.
She lost her friend. She never wanted this to happen. She always loved Yuvraj and Kunj knew that still he wasn’t able to stop himself from loving her. Twinkle reached her home and directly went to her room. She was bitterly crying. There Kunj was heart broken. He knew he shouldn’t have confessed but he wasn’t able to control his feelings. He sat in his car and left to his home.

@ taneja mansion
Twinkle threw herself on the bed and was crying. She hugged her teddy whom she named, Fullo.
T – ‘Fullo, see na Kunj loves me. But I don’t love him. Me kya karun. I love Yuvi and he also loves me. Soon, we are going to marry and today Kunj confessed. Babaji, why you made him fall for me. You shouldn’t have done that. I broke his heart. I never wanted to but. I can’t just figure it out. This is really unbelievable for me. Why he has to love me? I hurt my Sadu Sarna though my intentions were not that.’
She cried and cried and finally slept.

@ sarna mansion
Kunj came home heavily drunk. He was not able to walk properly. Usha saw him in this state and ran to him. She got worried.
U – ‘Kunj.. Kunj what happened? Ye kya halat bana rakhi hai tu ne apni?’
K – ‘Maa, Twinkle.. She doesn’t loves me.’ He said in a childish way. Usha understood everything. She was worried for her son. She wasn’t able to see him in pain.
U – ‘Beta, you sleep now we’ll talk about it tomorrow.’
Usha take him to his room and made him sleep. She had tears in her eyes seeing his state.

Next Day ~
Twinkle reached college and directly went to class. There Yuvi was sitting with Kunj. She ignored Kunj and sat behind. Soon the class started and they got busy. Yuvi was observing Twinj’s sad faces and was clueless about their behaviour.
Y – ‘Twinkle, Kunj what’s all this yrr? Tum dono dukhi aatma kyun bany ho?’
T – ‘Nhi yuvi aesi koi bat nhi. Me to thk hun.’
Y – ‘Ohh yeah I can see that. Jhooti.’
K – ‘Yuvi, me to late soya thaa kal so thoda headache hai..’
Y – ‘Tum dono ka kuch nhi hosakta!’

Next scene ~
Twinkle was in corridor when someone pulled her. He was Kunj. He took her to a corner and held her shoulders.
K – ‘Twinkle answer me damn it.! I said I love you and yes I was serious.’
T – ‘Yehi to problem hai tumhari Kunj. Tum kabhi serious nhi hoty. U know that I love Yuvi and we are marrying the next month.’
K – ‘Haan twinkle jaanta hun, sb achy se janta hun. Per me nhi rok sakta khud ko. Bht koshish ki. Me nhi rok sakta khud ko tumse pyar kerny sy.’
T – ‘Kunj, you have to forget me. We can’t be one.’
K – ‘Twinkle, I love you and I want your happiness. If your happiness lies in Yuvraj then I promise I won’t come in between. But remember one thing. I’ll always love you and whenever you’ll need me, I’ll be there for you, I promise.’
Twinkle was startled by his words.
K – ‘Itna surprise kyun ho? Meraa pyar suchha hai or suchha pyaar dosre ki khushi dekhta hai naa ki uska hasil kerna chahta hai!’ she and left from there leaving a shocked Twinkle behind. He was heart broken and was crying by now.
A month later ~
Twinkle was in her room and was waiting for Yuvraj to come with baraat. She was all ready in her bridal wear looking extremely gorgeous. She opened her phone and called Kunj.
T – ‘Hello!’
K – ‘Twinkle, congratulations. I m so happy for you!’
T – ‘Kunj, tum kesy ker lety ho?’
K – ‘Kya?’
T – ‘Ye acting khush hone ki? I know tum mere liye ker rahy ho but somewhere in your heart you are crying.’
K – ‘Wo sb chodo, open the door of the balcony.’ She looked at the balcony door and quickly opened. And there he was standing. She hugged him tightly and started crying.
K – ‘Ssshhh, Twinkle. Don’t cry yarr..! Aj teri shaadi hai..! Kahin tujhe mujhse pyaar to nhi hogaya! Jo ro rahi hai!’ he smiled and she hit hi playfully smiling.
T – ‘You know how to lighten up my mood.’
K – ‘Twinkle, teri shaadi hai aj.. be happy. Tum shaadi ker rahi ho, Me phit bhi tumko chahunga!’ his eyes started getting wet. He took few steps backward.
K – ‘Always be happy, I want to see smile on your face. Bye Twinkle!’ his tears started falling along with Twinkle’s.
T – ‘Shaadi hone tak to ruk jaao!’
K – ‘Thoda selfish hun Twinkle! Tujhe kisi or ka hoty huay nhi dekh sakta!’
Kesy, jiyunga kesy
Bata de mujhko, tere bina (×2)
Tere mera jaahan le chalun mein wahan
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura lay
Rakh lun aaknhon me mein
Kholun palke na mein
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura ly
Mein andheron se ghira hun
Aa dikha dy tu mujhko savera mera
Me bhatakta ek musafir
Aa dila dy tu mujhko basera mera
He left from there crying bitterly on his fate. He reminisces all the moments spent with her. He smiled as he imagined Twinkle’s smile.
There Yuvraj arrived and Twinkle was taken to mandap. They were getting married there and there Kunj was crying.
Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho
Kal shayad ye aalam na rahy
Kuch aesa ho tum tum na raho
Kuch aesa ho hum hum na rahy
Ye raaste alag hojayen
Chalty chalty hum kho jaayen
Me phir bhi tumko chahunga
Me phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat me mar jaaunga
Me phir bhi tumko chahunga
True love means that you care more about someone else’s happiness than your own. No matter how much pain it may bring you.
I only wanted to convey this through this os. I hope I was able to tell this. What I feel about love is, I showed in this os and moreover, love is pain. Wo mohabbat hi nhi jo dard na dy. Before, i always felt love never exists but now I do believe that love always gives you pain. ??? Do tell me your views about love.
Thanks for lending your valuable time in reading my bakwass os. I know it was bakwass…
Love you loads

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  1. Supriya18d

    ufff…Rula dia yaar….. Amazing OS…Purvi
    ..luv it

  2. SidMin23

    Purvi u should turn this os in to ff and can’t see twinkle with UV and poor kunj he crying so much and he didn’t get his siyappa Queen with him at end hope u will turn this to ff and make twinj together. Happy birthday ishu

  3. Fenil

    Awesome Purvi.
    Fabulous OS.
    Loved it.
    Love u twinj .

  4. Ayesha51

    purvi itna bhi maat rulao na tum
    bohot dukh hota hain yaar

    the os was very
    heart touching

    my eyes turned glassy reading this

    but still if twinj mil jate to main jyada khush hoti

    Q ki twinkle ko kisi aur ke hote hue main bhi nahi dekh sakti

    ok post ur ffs soon

    love u a lot. …..♡♡♡♡♡

  5. The os was fabulous yet emotional ????
    Loved it to the core
    Happy birthday ishu dI
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  6. What a great ? os purvi ❤️?
    Tum keshe kar leti ho yaar u nailed it dear?❤️???emotional too❤️?❤️❤️❤️??? post ur ff plz devil jaldi

  7. os was amazing yrr ??
    par yrr Rona aa gaya?????
    Maine socha last me to twinj unite ho jayege par aesa nahi huva Rona aa gaya???????????

    os was mindblowing ??

    aur haan devil wala aur baykhudi wala jaldi post kar de yrr
    luv u

  8. supu baby tum kab aaogi…yrr me tumhe aur tumhari writing ko bahut miss kar rahi hu yrr
    plzzz jaldi aana yrr
    luv u

    1. Supriya18d

      aww meri Cutie pie….sry for late reply….
      tmne pukara aur. hm chle aaye…
      luv u

  9. Sohi

    Aww so sweet and cute and emotional os
    It was fabulous
    And happy birthday ishu
    Keep writing

  10. Fantastic os
    But sad ending

  11. Presha

    Emotional but fabulous…
    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u..
    Post ur ff soon..
    Love u

  12. Sidmin ki sadia

    Emotional. Os but i luv it

  13. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    N too emotional
    I’m literally crying
    U nailed it
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Baby

    emotional and lovely… 🙂

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