Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (Shot 8)

Hey everyone!! I’m back a lil earlier than i had said coz i know most of you were eagerly waiting for this episode. I’ve written this episode really fast without much attention so if you find mistakes plz ignore them and forgive me. Silent readers do comment n lemme know how you liked it. So let’s get started.


A cheerful, energetic, rejuvenated Sonakshi woke up before her alarm today, even before the sun had ascended over the horizon and the reason caters to her excitement as it was a very big day for her….THE TEACHER’S DAY…..her first and last teacher’s day as the school captain.

For a second the thought perplexed her. This was a humongous responsibility. Will she, being the headgirl, be able to stand up to everyone’s expectations? Will the teachers like their arrangements? What if things don’t work as planned? Will she be able to manage everything alone?

But amusingly, at this very thought, the lines on her forehead vanished and a smile crept on her lips.

“You don’t have to handle things alone Sona. You have Dev by your side. He’s there to help you in case of any problem. Together we will make this day a memorable one.”

Her thoughts filled her cheeks with a scarlet hue….it gave her an unknown pleasure to think of Dev standing by her always.

She got up and looked out of the window. It was yet dark outside. She thought of revising the speech once more. After being satisfied with her preparation she thought of waking her mother up, but just as she was about to leave her room, some unknown force pulled her towards her phone.

“What am I doing? What’s the point in checking the phone at 4:30 in the morning? Its obvious that there isn’t any message. Stupid Sona.
Wait!! What if there IS a msg? An urgent one may be. May be a msg from…..aa…from….Dev? Ya right! As if he will wake up at 4:30 to wish you good morning! You’ve gone mad Sona. Leave your phone right now. Go n freshen up.”

And thinking so she left for the bathroom.

Here, our very own Mr. Dixit wasn’t able to sleep either. Excitement and nervousness blended really well and and successfully deprived him of his precious sleep.

He had slept late the last night but still couldn’t help this insomnia overpowering him. He got up, lazily though, and wondered what to do. He instantly made up a to-do list in his mind and cross checked it.

“My suit……..done!”
“Tie…….TIE…..Sonakshi!….what must she be doing?”
“Let’s ask her!”

He reached for his phone on the side table and was about to text Sonakshi when it suddenly dawned upon him,

“Do you know what’s the time Dev? Its 4:35…..she must sleeping peacefully…Why do you wanna call n disturb her? Are you crazy?

OK I won’t call her but I can text her right….cool….but what should I text???? Dumbo subah subah “Sonakshi mandir chalein?” thodi bologe!! Its obvious, wish her a good morning.

OK done. So….

“Good Morning Captain?”

As soon as he pressed the send button, his heart started sprinting.

“Yeh kya kar diya Dev? Ab Sonakshi kya sochegi….Ise subah subah koi kaam dhandha nahi hai…baith ke texting kar raha hai……urghhh!! How can I be so stupid…..aaj toh waise bhi uske ghar pe milne waale the….tab bhi toh good morning bol sakta tha?”

“Bade buzurg keh gaye hain, ab pachhtaaye hot kya jab chidiya chug gayi khet, chal chhod…..Jo ho gaya so ho gaya….ab kuch kaam kiya jaaye.”

While our Dev went to get ready Sonakshi heard her mom calling,

“Shona aur kitna time beta? Bathroom mein so toh nahi gayi? Jaldi niklo its 5:10 already.”

“Aayi Maa bas 5 minute aur..”

Asha had taken out a simple yet beautiful orange colour saari with matching accessories for Sona. She knew that her daughter loved to keep it simple and hence chose everything that resonated with her choice as well as her appearance. And Sonakshi always loved what her mother chose for her.

When Sonakshi returned after bathing, she heard her phone buzzing, it was Elena.

Ele: Sona yaar main yeh saari pehen ke kaise chalungi?

Sona(laughs): Jaise roz chalti hai. Bol toh aise rahi hai jaise saari pehente hi tujhe paralysis ho jaayega.

Ele: Tu has mat theek hai, khud toh aaram se manage kar legi, apni dost ki koi chinta hi nahi hai.

Sona: Haan haan main toh toz saari pehen ke 100 metre ki race mein daudti hu na.

Ele: Dekha dekha tu abhi bhi mera mazak uda rahi hai.

Sona: Arre baba sorry maaf kar de. Ab ismein main teri kya madad karu? Ek kaam kar imagine kar ki tu ek model hai….aur ghar pe ready hoke ramp walk karti reh. It will help.

Ele: Tu aur tere faaltu ideas! Chal chhod bye….milte hain school mein.

Sona: Hmmm bbye.

As soon as she hung up, her eyes widened seeing..

Dev Dixit: Good Morning Captain?

For a second she couldn’t believe what she saw. She rubbed her eyes, blinked twice at the screen only to find the same msg with the same emoji again.
She bit her lower lip and replied smiling to herself..

“Good Morning to you too Cappie?”

And a reply flashed even before she could blink.

“Cappie!! Cute?… all done?”

“Yeah almost….gotta get ready now”


“Little bit…..sab theek se toh ho jaayega na?”

“Koshish toh poori rahegi….we have done our best….let god decide the rest of it.”

“Hmm…..let’s hope for the best.”

“I’ll be coming at 7:00 to your house, is that fine?

“Yup, absolutely!”

“See you then. Bye”

“Ya bbye?”

After their tête-á-tête Sonakshi went on to get ready. She mom adorned her daughter with the orange sari, and she looked no less than a princess with that divinely beauty.
Asha was busy giving the finishing touch to Sona while she made faces, when they heard the doorbell ring.

Sona exclaimed, ” Maa bas….aur kitna sajaoge mujhe….shaadi nahi ho rahi hai meri….plz jaake dekho na door pe kaun hai!”

Asha complained,”Make up ka ‘M’ bhi nahi hai tere chehre pe….phir bhi dekho kaise muh bana rahi hai….badmaash.”

Sona chuckled while Asha patted her head slightly and went to open the door.

Sona, looking at herself in the mirror, satisfactorily announced, ” PERFECT, JUST PERFECT!”

Just then she heard Asha calling her,
“Sona beta Dev aaya hai.”

As soon as she heard ‘Dev’ she rushed out to the living room.

She saw him dressed in a black and white suit that suited him perfectly.
(While writing this line I was listening to suit suit karda?)
The black tie coupled with the suit reminded her of their ‘TIE ADVENTURE.”

She didn’t hesitate to remark,
“You look good in black!”
And looked at him expecting a reply.

But DEV stood rooted in his place, his gaze transfixed on Sonakshi. He just could not take his eyes off her. The glow on her face, her kohl filled eyes, her long wavy hairs, her pink smile, everything about her left him speechless. He stood stunned the moment he saw her, her beauty had captivated him.

Sona on the other hand, was kinda annoyed as she could not understand why he was gawking at her. He didn’t even thank her for her complement, forget complementing her. She was really disheartened.

But our Jattu Bhaiya came to her rescue.

Jatin: Oh my! Someone’s looking gorgeous!

Sona shifted her gaze from statued Mr. Dixit to Jatin and giving him a tight lipped smile said,

“And someone is looking super handsome.”

Jatin precisely knew what dev was going through, so while getting into the house, he brushed past Dev’s shoulder on purpose, spanning him out of his trance.

Jatin: Arre darwaaze pe hi khada rahega kya? Chal saare gifts leke school jaana hai. Jaldi kar.

And together Dev and Jatin took the boxes of gifts, pens and roses and headed to school on Jatin’s scooty.

At around 7:30 Sonakshi too reached the school and taking Elena along hurried to the backstage.

Since Elena had to compere for the programme, she left Sonakshi alone with Dev. None of them spoke anything while arranging the gifts for the teachers. The ceremony finally commenced with the worship of Goddess Saraswati and honoring Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dev and Sonakshi along with their principal and other teachers posed for photographs and continued with further arrangements.

It was Dev’s turn to address the gathering. He wasn’t hoping that Sonakshi would talk to him now after his weird and rude behavior.

“Ho kya gaya tha tujhe Dev? Thank you toh bol deta. Kitna bura laga hoga usse. Jatin ne tere saamne usse complement diya aur tu hai ki….
Ekdum gadha hai. Ab toh shayad woh mujhse baat bhi nahi karegi. Maarli na apne pair pe kulhaadi. Mil gaya chain?” He sighed.

When he was about to go to give the speech Sonakshi saw his worried face and thought that he might be nervous. She nearly ran and went to him.

Sona: Dev ruko!

Dev(surprised): Sonakshi kya hua?

Dev had not even dreamt that after all that has happened today Sonakshi would say to him those three magical words.

But to his surprise she did.

Sona: Dev, mujhe kuch kehna hai.

Dev: Haan bolo.

Sona: ALL THE BEST (???)

Hearing these three magical words Dev was filled with confidence to the brim.

Sona: I know you’ll rock it.

Dev: Thank you Sonakshi.

Sona: Go now….they are waiting.

Dev nodded and left for the stage.
He gave a marvellous speech leaving the auditorium thundering with claps. The rest of the ceremony went on smoothly and all the teachers went to the staff rooms while the 12th std students taught in the class.

Sonakshi along with Jatin and a few other students went to arrange the snacks for the teachers. She explained to everyone how the boxes had to be packed and served to the teachers and students. All this time Dev had been missing. Sonakshi was hell angry as she wanted him to supervise them so that she could check the decoration arrangements.

Sona: Jatin yeh Dev kaha gayab hai?

Jatin: Woh ghum raha hoga apni paltan ke saath.

Sona: Ghum raha hoga matlab? Usse pata nahi hai kya kitna kaam hai yaha!

Jatin: Call kar ke bula lo.

Sona immediately called him, but it was busy. She tried again and again until he picked it up at the fourth attempt.

Sona: Kaha ho tum?

Dev: Kyun kya ho gaya?

Sona: Tum school mein ho ya nahi?

Dev: Haan…..nahi…I mean haan school mein hi hu bolo.

Sona: Abhi ke abhi meri class mein aao. Right now.

Dev: (to himself: Arre yaar yeh toh bahut gussa lag rahi hai…ab toh tu gaya Dev) Haan main aa raha hu.

Dev reached the school in ten minutes and rushed to Sona.

Dev: Sonakshi…..bolo kya kaam hai?

Sona: Kaha the tum?

Dev: Woh…..sorry…..main friends ke saath bahar gaya tha thodi der ke liye.

Sona: Tumi eakdom impossible Dev! Tumhe pata hai yaha pe itna kam hai aur tum apne doston ke saath ghum rahe ho.

Dev: I’m sorry na baba. Acha abhi tum Jo bologi main wohi karunga.

Sona: Yaha ruk ke sab supervise karo tab tak main decoration check karke aati hu.

Dev: Jo hukum mere aaka.

Sona left and Dev continued helping others until a boy came and informed him that MM wanted to meet him. He informed Jatin and left.

Here Sona was busy guiding people for nearly half an hour now, when Ayush came to call her for one last practice of their group song.

After around three rounds of practice they decided to take a brake. Just then Meera came rushing to the music room and called for Sona.

Sona: Kya hua Meera itni tensed kyun lag rahi ho?

Meera: Sona bahut Badi gadbad ho gayi hai yaar.

Sona: Kya hua aaraam se bata.

Meera: Tum log snacks serve karne ke liye kitne boxes laaye the?

Sona: 250 kyun?

Meera: Tumne count kiye the?

Sona: Nahi woh toh packed the,isliye hum count nahi kar paaye, but shopkeeper ne bola tha 250 hai, Paise bhi ussi hisaab se liye the. Tu bata na hua kya?

Meera: Sona woh…….woh boxes kam hai yaar.

Sona: Kam hai?? Aisa kaise ho sakta hai?

Meera: Sirf 200 boxes hai yaar. 50 logo ka khana serve karne ke liye humare paas boxes nahi hai aur ab toh funds bhi nahi hai.

Sona: Aisa nahi ho sakta…..chalo main khud count karti hu.

Sona rushed to the spot only to find everyone in a state of panic….AND Dev Missing Again!!


PRECAP: What will they do now?

P.S. It was a lonnnnngg episode. I didn’t find it that good. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it. Do comment and lemme know. Love you all.

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