Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (Shot 7)

I reached for the phone oblivious to my own thoughts. Was I wishing it to Dev’s msg? Yes, I was. But why? I picked up the phone and there it was.

“What are you doing?”

I had been feeling extremely drowsy as yet, but now a foolish smile crept on my face and…sleep??? It vanished.

“Nothing much” I replied.

“You must have decided to study till 1 tonight right?” He said….and I was like…
“Excuse me….I’m not a nerd like you. I’m sure that must be your plan for the night?”

“Well…..ya ….actually it is?”

“See I knew it!”

“So we’re meeting tomorrow right?”

“Yup! I’ve called two of my friends too…they can help us in wrapping up the gifts…I hope you don’t mind”

“Oh ya that’s completely fine. It will be a great help!”

“So you’ll be coming with jatin right?”

“I thought so but….Jatin said he won’t be free before 12:00 tomorrow”

“Oh that’s too late….we gotta finish our work by then”

“I know….don’t worry I’ll be there by 10:00.”

“That’s great….Acha tell me something are you studying rn?”

” Yeah physics….EMI…flux…Faraday’s nonsense!”

“Oh that means I’m disturbing you…k then c u 2mrrw…gud night.”

“Hey wait….don’t go!”

“Sir…if we keep chatting… How are u gonna study?”

“Ah well… know I’m an expert at multitasking??… So don’t worry”

“OK so Mr. Multitasker….what do wanna talk about?”

“Ummm…..your hobbies?”

“Well….I love to sing n dance n write n paint n play..”

“Play what?”

“Badminton… I love it???!”

“Oh that’s great…you’ve a lot of things to do in the free time!”

“Ya but I ususally prefer listening to some good music.”

“Hey me too…??”

“Is it… what are your hobbies”

“Aaaa…..not many….but I love watching movies, reading, cooking….ya that’s all.”


“What happened??????”

“Cooking is your hobby?????? Like seriously?? I don’t even know to cook a daal properly. You deserve???”

“??? Thank you… But its all bcoz of my mom…she says khaana banane waale humesha khush rehte hain! See that’s why I’m always happy?”

“Oh…bhai I toh believe ki jee bhar ke khaana khaane waale humesha khush rehte hain??…juz kidding… So aunty kya karti hain?”

“Mom ka apna catering business hai….she’s the owner of Dixit Catering Services.”
(Halwe waali ko kaam mil gaya??)

“That’s great haan….n uncle??”

“He used to work in the Income Tax department…. But he passed away 4 years ago…So mom had to start this business.”

“Oh I’m really sorry…I didn’t know.”

“Hey why r u sorry? Of course you didn’t know…..that’s not ur mistake. Acha leave it.. let’s change the topic now. How’s Elena?”


“Well….actually haan!”

“Are you serious????”

“????…got u!! Kidding gal!! Maahol ko thoda light kar raha tha”

“That was a bad one ha….??”

“Why?….you jealous??”

“Oh please……forget it…I’m really feeling sleepy now….ttyl…ohk?”

“Yeah sure….sleep soon….otherwise u’ll get dark circles… Then Elena will surely look better than u on teacher’s day..??”

“Hahahahahaha…..very funny?”

“???…Chalo bye… Have a good night captain.”

“Yeah good night to you too…have sugar free dreams…?”

“You too??”

And I finally went off to my bed and shut my heavy eyes! It was great talking to him for so long….we didn’t even realise what time it was. We were just lost in our own world. He’s a nice guy…sweet…caring….funny…. hardworking
Wait!! why am I thinking about him??
No no no no sona….no! Stop your weird thoughts right now! Sleep…..sleeeeeeep……Arre so ja na!!
Neend nahi aa rahi! Aise kaise nhi aa rahi. Abhi aa jaayegi. Try toh kar.
Nahi aa rahi na baba.
OK…..Mr. Bean I need you.

And I started off with my (actually Mr. Bean’s) counting the sheep method. I didn’t realise when I dozed off.

Next morning was not any usual Sunday morning. We had to do a lot of work. Packing all the gifts, preparing the speech, practicing the group song, n most importantly… Choosing what to wear! Oh I hate this. Other girls have been preparing for it since the last month and here the school captain….she’s not even yet decided. Urghhh! Why am I not like other girls?

Asha: Coz you’re special.

I didn’t even realise when the words travelled the route through my mind to my mouth. I was busy speaking to myself…..when mom joined me.

Sona: Good morning ma.
Asha: Aaj late kaise ho gayi. Kal raat ko der se soyi thi?
Sona: Sone toh time pe hi gayi thi but neend nahi aa rahi thi.
Asha: Oho….kisne chura li meri beti ki raaton ki neende?
Sona: Offo….aap bhi na!
Asha: Acha baba….mazak kar rahi hu. Jaao jaldi freshen up ho jaao. Dev ka call aaya tha.
Sona: Dev ka?? Kab?
Asha: Jab aap mast ghode bech kar so rahi thi.
Sona: Kya kaha usne?
Asha: Yahi ki 9:30 tak aa jaayega.
Sona: Oh shit! Its 8:20 already….main ready bhi nahi hui!
I started running helter skelter senselessly… a hurry to get ready as soon as possible. I called Meera and Piya….to come a bit early n help us. They reached at 9:20.

We were busy wrapping up the gifts….when Dev arrived. Meera n piya did know him but only as the school captain. They thought of him being rude n egoistic. Ab kya karein pehla impression toh aisa hi daalta hai.
Anyways, as soon as he came, there spread an unusual silence. Meera n piya were looking first at each other’s faces and then at me. Poor Dev could not understand why they were all so silent. His quizzical eyes looked at me….as if praying to start a convo.

Dev’s POV:
These girls are so weird. I mean when they are together they usually don’t give a chance for others to speak. But what’s wrong with them now? Why are they piercing their gaze on me as if I’m an alien. God damn it. Even Sonakshi is not uttering a word. Please say something sonakshi. Please.

Sona: Are these wrapping papers enough or should we get more?

Haash! She finally spoke! Thank god.

Meera: We’ll need more I suppose.
Piya: Ya… At least five more.
Dev: OK then I’ll get them.
Sona: Wait I’ll come with you.
Dev: Ya…let’s go.

And we finally came out of that weird environment.

Dev: Thank you so much.
Sona: Haha….your most welcome.
Dev: Why were they staring at me like that? God! It was as if I’ve asked for their kidneys.
Sona:???? You are funny.
Dev: No seriously, I’m a human being after all….not a beast who wud gulp them down if they utter a word.
Sona: Arre relax….they don’t know you…that’s just it. Acha chalo we have to get the papers.
Dev: Ya let’s go.

I started off with my scooty….but this time she was sitting behind me.  We bought the papers n were back home soon.

Meera: Hey I need help with this cello tape. Can any of you plz cut it n give it to me?

Sonakshi and piya were busy packing other gifts so I thought of helping her out.

Dev: Wait I’ll do that.
Meera: Thank you.
Dev: Its all right! After all captain isliye toh bana tha main….ki ek din sabko tape kaat kaat ke doonga.
Meera: Haha…..aisa kya….phir toh ab hum teeno ke liye tum hi tape katoge.

Sona’s POV:

So finally he’s got something to talk. He’s cute. The way he approaches people…he can charm anyone if he wishes to. And now both my friends were comfortable conversing with him. I began taking their pictures without being noticed. They were all so engrossed in their work. Suddenly……I don’t know what struck meera’s mind.

Meera: Sona its been so long yaar….we haven’t listened to your song. Plz ek gaana.
Sona: Kya ek gaana….Mann nahi hai mera.
Piya: plz yaar sona….plz plz plz…

Piya and her puppy face. I can never avoid it. So I agreed.

Sona: Accha baba sunati hu. Kaun sa sunoge bolo?
Meera: Chahun main ya na…plz.
Dev: I love that song.
Sona: Sure then…don’t make me nervous guys….look here n there.
Piya: Haan OK OK u start.

Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya na
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya na..
Mujhko na jitna mujhpe
Utna is dil ko tujhpe
Hone laga aitbaar
Tanha lamho mein apne
Bunti hu tere sapne
Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar

Poochoongi tujhko kabhi na
Chahun main ya na
Hmm….tere khwaabon mein ab jeena
Chahu main ya na.

Dev’ POV:

I was all mesmerised. Her voice is magical. I’ve never heard something as melodious as that. She is beautiful as a singer.

Dev: What do you wanna become Sonakshi?
Sona: A doctor as of now.
Dev: Oh please don’t deprive the world of that magical voice of yours. You must peruse singing.
Sona: Aah….that’s my secret ambition. But dad wants me to be a doctor…and his wish is my command.
Dev: You can’t let your dream die.
Sona: I won’t…. I’ve decided once I’m settled in life…I will take music lessons. There is no age to learn is there?
Dev: Certainly not. OK so are we done?
Meera: Yup! Let’s go home…its 12:30.
Sona: OK guys see u all tomorrow then. Bbye.


This three piece suit….Aah…tie kaise baandhu?? God! Dev you should have thought before buying it right. Ab kya karega? Jatin ko call karta hu.

Dev: Hello jatin! Tie baandhni aati hai?
Jatin: Mujhe toh joote ke lace bhi bandhne nhi aate…tu tie ki baat kar raha hai..
Dev: Oye mazak mat kar…main serious hu.
Jatin: Sach mein bhai nahi aata Mujhe.
Dev: Tu kisi kaam ka nahi hai sach mein. Chal chhod bye.

Now what. I can’t even wear this without a tie. Ma ko bhi nhi aata baandhna…..kis se poochoo…
Kis se poochoo……Sonakshi? Use aata hoga?? Let’s try.

Dev: Hello Sonakshi.. Main Dev.
Sona: Pata hai baba.
Dev: Tumhe tie baandhni aati hai kya?
Sona: Haan aati hai kyun?
Dev: Great! Abhi tum free ho?
Sona: Haan….kya hua?
Dev: Main 10 min mein tumhare ghar aa raha hu….I’ll be there by 7:30 OK?….bye.
Sona: OK….

Sona’s POV:
Ise achanak kya ho gaya? The doorbell rang I rushed to see who it was….wondering how could he come so fast? Superman hai kya? I opened the door only to find Golu… My dearest neighbor.

Golu: Chhona didi….aap busy ho kya?
Sona: Hi Golu….main kitni bhi busy rahu….aapke liye mere paas humesha time hai….bolo…kaise aana hua?
Golu: Didi….mele ko na….yeh game khelni hai. Snake n ladder waali. Aap kheloge mele saath.
Sona: Of course khelungi. Chalo mere room mein chal ke baitho…main aapke liye yummy yummy cookies leke aati hu.
Golu: OK

I was so engrossed in the game with Golu that I didn’t even realise when Dev entered my room.

Dev: Oh lagta hai Maine aap dono ko disturb kar diya.
Sona: Arre Dev tum kab aaye?
Dev: Bas abhi abhi….aunty ne bola tum apne room ho toh…andar aa gaya. But lagta hai aap toh busy hai.
Golu: Aap kaun ho bhaiya?.
Sona: Golu yeh na mere school mein padhte hai….mere dost hai.
Dev: Hi Golu…. Aap bhi Sonakshi ke dost ho?
Golu: Nahi main inka boy freind hu.
Dev: Boy friend?? Sonakshi tumne kabhi bataya nahi tumhara boy friend bhi hai?
Golu: Ale ismein batana kya hai….main ek boy hu….aur chhona didi ka friend bhi hu…..toh hua na boy friend.
Dev: Acha aise……
Golu: Haan…..aap bhi toh didi ke boy friend ho.

Oops! Yeh kya bol diya golu ne. God! How will I face him now…this is so embarrassing. But I need to ask him…woh yaha aaya kyun hai…phone pe toh Kuch urgent lag raha tha.

Dev: Haan bilkul….after all main bhi toh ek boy hu….aur Aapki didi ka friend bhi hu……Mujhe na Aapki didi se thoda kaam hai….kya main unko thodi der ke liye borrow kar loon?
Golu: OK kar lo.
Dev: Captain Mujhe tie baandhni nahi aati….I need your help.
Sona: Tie baandhni nahi aati???
Dev: Has kyun rahi ho….ab nahi aati toh nahi aati… bhi nahi hain Jo sikha sake….plz tum baandh do.
Sona: Accha baba laao do.
Dev: Hmm…yeh lo.
Sona: Tum kitne lambe ho…kaise pehnaau?
Dev: Jaise kabhi khushi kabhi gham mein Jaya bacchan ne amitabh bacchan ko pehnai thi….stool hai?
Sona: Offo kitne filmy ho tum….ek kaam karo bed pe baith jaao. Baith ke aram se pehna sakti hu.

He sat on the bed….and I sat next to him. I was busy knotting the tie…when golu remarked.

Golu: Meri Mumma bhi papa ko aise hi tie pehnati hai.

And that was it! Our eyes met for a millisecond…… But embarrassment took all over. We avoided each other’s gazes and as soon as the tie knotting business was over… thanked and left. Golu my munchkin…how do you manage to relate things so vaguely??

After playing a while with Golu, I sent him back home as I had to prepare for the speech on teacher’s day. It was over by dinner time. I had my dinner with mom…and my favorite show Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Abhi……and went off to revise my speech once again.

After I was done…I opened my phone only to find Dev’s msg.

“Speech mein kya bolu?”

” Main in general teachers aur students ke interactions ke baare mein bol rahi hu…..tum radhakrishna ke baare mein bol do.”

“Radhakrishna? Teacher’s day pe unki raas leela  ke baare mein bolu? Log joote maarenge Mujhe”.

“????? Arre not radha-krishna I meant Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.”

“Oh…..?????….mera toh dimaag hi chalna band ho gaya hai.”

“Just calm down….you’ll do it I know.”

“Ya hope so……are you done with it?”

“Yup! I’m done….bas thoda aur revise karke so jaungi.”

“Cool then….main apni speech ready karta hu…..good nite…n all the best for tomorrow captain”

“Yeah…good nite?….n ATB to u too captain.”



P.S. This is the longest episode I’ve ever written. And that’s becoz I’ll be off for a week or two now. So the next shot will be updated a little late. I’m really sorry for that. I’ll try to be back ASAP. Love you all?

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  1. Riti1107

    Longest?? Itne jaldi to khatam ho gaya

    Dev ne EMI, flux ko Faraday nonsense bola ?? … That’s my favorite chapter … Haath hila hila ke answer nikalne me maza aata hai…

    Ishwari ka catering business God save her customers??

    Khana wala convo???

    Elena wali baat??

    Asha Aunty ka neend churai kisne o sanam wala statement???

    ‘Captain ka cellotape katana??

    The song, DevAkshi’s POV was soo awesome

    Tie bandhane wala experience & Golu ke apt remarks??

    The entire shot was too good!!!
    I wanted to give in-line comments but unfortunately it isn’t wattpad
    ND TU Dada pe upar scroll karna padta hai check karne ke liye kuch choot to nahi gaya

    Come back soon ‘Madam’❤❤

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Dev maafi chahta hai…usse maths se zyada pyar hai…in fact obsession hai….physics mein uska fav wave optics hai…..Kya karein thoda ajeeb hai banda.???

      Ishwari ke customers…. Unka toh bhagwaan hi maalik hai….but at least woh busy rahegi toh dev ki life mein interfere toh nahi karegi na….isliye use kaam dhandha de diya?

      Even I wish we cud have that in-line comment choice here. But its OK isi se kaam chala lenge.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Love ya n try to post next asap.?

  2. Priya12

    Di, it was so funny and hilarious….
    Luved this chappy lot..this is my fav chappy di…
    Saying about elena, tape katne waali baat…
    And u added my favourite song…I luv the song lot sammy di…
    And jatin and dev’s talk…
    “Mujhe toh juthe ka lace bhi baadne nahhi aata”….loved this dialogue a lot di..
    And golu’s talk superbbb..
    Arey, di u will not be there for a week…omg
    Pls come back soon and post di..

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you Priya…. Love you sweety…I’ll be back asap?

  3. HRT_Ripping_PRINCESS

    wowwww sammy di….its awsmmm…i luv this ff on devakshi….they r so cute….read all the chappy in a go….nd its lovly…..plzz cont soon na….luvv uh di

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you so much dear. Love you too…I’ll try n continue asap?

  4. Chhona didi awesome…….. I said u sing really well didn’t I …… see ma……. sorry dev also said it ……. sammy ur awesome…… it was d best episo waiting 4 teachers dayyyyyyyy

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Addu….honestly its only bcoz of your love that you think I sing well….but I love to sing for you…..and you are not supposed to take Mr.X’s name here. OK…. Thank you for all your love…….love you to the power of infinity?????

  5. DramaQueen1004

    Really hilarious
    The best part abt this epi was dat d convos n d way hw students enjoy skl life with friends all were described amazingly
    I just loved it
    My conclusion is dat dev is quite humorous n actually cracks decent jokes
    Pls post soon
    Love you loads

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      You are absolutely right nafia….dev is a humorous guy….n he’ll keep making all of us smile. I’m glad you liked this episode. Love you too?

  6. Awesome

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you princess?

  7. wow!lovely?hilarious epi…cutee golu?

  8. V.V.harshita

    Awesome…….Post soon and precap ????????

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you Harshita… I’ll post asap.

  9. Yeah…that was actually the longest and by was the most funny episode i feel…..

    It was nicely written….

    Thank you for the update and will be waiting for the next one..?

  10. Darshana

    Finally i am up to date..real all your episodes up till now…
    this episode was so good…its lovely to imagine that scene when dev asks sona to help him with the tie and sona does so!…???????…
    oh!..i have to wait now…ummm..okay no probs but do come back soon Haan..i will be waiting!?

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Yes now you’ll have to wait a lil….I’ll try posting asap…actually you these days I’m not in a mood to write…..donno why….may be bcoz getting very less comments…. Either readers are decreasing or they are busy…..but I’ll try posting soon. Love you?

  11. Ohh this is the first tym I m commenting on ur’s too good .fab. n yeah pllzzz update it on wattpad too. U just posted 2 chps …plzzz post all of them on wattpad. Coz its easy to read on wattpad than tu.
    Hope we’ll interact more. And yeah ur ff is doing really well. It’s just that u r not satisfied with the response. But don’t worry it’s happens..n yeah I wanted to ask a question… WATS ur age btw.?

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Hey shaina I’m glad u r liking it. I’ll be posting one chapter per day on wattpad till chap 7. After that I can’t assure the continuity but I’ll try posting asap. I’m 18 bdw n we can surely interact more. Keep reading keep smiling?

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