Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (Shot 9)

As soon as Sona reached her classroom Jatin came running to her  looking immensely tensed and angry at the same time.

Jatin: Sona, us saale shopkeeper ne dhokha de diya yaar. 50 boxes kam hai.

Sona: Jatin mujhe lagta hai count karne mein koi galti ho gayi hogi. Ek baar phir se sab milke count karte hai.

All of them began counting the boxes again and again, only to find 200 boxes to their dismay.

Sonakshi was hell worried now. She couldn’t have even imagined this in the worst of her dreams. Her fear had come true. Things were surely not going as planned. She looked around for Dev, whom she had thought to be her pillar of support. But it only added to her agony  when she didn’t find him anywhere. This time she didn’t care to ask Jatin where he was. He had badly let her down.

She went and sat on a lone chair in a corner of the class. Her eyes looking for some solution to the problem, brimmed with tears, at the thought of finding none.

“Sab kuch theek chal raha tha. Ek chhoti si galti ki wajah se itni badi gadbad ho gayi. How can I be so careless? Sab meri hi galti hai. I should’ve counted the boxes beforehand. Ab kya karungi main? Kuch samajh nahi aa raha. I’ve failed to handle my responsibilities. I’ve failed as a captain, I don’t deserve this position.”

At this very thought, her vision blurred. She lowered her eyes so that no one could see her moistened eyes. But her tears didn’t go unnoticed by someone standing at the class door.

It was Dev, who had just returned from the staff room as Mani Ma’am had called him for some work. As soon as he came back Jatin briefed him about the matter. His eyes went searching for Sonakshi and stopped as he found her sulking in a corner.

He felt this sudden urge to go and console her but decided against it because he had duties to fulfil. This was indeed a big trouble and he had  to bring them out of this. After all Dev Dixit’s prestige was at stake.

“Pata nahi Sonakshi kya kya soch rahi hogi. I hope she’s not blaming herself for all this. Uss bechaari ki toh koi galti bhi nahi hai. Hum dono ladko ke dimaag bhi ghaas charne gaye the lagta hai. Agar usi samay check kar lete toh yeh sab hota hi nahi. Gadhe hain hum dono bilkul. Abhi Sonakshi ko chup karane gaya toh bahut late ho jaayega. Jald se jald kuch karna padega….function start hone mein sirf 40 min bacche hai.”

Dev: Jatin tum log please Sonakshi ko sambhalo. Main abhi aata hu. Sab sort out ho jaayega.

Jatin: Theek hai Dev. Tu ja main idhar dekhta hu.

Before leaving Dev just turned to look at Sonakshi and found her wiping a tear that had escaped her eyes. He had to sort things fast, at least for Sonakshi, he thought and left.

Here Jatin told Elena everything as she was busy lining up the  programmes and arranging the prizes. She had no idea about all that had happened in the refreshment department. Both of them took the charge to lighten up Sonakshi’s mood.

Sonakshi on the other hand was lost in her own thoughts. Tears in her eyes had dried. She wasn’t sad anymore but hell angry with herself.

“What were you thinking this morning?….Dev will always stand by me in case of any problem….together we’ll make this day a memorable one. He’ll help me whenever I need him….. Help me….my foot!! He doesn’t even give a damn to what’s happening here. Must be busy with his friends right!! Why the hell will he help us? Obhordro!!
I don’t know why, but when he’s before me I find no faults in him. Its as if he’s the purest soul I’ve ever met. As if he his eyes trick me and I feel I can easily rely upon him.
But now I know I can’t. I’ve gotta do something myself, otherwise it will be a matter of shame for all of us. I need to do something  as soon as possible.”

Just then Elena and Jatin arrived and snapped her out of the trance.

Elena: Tere muh latka ke baithne se boxes aa jaayenge kya.

Sona: Tu kab aayi? Compering ki saari tayyari ho gayi?

Elena: Yup! All done. Acha Sona main kya soch rahi thi……

Sona: Bol bhi de ab…

Elena: Woh aaj Vivek Sir kitne mast lag rahe hai na…..unke liye ek special prize toh banta hai na!

Sona: Chiii yaar….teachers ko toh baksh de. And from when have you been checking out Vivek Sir?

Elena: Haaye…..Jis din se unhone meri nazron mein check in kiya hai… din se aaj tak main roz unhe checkout karti hu.

Jatin: Sona, plz save me otherwise I’ll puke.

Sona finally laughed at this and Jatin and Elena were happy as their mission was successful.

Sona: Bas karo tum dono. Mujhe pata hai tum log kya karne ki koshish kar rahe ho.

Ele: Agar tujhe pata hai…toh tu udaas kyun baithi hai….hum kuch na kuch toh soch hi lenge.

Jatin: Tere dimaag ki speed se sochte rahe na….toh next teacher’s day tak koi na koi idea zaroor aa jaayega.

Elena: Oh please! Duniya ko pata hai ki mere mein tujhse zyada dimaag hai. So don’t you even dare! Samjha!

Sona: Guys tum dono ladna band karo aur kuch sochne do mujhe.

Just then, when all the students in the class were busy filling the boxes with refreshments and So-Ja-Na were busy thinking for a solution, GAUTAM, the most notorious kid of the class played a song through his Bluetooth speakers.

Tere naam diya dhuman pe gaiyan
Tu Chandigarh toh aayi ni
Chandigarh toh aayi ni
Tenu dekh ke haunke bharde ne
Khade chowkan vich sipahi ni

Thodi te kaala til kudiye
Thodi te kaala til kudiye
Jo daag hai chan de tukde te
Tenu kala chashma
Tenu kala chashma

Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te

The whole class started grooving to the beats of KAALA CHASHMA and so did Sonakshi. Soon all of them began dancing in a big circle with our Bengali Balas being the centre of attraction, performing the hook steps to perfection. Both Sona and Elena were brilliant dancers.

The kids were still dancing and enjoying, when an idea struck Sonakshi’s mind. The song had surely activated her brain cells. She thanked Gautam and rushed to the resource room. She asked the in charge if there were some extra plates in the school as she remembered that there had been a farewell of one of the teachers on 31st of the last month. He nodded and opened a cupboard, taking out some 70 plates and handed them over to her.

“Boxes nahi hai toh kya hua, hum log plates mein hi kha lenge. Chalo problem solved!” She sighed and went back to the class.

And guess what! To her surprise there was already a new set of boxes placed on the table. Sonakshi’s joy knew no bounds. But she was also confused at the same time.

“Yeh boxes aaye kaha se? Kaun laaya inhe?” She thought as she stood at the class door, amused.

Just then someone clutched her hand. Before she could register anything in her mind, the hand pulled her behind the staircase and thrusted her against the wall.
Her heart was beating faster than ever. Everything was so sudden that she could not even see the person.

She gradually lifted her long eyelashes only to find Dev standing before her.

Sona: Dev yeh kya kar rahe ho tum?

Dev: Sonakshi mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai. Plz ek baar meri baat sun lo.



P.S. I guess this episode was really boring. Coz there were very less Devakshi moments. Plz forgive me for that. The next episode is gonna have a lot many Devakshi scenes. So stay tuned and don’t forget to comment. Love you all!

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    When will devakshi realise??anyway awesome epi post soon

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